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TGo4BrowserProxy Class Reference

#include <TGo4BrowserProxy.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for TGo4BrowserProxy:

Public Member Functions

 TGo4BrowserProxy ()
 TGo4BrowserProxy (const char *datapath, const char *viewpath, Bool_t withRootBrowser=kFALSE)
virtual ~TGo4BrowserProxy ()
virtual void Initialize (TGo4Slot *slot)
virtual void Finalize (TGo4Slot *slot)
virtual Bool_t Use () const
virtual Bool_t ProcessEvent (TGo4Slot *slot, TGo4Slot *source, Int_t id, void *param)
virtual Int_t GetObjectKind ()
virtual const char * GetContainedClassName ()
virtual TObject * GetAssignedObject ()
void DataSlotName (const char *item, TString &res)
void BrowserSlotName (const char *item, TString &res)
TGo4SlotBrowserSlot (const char *item)
TGo4SlotDataSlot (const char *item)
TGo4SlotBrowserMemorySlot ()
Bool_t BrowserItemName (TGo4Slot *itemslot, TString &res)
void UpdateBrowserContent ()
void InformBrowserUpdate ()
void SetItemsFilter (Int_t filter)
Int_t GetItemFilter () const
Int_t RequestBrowserObject (const char *name, Int_t wait_time=0)
Int_t RequestBrowserObject (TGo4Slot *slot, Int_t wait_time=0)
void AddServerProxy (TGo4ServerProxy *serv, const char *slotname, const char *info)
void OpenFile (const char *fname)
Bool_t ConnectHServer (const char *servername, Int_t portnumber, const char *basename, const char *userpass, const char *filter)
Bool_t ConnectDabc (const char *nodename)
void MakeFilesList (TObjArray *arr)
void MakeDabcList (TObjArray *arr)
void MakeHttpList (TObjArray *arr)
void MakeHServerList (TObjArray *arr)
Bool_t ProduceExplicitCopy (const char *itemname, const char *tgtpath=0, Bool_t forcerequest=kFALSE)
Bool_t ProduceExplicitCopy (TGo4Slot *itemslot, const char *tgtpath=0, Bool_t forcerequest=kFALSE)
void ClearClipboard ()
void AddToClipboard (const char *itemname)
Bool_t IsClipboard ()
void CopyClipboard (const char *tgtpath, Bool_t forcerequest=kFALSE)
void CreateMemorySubfolder (const char *itemname, const char *newfoldername)
void RenameMemoryItem (const char *itemname, const char *newname)
void ClearMemoryItem (const char *itemname)
void RequestObjectStatus (const char *name, TGo4Slot *tgtslot)
void PerformTreeDraw (const char *treename, const char *Xexp, const char *Yexp, const char *Zexp, const char *cutcond, const char *hname, TString &createdhistoname)
TString SaveToMemory (const char *pathname, TObject *obj, Bool_t ownership, Bool_t overwrite=kFALSE)
void CreateMemoryFolder (const char *foldername=0)
void Scan_gROOT ()
Bool_t SaveBrowserToFile (const char *filename, Bool_t prefetch=kFALSE, const char *selectedpath=0, const char *description=0)
void ExportItemsTo (TObjArray *items, Bool_t fetchitems, const char *filename, const char *filedir, const char *format, const char *description)
TObject * GetBrowserObject (const char *name, Int_t update=0)
Bool_t DeleteDataSource (TGo4Slot *itemslot)
void DoItemMonitor (TGo4Slot *slot)
TGo4SlotBrowserTopSlot ()
TGo4SlotItemSlot (const char *itemname)
Bool_t DefineTreeName (const char *itemname, TString &treename)
Bool_t DefineLeafName (const char *itemname, const char *treename, TString &leafname)
TGo4SlotFindServerSlot (Bool_t databranch, Int_t kind=0)
TGo4AnalysisProxyFindAnalysis (const char *itemname=0)
TGo4ServerProxyFindServer (const char *itemname=0, Bool_t asanalysis=kTRUE)
TString FindItemInAnalysis (const char *objname)
TString FindItem (const char *objname)
void FetchItem (const char *itemname, Int_t wait_time=0)
void RedrawItem (const char *itemname)
Bool_t DefineFileObject (const char *itemname, TString &filedataslot, const char **filepath)
Bool_t UpdateObjectInFile (const char *itemname, const char *fileslotname, const char *filepath)
Bool_t SaveItemToFile (const char *itemname, const char *filename, const char *subfolder=0)
Bool_t UpdateAnalysisItem (const char *itemname, TObject *obj=0)
Bool_t DefineRelatedObject (const char *itemname, const char *objectname, TString &objectitem, Int_t mask=3)
Bool_t IsItemRemote (const char *name)
Bool_t IsItemRemote (TGo4Slot *slot)
Bool_t IsAnalysisItem (const char *name)
void SetCanDelete (TGo4Slot *slot, Bool_t on=kTRUE)
Bool_t IsCanDelete (TGo4Slot *slot)
Int_t ItemKind (const char *name)
void SetItemKind (TGo4Slot *slot, Int_t kind, const char *classname, const char *info, Int_t sizeinfo)
Int_t ItemSizeInfo (TGo4Slot *slot)
void SetCalcSize (TGo4Slot *slot, Int_t size)
Int_t GetCalcSize (TGo4Slot *slot)
TClass * ItemClass (const char *name)
TClass * ItemClass (TGo4Slot *slot)
const char * ItemClassName (const char *name)
Int_t ItemCanDo (const char *name)
Int_t ItemCanDo (TGo4Slot *slot)
Bool_t IsItemMonitored (TGo4Slot *slot)
void SetItemMonitored (TGo4Slot *slot, Bool_t on=kTRUE)
void SetProtectionBits (TGo4Slot *slot, Int_t delprot, Int_t clearprot)
void GetProtectionBits (TGo4Slot *slot, Int_t &delprot, Int_t &clearprot)
void ToggleMonitoring (Int_t period)
void SetMonitorBlockingFlag (Bool_t blocked=kFALSE)
Int_t MonitoringPeriod () const
Int_t UpdateVisibleAnalysisObjects (bool checkmonitor)
Int_t UpdateAllMonitoredObjects ()
TGo4ServerProxyDefineServerProxy (const char *itemname)
TGo4ServerProxyDefineServerObject (const char *itemname, TString *objname=0, Bool_t onlyanalysis=kTRUE)
TGo4ServerProxyDefineAnalysisObject (const char *itemname, TString &analysisname)
void SyncBrowserSlots ()
virtual Bool_t HandleTimer (TTimer *timer)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TGo4Proxy
 TGo4Proxy ()
virtual ~TGo4Proxy ()
virtual Bool_t RemoveRegisteredObject (TObject *obj)
virtual Bool_t HasSublevels () const
virtual TGo4AccessProvideAccess (const char *)
virtual TGo4LevelIterMakeIter ()
virtual const char * GetContainedObjectInfo ()
virtual Int_t GetObjectSizeInfo ()
virtual void WriteData (TGo4Slot *slot, TDirectory *dir, Bool_t onlyobjs)
virtual void ReadData (TGo4Slot *slot, TDirectory *dir)
virtual Bool_t IsAcceptObject (TClass *cl)
virtual Bool_t AssignObject (TGo4Slot *slot, TObject *obj, Bool_t owner)
virtual void Update (TGo4Slot *slot, Bool_t strong)
 ClassDef (TGo4Proxy, 1)

