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QFitItem Class Reference

#include <QFitItem.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for QFitItem:

Public Member Functions

 QFitItem (TGo4FitPanel *panel, QTreeWidgetItem *parent, TObject *iObj, int iObjectType, int iWidgetType=-1, int iPopupMenuType=-1, int iGraphType=-1, int iTag=0)
virtual ~QFitItem ()
TObject * Object () const
void SetObject (TObject *obj)
int ObjectType () const
int WidgetType () const
int PopupMenuType () const
int GraphType () const
int Tag () const
QFitItemParent () const
QFitItemDefineWidgetItem ()
QFitItemDefineGraphItem ()
bool FindInParents (QFitItem *item)

Protected Attributes

TObject * fxObj
int fiObjectType
int fiWidgetType
int fiPopupMenuType
int fiGraphType
int fiTag

Detailed Description

Definition at line 22 of file QFitItem.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QFitItem::QFitItem ( TGo4FitPanel panel,
QTreeWidgetItem *  parent,
TObject *  iObj,
int  iObjectType,
int  iWidgetType = -1,
int  iPopupMenuType = -1,
int  iGraphType = -1,
int  iTag = 0 
QFitItem::~QFitItem ( )

Definition at line 40 of file QFitItem.cpp.

References TGo4FitPanel::FitItemDeleted(), and fxPanel.

Member Function Documentation

QFitItem * QFitItem::DefineGraphItem ( )

Definition at line 56 of file QFitItem.cpp.

References GraphType(), and Parent().

Referenced by TGo4FitPanel::ShowItemAsGraph().

QFitItem * QFitItem::DefineWidgetItem ( )

Definition at line 45 of file QFitItem.cpp.

References Parent(), and WidgetType().

Referenced by TGo4FitPanel::ShowItemAsText().

bool QFitItem::FindInParents ( QFitItem item)

Definition at line 67 of file QFitItem.cpp.

References Parent().

Referenced by TGo4FitPanel::UpdateItem().

int QFitItem::GraphType ( ) const

Definition at line 32 of file QFitItem.h.

References fiGraphType.

Referenced by DefineGraphItem(), and TGo4FitPanel::ShowItemAsGraph().

TObject* QFitItem::Object ( ) const

Definition at line 27 of file QFitItem.h.

References fxObj.

Referenced by TGo4FitPanel::ChangeObjectName(), TGo4FitPanel::Cmd_AddDependency(), TGo4FitPanel::Cmd_AddNewPar(), TGo4FitPanel::Cmd_AddRangeCondition(), TGo4FitPanel::Cmd_AssignModelToAllData(), TGo4FitPanel::Cmd_AssignModelToData(), TGo4FitPanel::Cmd_ClearAssigment(), TGo4FitPanel::Cmd_ClearAssigments(), TGo4FitPanel::Cmd_CloneModel(), TGo4FitPanel::Cmd_DeleteAction(), TGo4FitPanel::Cmd_DeleteAssosiatedModels(), TGo4FitPanel::Cmd_DeleteData(), TGo4FitPanel::Cmd_DeleteDependencies(), TGo4FitPanel::Cmd_DeleteDependency(), TGo4FitPanel::Cmd_DeleteMinuitResult(), TGo4FitPanel::Cmd_DeleteModel(), TGo4FitPanel::Cmd_DeletePar(), TGo4FitPanel::Cmd_DeletePars(), TGo4FitPanel::Cmd_DrawData(), TGo4FitPanel::Cmd_ExecuteAction(), TGo4FitPanel::Cmd_ItemPrint(), TGo4FitPanel::Cmd_MemorizePar(), TGo4FitPanel::Cmd_MemorizePars(), TGo4FitPanel::Cmd_MoveAction(), TGo4FitPanel::Cmd_RememberPar(), TGo4FitPanel::Cmd_RememberPars(), TGo4FitPanel::Cmd_RemoveRangeCondition(), TGo4FitPanel::Cmd_RemoveRangeConditions(), TGo4FitPanel::DropOnPanel(), TGo4FitPanel::ExecutePopupForSlot(), TGo4FitPanel::FillDependencyList(), TGo4FitPanel::FillParsList(), TGo4FitPanel::FillPopupForItem(), QFitDataWidget::FillSpecificData(), QFitDependencyWidget::FillSpecificData(), TGo4FitPanel::FindItem(), QFitRangeCutWidget::GetComp(), QFitWidget::GetObject(), QFitParCfgWidget::ParNameEdit_textChanged(), TGo4FitPanel::SetItemText(), TGo4FitPanel::ShowItemAsGraph(), and TGo4FitPanel::UpdateItem().

int QFitItem::ObjectType ( ) const
QFitItem* QFitItem::Parent ( ) const
int QFitItem::PopupMenuType ( ) const

Definition at line 31 of file QFitItem.h.

References fiPopupMenuType.

Referenced by TGo4FitPanel::FillPopupForItem().

void QFitItem::SetObject ( TObject *  obj)

Definition at line 28 of file QFitItem.h.

References fxObj.

int QFitItem::Tag ( ) const
int QFitItem::WidgetType ( ) const

Definition at line 30 of file QFitItem.h.

References fiWidgetType.

Referenced by DefineWidgetItem(), and TGo4FitPanel::ShowItemAsText().

Member Data Documentation

int QFitItem::fiGraphType

Definition at line 46 of file QFitItem.h.

Referenced by GraphType(), and QFitItem().

int QFitItem::fiObjectType

Definition at line 43 of file QFitItem.h.

Referenced by ObjectType(), and QFitItem().

int QFitItem::fiPopupMenuType

Definition at line 45 of file QFitItem.h.

Referenced by PopupMenuType(), and QFitItem().

int QFitItem::fiTag

Definition at line 47 of file QFitItem.h.

Referenced by QFitItem(), and Tag().

int QFitItem::fiWidgetType

Definition at line 44 of file QFitItem.h.

Referenced by QFitItem(), and WidgetType().

TObject* QFitItem::fxObj

Definition at line 42 of file QFitItem.h.

Referenced by Object(), QFitItem(), and SetObject().

TGo4FitPanel* QFitItem::fxPanel

Definition at line 41 of file QFitItem.h.

Referenced by QFitItem(), and ~QFitItem().

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