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1 // $Id: TGo4FitPanel.h 3110 2021-03-30 06:05:14Z linev $
2 //-----------------------------------------------------------------------
3 // The GSI Online Offline Object Oriented (Go4) Project
4 // Experiment Data Processing at EE department, GSI
5 //-----------------------------------------------------------------------
6 // Copyright (C) 2000- GSI Helmholtzzentrum fuer Schwerionenforschung GmbH
7 // Planckstr. 1, 64291 Darmstadt, Germany
8 // Contact:
9 //-----------------------------------------------------------------------
10 // This software can be used under the license agreements as stated
11 // in Go4License.txt file which is part of the distribution.
12 //-----------------------------------------------------------------------
14 #ifndef TGO4FITPANEL_H
15 #define TGO4FITPANEL_H
17 #include "QGo4Widget.h"
18 #include "ui_TGo4FitPanel.h"
20 class QVBoxLayout;
21 class QHBoxLayout;
22 class QGridLayout;
23 class QSpacerItem;
24 class QWidgetStack;
25 class QWidget;
26 class QSplitter;
27 class QPushButton;
28 class QSpinBox;
29 class QLabel;
30 class QTableWidget;
31 class QCheckBox;
32 class QComboBox;
33 class QTabWidget;
34 class QGo4LineEdit;
35 class QSlider;
36 class QFrame;
37 class QLineEdit;
38 class TGo4ViewPanel;
39 class TPad;
40 class QDragEnterEvent;
41 class QDragMoveEvent;
42 class QDropEvent;
43 class QMenuBar;
44 class QFitItem;
45 class QFitNamedWidget;
46 class QFitModelWidget;
47 class TObject;
48 class TObjArray;
49 class TGo4Slot;
50 class TGo4FitSlot;
51 class TGo4FitComponent;
52 class TGo4FitModel;
53 class TGo4FitData;
54 class TGo4Fitter;
55 class TGo4FitPeakFinder;
56 class TGo4FitGuiArrow;
58 // =======================================================================================
60 class TGo4FitPanel : public QGo4Widget, public Ui::TGo4FitPanel
61  {
64 public:
65  TGo4FitPanel( QWidget* parent = 0, const char* name = 0 );
66  virtual ~TGo4FitPanel();
68  virtual bool IsAcceptDrag(const char* itemname, TClass * cl, int kind );
69  virtual void DropOnPanel( QDropEvent* event, const char * itemname, TClass * cl, int kind );
70  virtual void linkedObjectUpdated( const char * linkname, TObject * obj );
71  virtual void linkedObjectRemoved( const char * linkname );
72  virtual void linkedRemoved(TGo4Slot* slot, TObject* obj);
73  virtual void CreateFitSlotLink(TGo4FitSlot* slot, const char * itemname);
74  virtual void WorkWithFitter(const char* itemname, TGo4ViewPanel* panel, TPad* pad);
75  virtual void WorkWithFitterInSlot(TGo4Slot* slot);
76  virtual bool WorkingWithPanel();
77  virtual bool WorkingWithOnlyPad();
78  virtual TGo4ViewPanel* ActivePanel();
79  virtual TPad* ActivePad();
80  virtual TGo4Fitter* GetFitter();
81  virtual TGo4Fitter* CloneFitter();
82  virtual void RemoveFitterLink();
83  virtual void SetFitter(TGo4Fitter*);
84  virtual void Fitter_New();
85  virtual void Fitter_NewForActivePad(bool overwrite);
86  virtual void Fitter_Delete();
87  virtual void Fitter_UseWorkspace();
88  virtual void Fitter_UpdateReferences();
89  virtual void Fitter_SaveToBrowser();
90  virtual void Fitter_PrintParameters();
91  virtual void Fitter_RollbackParameters();
92  virtual void Button_WorkWithPanel();
93  virtual void Button_SimpleFit(int nmodel);
94  virtual void Button_SimpleClear();