Static Public Member Functions

static void SetItemTimeDate (TGo4Slot *slot, const char *stime=0, const char *sdate=0)
static const char * ItemTime (TGo4Slot *slot)
static const char * ItemDate (TGo4Slot *slot)
static void SetLinkedName (TGo4Slot *slot, const char *itemname)
static const char * GetLinkedName (TGo4Slot *slot)
static Int_t ItemKind (TGo4Slot *slot)
static const char * ItemInfo (TGo4Slot *slot)
static const char * ItemClassName (TGo4Slot *slot)
static void SetItemCanDo (TGo4Slot *slot, Int_t cando)
static bool CanExecuteItem (int cando)
static bool CanExpandItem (int cando)
static bool CanExportItem (int cando)
static bool CanInfoItem (int cando)
static bool CanCloseItem (int cando)
static bool CanClearItem (int cando)
static bool CanDrawItem (int cando)
static bool CanDragItem (int cando)
static bool CanEditItem (int cando)
static Int_t DefineItemProperties (Int_t kind, TClass *cl, TString &pixmap)
static Bool_t UpdateObjectContent (TObject *obj, TObject *newobj, Int_t *hasrebinx=0, Int_t *hasrebiny=0)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from TGo4Proxy
static TClass * GetClass (const char *classname, Bool_t load=kFALSE)

Protected Member Functions

void UpdateAllCanvases ()
void AddWaitingList (TGo4Slot *itemslot, const char *destination=0)
void CheckWaitingList (TGo4Slot *source)
Int_t CalculateFolderSizes (TGo4Slot *topslot)
void CheckPictureMonitor (TGo4Slot *slot)
void CheckPictureMonitor (TGo4Picture *pic, const char *picitemname)
 ClassDef (TGo4BrowserProxy, 1)
 to overcome problem in ROOT More...

