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analysiseditor.js File Reference

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function if (typeof JSROOT!="object")


let BasePainter = JSROOT.BasePainter || JSROOT.TBasePainter
GO4 EvIOType
GO4 AnalysisStatusEditor prototype MarkChanged

Function Documentation

if (   typeof JSROOT! = "object")

Variable Documentation

let BasePainter = JSROOT.BasePainter || JSROOT.TBasePainter

Definition at line 15 of file analysiseditor.js.

GO4 EvIOType
Initial value:
= {
GO4.AnalysisStatusEditor = function(divid, stat) {, divid);
if (this.SetDivId) this.SetDivId(divid);
this.stat = stat;
this.changes = [["dummy0", "init0"],["dummy1","init1"]];
this.showmore= [false, false];
GO4.AnalysisStatusEditor.prototype = Object.create(BasePainter.prototype)
let BasePainter
function GO4
Definition: go4canvas.js:17

Definition at line 17 of file analysiseditor.js.

GO4 AnalysisStatusEditor prototype MarkChanged

Definition at line 43 of file analysiseditor.js.