95  virtual void Button_PeakFinder();
96  virtual void Button_PerformFit();
97  virtual void Button_FitterDraw(TGo4FitData* selecteddata);
98  virtual void Cmd_CreateFitter();
99  virtual void Cmd_CreateAppropriateFitter();
100  virtual void Cmd_DeleteFitter();
101  virtual void Cmd_ClearFitter();
102  virtual void Cmd_SaveFitter(bool ask);
103  virtual void Cmd_ItemPrint(QFitItem* item);
104  virtual void Cmd_AddNewData(QFitItem * item, int id);
105  virtual void Cmd_DrawData(QFitItem * item);
106  virtual void Cmd_DeleteData(QFitItem * item);
107  virtual void Cmd_DeleteAssosiatedModels(QFitItem * item);
108  virtual void Cmd_DeleteAllData(QFitItem * item);
109  virtual void Cmd_AddNewModel(QFitItem * item, int id);
110  virtual void Cmd_DeleteModel(QFitItem * item);
111  virtual void Cmd_RemoveModel(TGo4FitModel* model);
112  virtual void Cmd_DeleteModels(QFitItem * item);
113  virtual void Cmd_CloneModel(QFitItem * item);
114  virtual void Cmd_ClearAssigment(QFitItem* item);
115  virtual void Cmd_ClearAssigments(QFitItem* item);
116  virtual void Cmd_AssignModelToAllData(QFitItem* item);
117  virtual void Cmd_AssignModelToData(QFitItem* item, int id);
118  virtual void Cmd_RemoveRangeCondition(QFitItem* item);
119  virtual void Cmd_RemoveRangeConditions(QFitItem* item);
120  virtual void Cmd_AddRangeCondition(QFitItem* item, int id);
121  virtual void Cmd_DeleteAction(QFitItem* item);
122  virtual void Cmd_DeleteActions(QFitItem* item);
123  virtual void Cmd_MoveAction(QFitItem* item, int dir);
124  virtual void Cmd_ExecuteAction(QFitItem* item);
125  virtual void Cmd_ExecuteActions(QFitItem* item, bool expert);
126  virtual void Cmd_DeleteOutputActions(QFitItem* item);
127  virtual void Cmd_AddNewAction(QFitItem* item, int id);
128  virtual void Cmd_DeleteDependency(QFitItem* item);
129  virtual void Cmd_DeleteDependencies(QFitItem* item);
130  virtual void Cmd_AddDependency(QFitItem* item);
131  virtual void Cmd_MemorizePars(QFitItem* item);
132  virtual void Cmd_RememberPars(QFitItem* item);
133  virtual void Cmd_DeletePars(QFitItem* item);
134  virtual void Cmd_AddNewPar(QFitItem* item);
135  virtual void Cmd_MemorizePar(QFitItem* item);
136  virtual void Cmd_RememberPar(QFitItem* item);
137  virtual void Cmd_DeletePar(QFitItem* item);
138  virtual void Cmd_DeleteMinuitResult(QFitItem* item);
139  virtual void Cmd_UpdateAllSlots(QFitItem* item);
140  virtual void UpdateActivePage();
141  virtual void UpdateSimplePage();
142  virtual void UpdateWizardPage();
143  virtual void UpdateExtendedPage();
144  virtual void RemovePrimitives();
145  virtual TGo4Fitter* CreateFitterFor(TGo4ViewPanel* panel, TPad* pad, const char* name);
146  virtual void CreateDataFor(TGo4ViewPanel* panel, TPad* pad, TGo4Fitter* fitter);
147  virtual bool FillPopupForItem(QFitItem* item, QMenu* menu, QSignalMapper* map);
148  virtual bool FillPopupForSlot(TGo4FitSlot* slot, QMenu* menu, QSignalMapper* map);
149  virtual void ExecutePopupForSlot(QFitItem* item, TGo4FitSlot* slot, int id);
150  virtual QFitItem* GetFitterItem();
151  virtual QFitItem* FindItem(TObject* obj, int ObjectType, QFitItem* parent);
152  virtual bool ShowItem(QFitItem* item, bool force);
153  virtual bool ShowItemAsText(QFitItem* item, bool force);
154  virtual bool ShowItemAsGraph(QFitItem* item, bool force);
155  virtual void RemoveItemWidget();
