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Recent Go4 versions (stable)
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[shell] svn co https://subversion.gsi.de/go4/trunk go4

Latest packages

Download v5.3.2
(full sources)

Go4 version 5.03.02 (October, 26th 2018) - use with Linux or Windows (Qt3/4/5)
Release notes version 5.03.02
Readme (installation) version 5.03.02
Download source documentation (html)
Download v5.0.0 Win7
(includes ROOT 5.34/32
and Qt 5.4.2)
Go4 version 5.00.00 MS Windows (June, 25th 2015) - installer for Windows 7/8
Readme (installation) version 5.00.00 Windows

Previous versions

Download v5.0.0
(full sources)

Go4 version 5.00.00 (Jun, 25th 2015) - use with Linux, MacOS, or Windows (Qt3/4)
Release notes version 5.00.00
Readme (installation) version 5.00.00
Download v4.7.0
(full sources)

Go4 version 4.07.00 (Oct, 17th 2014) - use with Linux, MacOS, or Windows (Qt3/4)
Release notes version 4.07.00
Readme (installation) version 4.07.00
Download v4.5.4 XP
ROOT is included!
Go4 version 4.05.04 Win7 (Nov, 16th 2012) - use with Windows 7/Vista/XP
Readme (installation) version 4.05.04 XP

Download v3.04
(full sources)

winXP binaries
(Go4 v3.03-0 +
ROOT 5.16/00)

Go4 v3.04.01 (November 28, 2008) - use with Qt 3
Release notes v3.04.01
Readme v3.04.01
Readme WindowsXP
Download source documentation (html)

Go4 home page / GSI home page
Gesellschaft für Schwerionenforschung, GSI
64291 Darmstadt
Jörn Adamczewki-Musch
Sergei Linev

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