Job offers / thesis projects

This page will list thesis projects available in the R3B DAQ and controls group. Currently, we are compiling a list of possible projects and updating the descriptions. Shown below are a few examples.

If you are interested in working with technology, want to learn more about high performance data acquisition, or controlling complex experimental setups, let us know!

The topics currently on our mind are:

Thesis projects


Data QA, ensure that detectors deliver reasonable data

Data analysis, data checking, software engineering, machine learning

Modular analysis, divide and conquer

Software engineering, parallelisation, big data


VULOM-X, the next generation trigger module

Electronic engineering, FPGA, system design

Distributed clocks, R3B/FRS timing system

Hardware setup, software engineering, test and measurement

Multi-event buffer in PC-based electronics (TAMEX, Clock TDC)

FPGA design, software engineering


Experiment status dashboard

Software engineering, Web development

Control system anomaly prediction

Software engineering, controls (EPICS), big data, machine learning

Parameter persistence, the five ways of commit / restore

Software engineering, controls, database, testing

HiWi jobs

R3B control system HiWi

Software engineering, controls (EPICS), maintenance, exchange with detector groups, documentation

R3B data acquisition HiWi

Software engineering, testing, maintenance, documentation

R3B analysis HiWi

Software engineering, code maintenance, support, documentation