156  virtual void UpdateItem(QFitItem* item, bool trace);
157  virtual void SetItemText(QFitItem* item, bool trace);
158  virtual void UpdateItemsOfType(int typ, QFitItem* parent);
159  virtual void FitItemDeleted(QFitItem* item);
160  virtual void FillModelTypesList(QMenu* menu, QSignalMapper* map, int id, bool extend);
161  virtual void FillDataTypesList(QMenu* menu, QSignalMapper* map, int id);
162  virtual void FillParsList(QFitItem* item);
163  virtual void FillSlotsList(QFitItem* parent, const TObjArray* lst, TObject* owner);
164  virtual void FillDependencyList(QFitItem* parent);
165  virtual void PaintFitter(TGo4Fitter* fitter, QFitItem* item, bool update);
166  virtual bool PaintModel(TGo4FitModel* model, TPad* pad, QFitItem* item);
167  virtual bool PaintModelsFor(TGo4Fitter* fitter, TGo4FitData* data, QFitItem* item, bool update);
168  virtual bool PaintRange(TGo4FitComponent* comp, int nrange, TPad* pad, QFitItem* item);
169  virtual TGo4FitPeakFinder* GetPeakFinder(bool autocreate);
170  virtual TGo4FitData* Wiz_SelectedData();
171  virtual TGo4FitModel* Wiz_SelectedModel();
172  virtual TGo4FitModel* Wiz_CreateNewModel(int id);
173  virtual TGo4FitData* Wiz_CreateNewData(int id);
174  virtual void Wiz_RebuildDataList();
175  virtual bool Wiz_RemoveData();
176  virtual void Wiz_UseSelectedRange();
177  virtual void Wiz_TakeCurrentRange();
178  virtual void Wiz_GetModelInfo(TGo4FitModel* model, QString* info);
179  virtual QString Wiz_GetSlotSourceInfo(TGo4FitSlot* slot);
180  virtual void ArrowChanged(TGo4FitGuiArrow* arr);
181  virtual void DeleteModelWithPrimit(TGo4FitGuiArrow* arr);
182  virtual int GetPadIndexForSlot(TGo4FitSlot* slot);
183  virtual TPad* FindPadForSlot(TGo4FitSlot* slot);
184  virtual TPad* FindPadWhereData(TGo4FitData* data);
185  virtual TPad* FindPadWhereModel(TGo4FitModel* model);
186  virtual TPad* FindPadWhereComp(TGo4FitComponent* comp);
187  virtual TGo4FitData* CreateData(int id, const char* name);
188  virtual TGo4FitModel* CreateModel(int id, const char* namebase, TGo4Fitter* fitter, TGo4FitData* data);
189  virtual void LocateModel(TGo4FitModel* model, TGo4FitData* data, bool usepad);
190  virtual int DefineModelWidgetType(TObject* obj);
191  virtual bool UpdateObjectReferenceInSlot(TGo4FitSlot* slot, bool createlink);
192  virtual bool UpdateObjectReferenceInSlots();
193  virtual void ClearObjectReferenceInSlots();
194  virtual void RemoveDrawObjects();
195  virtual void CloseDrawPanel();
196  virtual void UpdateStatusBar(const char* info);
197  virtual void UpdateItemMenu();
198  virtual void UpdatePFAmplLbl();
199  virtual void UpdatePFRelNoiseLbl();
200  virtual void UpdateWizDataList();
201  virtual void UpdateWizDataBtns();
202  virtual void UpdateWizModelsList(bool changestack);
203  virtual void UpdateWizModelsBtns();
204  virtual void UpdateWizStackWidget();
205  virtual void UpdateWizPaint(int mode);
206  virtual void FillParsTable(QTableWidget *table, TGo4Fitter *fitter, TGo4FitModel *model, bool LinesView, TObjArray *TableList);
207  virtual void FillNamedWidget(QFitNamedWidget* w);
208  virtual void ChangeObjectName(QFitNamedWidget* w, const char* newname);
209  virtual void ChangeObjectTitle(QFitNamedWidget* w, const char* newtitle);
210  virtual void ChangeModelPar(QFitModelWidget* w, int npar, int value);
212 public slots:
213  virtual void panelSlot(TGo4ViewPanel*, TPad*, int);
214  virtual void FitList_customContextMenuRequested(const QPoint &);
215  virtual void FitList_currentItemChanged(QTreeWidgetItem*, QTreeWidgetItem*);
216  virtual void AboutToShowViewMenu();
217  virtual void ChangeViewType(int id);
218  virtual void ShowPanelPage(int id);
219  virtual void AboutToShowSettMenu();
220  virtual void ChangeSettings( int id );
221  virtual void AboutToShowFitterMenu();
222  virtual void FitterMenuItemSelected( int id );
223  virtual void AboutToShowItemMenu();
224  virtual void ItemMenuItemSelected( int id );
225  virtual void PF_MinWidthEdt_textChanged( const QString & str );
226  virtual void PF_MaxWidthEdt_textChanged( const QString & str );
227  virtual void PF_WidthEdit_textChanged( const QString & str );
228  virtual void PF_AmplSlider_valueChanged( int zn );
229  virtual void PF_AmplSlider_sliderReleased();
230  virtual void PF_RelNoiseSlider_valueChanged( int zn );
231  virtual void PF_RelNoiseSlider_sliderReleased();
232  virtual void PF_MinNoiseEdit_textChanged( const QString & str );
233  virtual void PF_SumUpSpin_valueChanged( int num );
234  virtual void Wiz_DataListSelect(QListWidgetItem*);
235  virtual void Wiz_ModelListSelect(QListWidgetItem*);
236  virtual void Wiz_AddDataBtn_clicked();
237  virtual void Wiz_DelDataBtn_clicked();
238  virtual void Wiz_AddModelBtn_clicked();
239  virtual void Wiz_DelModelBtn_clicked();
240  virtual void Wiz_CloneModelBtn_clicked();
241  virtual void Wiz_ShowAllMod_toggled( bool zn );
242  virtual void Wiz_FitFuncCmb_activated( int typ );
243  virtual void Wiz_FitNameEdt_textChanged( const QString & name );
244  virtual void Wiz_ParTable_valueChanged( int nrow, int ncol );
245  virtual void Wiz_DataList_doubleClicked(QListWidgetItem*);
246  virtual void Wiz_ModelList_doubleClicked(QListWidgetItem*);
247  virtual void Wiz_ModelList_itemChanged(QListWidgetItem*);
248  virtual void Wiz_RebuildDataBtn_clicked();
249  virtual void Wiz_DataBufChk_toggled( bool zn );
250  virtual void Wiz_UseAmplEstimChk_toggled( bool chk );
251  virtual void Wiz_MigradIterSpin_valueChanged( int num );
252  virtual void Wiz_DataSlotsTable_contextMenuRequested(const QPoint & pnt );
253  virtual void Wiz_DataUseRangeBtn_clicked();
254  virtual void Wiz_DataClearRangesBtn_clicked();
255  virtual void Wiz_DrawDataBtn_clicked();
256  virtual void Wiz_ModelBufChk_toggled( bool zn );
257  virtual void Wiz_PFSetupBtn_clicked();
258  virtual void Wiz_PFUsePolynChk_toggled( bool zn );
259  virtual void Wiz_PFPolynSpin_valueChanged( int zn );
260  virtual void Wiz_MinSetupBtn_clicked();
261  virtual void MainAttachBtn_clicked();
262  virtual void MainFitBtn_clicked();
263  virtual void MainDrawBtn_clicked();
264  virtual void MainFindBtn_clicked();
265  virtual void MainParsBtn_clicked();
266  virtual void FillParsWidget();
267  virtual void LineParsChk_toggled( bool );
268  virtual void ParsTable_valueChanged( int nrow, int ncol );
269  virtual void ParsTableChanged( QTableWidget * table, int nrow, int ncol,
270  bool LinesView, TObjArray * TableList,
271  bool updatepaint );
272  virtual void Smp_PolynomBtn_clicked();
273  virtual void Smp_GaussianBtn_clicked();
274  virtual void Smp_LorenzBtn_clicked();
275  virtual void Smp_ExponentBtn_clicked();
276  virtual void Smp_ClearBtn_clicked();
277  virtual void FindersTab_currentChanged( int);
278  virtual void Wiz_BackgroundChk_toggled( bool chk );
279  virtual void PF_MinWidthEdt_returnPressed();
280  virtual void PF_MaxWidthEdt_returnPressed();
281  virtual void PF_WidthEdit_returnPressed();
282  virtual void PF_MinNoiseEdit_returnPressed();
284 public:
287 protected:
288  QMenuBar* MenuBar;
289  QMenu* FitterMenu;
290  QSignalMapper* FitterMap;
291  QMenu* ViewMenu;
292  QSignalMapper* ViewMap;
293  QMenu* SettMenu;
294  QSignalMapper* SettMap;
295  QMenu* ItemMenu;
296  QSignalMapper* ItemMap;
300  TObjArray* fxWizPars;
301  TObjArray* fxWizSlots;
302  TObjArray* fxParsTableList;
304  TPad* fxActivePad;
324  QString fxWizDataName;
325  QString fxWizModelName;
331  virtual void focusInEvent( QFocusEvent * event );
332  virtual void changeEvent ( QEvent *event );
333  //virtual void windowActivationChange( bool OldActive );
334 };
336 #endif
virtual bool ShowItem(QFitItem *item, bool force)
virtual void MainFindBtn_clicked()
virtual void Cmd_RememberPar(QFitItem *item)
virtual TGo4FitData * Wiz_SelectedData()
virtual void MainAttachBtn_clicked()
virtual void Cmd_AddNewData(QFitItem *item, int id)
virtual void ArrowChanged(TGo4FitGuiArrow *arr)
virtual void UpdateWizModelsList(bool changestack)
virtual void Button_SimpleClear()
virtual void Cmd_AddDependency(QFitItem *item)
virtual void PF_MinWidthEdt_returnPressed()
virtual void UpdatePFAmplLbl()
bool fbDrawBackground
Definition: TGo4FitPanel.h:316
bool fbSaveWithReferences
Definition: TGo4FitPanel.h:322
virtual void Smp_PolynomBtn_clicked()
virtual TPad * FindPadForSlot(TGo4FitSlot *slot)
virtual void Cmd_DrawData(QFitItem *item)
virtual void Cmd_DeleteAllData(QFitItem *item)
virtual void Cmd_AddRangeCondition(QFitItem *item, int id)
QMenu * SettMenu
Definition: TGo4FitPanel.h:293
virtual void Cmd_DeleteDependencies(QFitItem *item)
virtual bool UpdateObjectReferenceInSlot(TGo4FitSlot *slot, bool createlink)
virtual bool FillPopupForItem(QFitItem *item, QMenu *menu, QSignalMapper *map)
virtual TGo4Fitter * CloneFitter()
virtual void Cmd_MemorizePar(QFitItem *item)
QSignalMapper * ItemMap
Definition: TGo4FitPanel.h:296
virtual TPad * FindPadWhereModel(TGo4FitModel *model)
virtual void Fitter_UpdateReferences()
virtual void Button_WorkWithPanel()
virtual void UpdateWizardPage()
virtual void Wiz_RebuildDataBtn_clicked()
virtual void Wiz_ModelBufChk_toggled(bool zn)
virtual void RemoveFitterLink()
virtual void RemoveItemWidget()
bool fbUseSamePanelForDraw
Definition: TGo4FitPanel.h:317
virtual void UpdatePFRelNoiseLbl()
virtual void linkedObjectUpdated(const char *linkname, TObject *obj)
virtual void PF_WidthEdit_returnPressed()
virtual void changeEvent(QEvent *event)
virtual void WorkWithFitterInSlot(TGo4Slot *slot)
virtual bool FillPopupForSlot(TGo4FitSlot *slot, QMenu *menu, QSignalMapper *map)
virtual void SetItemText(QFitItem *item, bool trace)
virtual void ChangeObjectName(QFitNamedWidget *w, const char *newname)
virtual void Cmd_DeleteOutputActions(QFitItem *item)
virtual void Cmd_DeleteDependency(QFitItem *item)
virtual void UpdateItemsOfType(int typ, QFitItem *parent)
virtual void Cmd_DeleteActions(QFitItem *item)
virtual void Smp_ClearBtn_clicked()
virtual void Fitter_New()
virtual void Cmd_DeleteModels(QFitItem *item)
virtual void Wiz_DataListSelect(QListWidgetItem *)
bool fbNeedConfirmation
Definition: TGo4FitPanel.h:309
virtual void UpdateWizPaint(int mode)
virtual void Button_PeakFinder()
bool fbDrawComponents
Definition: TGo4FitPanel.h:315
virtual void FillSlotsList(QFitItem *parent, const TObjArray *lst, TObject *owner)
bool fbDrawInfoOnPad
Definition: TGo4FitPanel.h:318
virtual TPad * ActivePad()
QFitItem * fxCurrentItem
Definition: TGo4FitPanel.h:307
virtual void UpdateWizModelsBtns()
virtual void UpdateWizDataBtns()
virtual void ClearObjectReferenceInSlots()
virtual void Wiz_DataList_doubleClicked(QListWidgetItem *)
virtual void Fitter_SaveToBrowser()
virtual bool IsAcceptDrag(const char *itemname, TClass *cl, int kind)
virtual TGo4Fitter * GetFitter()
virtual void Wiz_ModelListSelect(QListWidgetItem *)
virtual void CreateDataFor(TGo4ViewPanel *panel, TPad *pad, TGo4Fitter *fitter)
QSignalMapper * ViewMap
Definition: TGo4FitPanel.h:292
virtual void Wiz_AddModelBtn_clicked()
virtual void Wiz_ShowAllMod_toggled(bool zn)
virtual void Smp_GaussianBtn_clicked()
virtual void Cmd_DeletePar(QFitItem *item)
virtual QString Wiz_GetSlotSourceInfo(TGo4FitSlot *slot)
virtual void Wiz_TakeCurrentRange()
virtual void FitterMenuItemSelected(int id)
virtual void Cmd_DeleteData(QFitItem *item)
virtual void LocateModel(TGo4FitModel *model, TGo4FitData *data, bool usepad)
TObjArray * fxWizSlots
Definition: TGo4FitPanel.h:301
QSignalMapper * SettMap
Definition: TGo4FitPanel.h:294
virtual void Cmd_AddNewAction(QFitItem *item, int id)
TObjArray * fxWizPars
Definition: TGo4FitPanel.h:300
virtual void Fitter_PrintParameters()
virtual void Wiz_GetModelInfo(TGo4FitModel *model, QString *info)
virtual void focusInEvent(QFocusEvent *event)
virtual void UpdateItemMenu()
virtual ~TGo4FitPanel()
virtual void PF_MinNoiseEdit_returnPressed()
virtual void Wiz_DataSlotsTable_contextMenuRequested(const QPoint &pnt)
virtual void PaintFitter(TGo4Fitter *fitter, QFitItem *item, bool update)
virtual void Cmd_DeletePars(QFitItem *item)
virtual void ChangeViewType(int id)
virtual void Cmd_UpdateAllSlots(QFitItem *item)
virtual void Cmd_CreateFitter()
virtual bool UpdateObjectReferenceInSlots()
QString fxWizDataName
Definition: TGo4FitPanel.h:324
virtual void Button_SimpleFit(int nmodel)
virtual void AboutToShowViewMenu()
bool fbParsWidgetShown
Definition: TGo4FitPanel.h:313
virtual void UpdateExtendedPage()
TObjArray * fxParsTableList
Definition: TGo4FitPanel.h:302
virtual void ChangeModelPar(QFitModelWidget *w, int npar, int value)
virtual void Cmd_ClearFitter()
virtual bool ShowItemAsText(QFitItem *item, bool force)
virtual void FillNamedWidget(QFitNamedWidget *w)
virtual TGo4Fitter * CreateFitterFor(TGo4ViewPanel *panel, TPad *pad, const char *name)
virtual TGo4FitData * CreateData(int id, const char *name)
virtual void MainDrawBtn_clicked()
virtual void Cmd_DeleteAction(QFitItem *item)
virtual void Fitter_RollbackParameters()
virtual void Cmd_MoveAction(QFitItem *item, int dir)
QWidget * fxCurrentItemWidget
Definition: TGo4FitPanel.h:308
virtual void Cmd_RemoveModel(TGo4FitModel *model)
QMenu * ItemMenu
Definition: TGo4FitPanel.h:295
virtual void PF_MinWidthEdt_textChanged(const QString &str)
virtual void Smp_LorenzBtn_clicked()
virtual void Cmd_ExecuteActions(QFitItem *item, bool expert)
virtual bool Wiz_RemoveData()
virtual bool ShowItemAsGraph(QFitItem *item, bool force)
virtual void Cmd_RemoveRangeCondition(QFitItem *item)
virtual void UpdateWizDataList()
virtual bool PaintRange(TGo4FitComponent *comp, int nrange, TPad *pad, QFitItem *item)
virtual void PF_MaxWidthEdt_returnPressed()
virtual int GetPadIndexForSlot(TGo4FitSlot *slot)
virtual void Button_PerformFit()
virtual void Wiz_DelDataBtn_clicked()
virtual TPad * FindPadWhereData(TGo4FitData *data)
virtual bool PaintModel(TGo4FitModel *model, TPad *pad, QFitItem *item)
virtual void Button_FitterDraw(TGo4FitData *selecteddata)
virtual void Wiz_FitNameEdt_textChanged(const QString &name)
virtual void DropOnPanel(QDropEvent *event, const char *itemname, TClass *cl, int kind)
bool fbFillingWidget
Definition: TGo4FitPanel.h:298
virtual void Cmd_ItemPrint(QFitItem *item)
virtual void PF_WidthEdit_textChanged(const QString &str)
virtual void Wiz_ParTable_valueChanged(int nrow, int ncol)
virtual void Cmd_DeleteMinuitResult(QFitItem *item)
TPad * fxActivePad
Definition: TGo4FitPanel.h:304
virtual void Fitter_UseWorkspace()
virtual void Wiz_ModelList_itemChanged(QListWidgetItem *)
virtual void DeleteModelWithPrimit(TGo4FitGuiArrow *arr)
virtual TGo4ViewPanel * ActivePanel()
virtual void Wiz_PFSetupBtn_clicked()
virtual TGo4FitModel * Wiz_SelectedModel()
virtual void Wiz_DataBufChk_toggled(bool zn)
virtual void FillDataTypesList(QMenu *menu, QSignalMapper *map, int id)
virtual void PF_SumUpSpin_valueChanged(int num)
virtual void PF_RelNoiseSlider_valueChanged(int zn)
virtual void Fitter_NewForActivePad(bool overwrite)
QSignalMapper * FitterMap
Definition: TGo4FitPanel.h:290
virtual void PF_MaxWidthEdt_textChanged(const QString &str)
virtual void Wiz_AddDataBtn_clicked()
virtual void SetFitter(TGo4Fitter *)
virtual void Cmd_ClearAssigments(QFitItem *item)
virtual void Cmd_SaveFitter(bool ask)
virtual void Cmd_ExecuteAction(QFitItem *item)
virtual TGo4FitData * Wiz_CreateNewData(int id)
virtual void Cmd_RememberPars(QFitItem *item)
virtual QFitItem * FindItem(TObject *obj, int ObjectType, QFitItem *parent)
virtual void UpdateItem(QFitItem *item, bool trace)
virtual void AboutToShowItemMenu()
virtual TPad * FindPadWhereComp(TGo4FitComponent *comp)
virtual void Cmd_DeleteAssosiatedModels(QFitItem *item)
virtual void PF_RelNoiseSlider_sliderReleased()
virtual void PF_AmplSlider_sliderReleased()
virtual void ChangeObjectTitle(QFitNamedWidget *w, const char *newtitle)
virtual void linkedObjectRemoved(const char *linkname)
virtual void MainFitBtn_clicked()
virtual void FillModelTypesList(QMenu *menu, QSignalMapper *map, int id, bool extend)
virtual TGo4FitModel * Wiz_CreateNewModel(int id)
TGo4ViewPanel * fxActivePanel
Definition: TGo4FitPanel.h:303
virtual void Wiz_BackgroundChk_toggled(bool chk)
QMenu * FitterMenu
Definition: TGo4FitPanel.h:289
virtual void Cmd_MemorizePars(QFitItem *item)
virtual void CloseDrawPanel()
bool fbUseAmplEstim
Definition: TGo4FitPanel.h:328
virtual void PF_MinNoiseEdit_textChanged(const QString &str)
virtual void Wiz_UseAmplEstimChk_toggled(bool chk)
virtual void LineParsChk_toggled(bool)
virtual void Wiz_DataUseRangeBtn_clicked()
virtual void FillParsWidget()
virtual void Wiz_DrawDataBtn_clicked()
virtual void MainParsBtn_clicked()
virtual void ExecutePopupForSlot(QFitItem *item, TGo4FitSlot *slot, int id)
virtual bool PaintModelsFor(TGo4Fitter *fitter, TGo4FitData *data, QFitItem *item, bool update)
virtual void Wiz_MigradIterSpin_valueChanged(int num)
virtual void ItemMenuItemSelected(int id)
virtual void AboutToShowSettMenu()
virtual void Cmd_AddNewPar(QFitItem *item)
virtual void panelSlot(TGo4ViewPanel *, TPad *, int)
virtual void UpdateWizStackWidget()
virtual void FitList_currentItemChanged(QTreeWidgetItem *, QTreeWidgetItem *)
virtual void Wiz_PFPolynSpin_valueChanged(int zn)
virtual void Wiz_UseSelectedRange()
virtual void Wiz_DelModelBtn_clicked()
virtual void Cmd_CloneModel(QFitItem *item)
virtual void UpdateActivePage()
virtual void Wiz_FitFuncCmb_activated(int typ)
virtual void Cmd_DeleteModel(QFitItem *item)
TGo4FitPanel(QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0)
QFitItem * CurrFitItem
Definition: TGo4FitPanel.h:285
virtual void Wiz_PFUsePolynChk_toggled(bool zn)
virtual TGo4FitPeakFinder * GetPeakFinder(bool autocreate)
virtual void UpdateSimplePage()
virtual void Fitter_Delete()
virtual void FillDependencyList(QFitItem *parent)
virtual void FitItemDeleted(QFitItem *item)
virtual void ParsTable_valueChanged(int nrow, int ncol)
virtual void ParsTableChanged(QTableWidget *table, int nrow, int ncol, bool LinesView, TObjArray *TableList, bool updatepaint)
virtual void RemovePrimitives()
virtual TGo4FitModel * CreateModel(int id, const char *namebase, TGo4Fitter *fitter, TGo4FitData *data)
virtual void CreateFitSlotLink(TGo4FitSlot *slot, const char *itemname)
virtual void PF_AmplSlider_valueChanged(int zn)
virtual bool WorkingWithPanel()
virtual void Wiz_MinSetupBtn_clicked()
virtual void RemoveDrawObjects()
virtual void FillParsTable(QTableWidget *table, TGo4Fitter *fitter, TGo4FitModel *model, bool LinesView, TObjArray *TableList)
virtual QFitItem * GetFitterItem()
virtual bool WorkingWithOnlyPad()
virtual void Cmd_ClearAssigment(QFitItem *item)
virtual void FindersTab_currentChanged(int)
virtual void Wiz_RebuildDataList()
virtual void AboutToShowFitterMenu()
virtual int DefineModelWidgetType(TObject *obj)
QMenu * ViewMenu
Definition: TGo4FitPanel.h:291
bool fbShowPrimitives
Definition: TGo4FitPanel.h:310
virtual void Smp_ExponentBtn_clicked()
bool fbRecalculateGaussWidth
Definition: TGo4FitPanel.h:320
QMenuBar * MenuBar
Definition: TGo4FitPanel.h:288
virtual void FillParsList(QFitItem *item)
virtual void UpdateStatusBar(const char *info)
virtual void Cmd_CreateAppropriateFitter()
virtual void Cmd_AddNewModel(QFitItem *item, int id)
virtual void FitList_customContextMenuRequested(const QPoint &)
virtual void Wiz_DataClearRangesBtn_clicked()
virtual void linkedRemoved(TGo4Slot *slot, TObject *obj)
bool fbDrawPanelCreation
Definition: TGo4FitPanel.h:306
virtual void WorkWithFitter(const char *itemname, TGo4ViewPanel *panel, TPad *pad)
QString fxWizModelName
Definition: TGo4FitPanel.h:325
virtual void ChangeSettings(int id)
virtual void ShowPanelPage(int id)
virtual void Cmd_DeleteFitter()
virtual void Wiz_ModelList_doubleClicked(QListWidgetItem *)
virtual void Wiz_CloneModelBtn_clicked()
bool fbWizShowAllModels
Definition: TGo4FitPanel.h:326
virtual void Cmd_AssignModelToData(QFitItem *item, int id)
TGo4ViewPanel * fxDrawNewPanel
Definition: TGo4FitPanel.h:305
bool fbUseCurrentRange
Definition: TGo4FitPanel.h:323
virtual void Cmd_RemoveRangeConditions(QFitItem *item)
virtual void Cmd_AssignModelToAllData(QFitItem *item)