Static Protected Member Functions

static Int_t CompareAxis (TAxis *ax1, TAxis *ax2)
static Bool_t CompareAxisValues (Double_t v1, Double_t v2, Double_t scale)
static void SaveAxisTimeProperties (TGraph *gr, Bool_t &timedisplay, TString &format)
static void RestoreAxisTimeProperties (TGraph *gr, Bool_t &timedisplay, TString &format)
static void UpdateListOfFunctions (TGraph *oldgr, TGraph *newgr)

Protected Attributes

TString fxDataPath
TString fxBrowserPath
TString fxViewPath
Bool_t fbWithRootBrowser
TString fxMemoryPath
Int_t fiMonitoringPeriod
TTimer * fxMonitorTimer
Bool_t fbBlockMonitoring
Int_t fiFilterIndex
TList * fxWaitingList
TObjArray * fxClipboard
TTimer * fxSyncTimer
Bool_t fbBlockSync
TVirtualTreePlayer * fDummyTreePlayer

Detailed Description

Definition at line 32 of file TGo4BrowserProxy.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TGo4BrowserProxy::TGo4BrowserProxy ( )

Definition at line 131 of file TGo4BrowserProxy.cxx.

TGo4BrowserProxy::TGo4BrowserProxy ( const char *  datapath,
const char *  viewpath,
Bool_t  withRootBrowser = kFALSE 

Definition at line 152 of file TGo4BrowserProxy.cxx.

TGo4BrowserProxy::~TGo4BrowserProxy ( )

Member Function Documentation

void TGo4BrowserProxy::AddServerProxy ( TGo4ServerProxy serv,
const char *  slotname,
const char *  info 
void TGo4BrowserProxy::AddToClipboard ( const char *  itemname)
void TGo4BrowserProxy::AddWaitingList ( TGo4Slot itemslot,
const char *  destination = 0 

Definition at line 2421 of file TGo4BrowserProxy.cxx.

References BrowserItemName(), and fxWaitingList.

Referenced by ProduceExplicitCopy().

Bool_t TGo4BrowserProxy::BrowserItemName ( TGo4Slot itemslot,
TString &  res 
TGo4Slot * TGo4BrowserProxy::BrowserMemorySlot ( )
TGo4Slot * TGo4BrowserProxy::BrowserSlot ( const char *  item)
void TGo4BrowserProxy::BrowserSlotName ( const char *  item,
TString &  res 
TGo4Slot * TGo4BrowserProxy::BrowserTopSlot ( )
Int_t TGo4BrowserProxy::CalculateFolderSizes ( TGo4Slot topslot)
bool TGo4BrowserProxy::CanClearItem ( int  cando)
bool TGo4BrowserProxy::CanCloseItem ( int  cando)
bool TGo4BrowserProxy::CanDragItem ( int  cando)

Definition at line 1539 of file TGo4BrowserProxy.cxx.

Referenced by TGo4Browser::SetViewItemProperties().

bool TGo4BrowserProxy::CanDrawItem ( int  cando)
bool TGo4BrowserProxy::CanEditItem ( int  cando)
bool TGo4BrowserProxy::CanExecuteItem ( int  cando)
bool TGo4BrowserProxy::CanExpandItem ( int  cando)
bool TGo4BrowserProxy::CanExportItem ( int  cando)
bool TGo4BrowserProxy::CanInfoItem ( int  cando)
void TGo4BrowserProxy::CheckPictureMonitor ( TGo4Slot slot)
void TGo4BrowserProxy::CheckPictureMonitor ( TGo4Picture pic,
const char *  picitemname 
void TGo4BrowserProxy::CheckWaitingList ( TGo4Slot source)

Definition at line 2436 of file TGo4BrowserProxy.cxx.

References BrowserItemName(), fxWaitingList, and ProduceExplicitCopy().

Referenced by ProcessEvent().

TGo4BrowserProxy::ClassDef ( TGo4BrowserProxy  ,

to overcome problem in ROOT

void TGo4BrowserProxy::ClearClipboard ( )

Definition at line 456 of file TGo4BrowserProxy.cxx.

References fxClipboard.

Referenced by TGo4Browser::ContextMenuActivated(), and ~TGo4BrowserProxy().

void TGo4BrowserProxy::ClearMemoryItem ( const char *  itemname)
Int_t TGo4BrowserProxy::CompareAxis ( TAxis *  ax1,
TAxis *  ax2 

Definition at line 2094 of file TGo4BrowserProxy.cxx.

References CompareAxisValues().

Referenced by UpdateObjectContent().

Bool_t TGo4BrowserProxy::CompareAxisValues ( Double_t  v1,
Double_t  v2,
Double_t  scale 

Definition at line 2087 of file TGo4BrowserProxy.cxx.

Referenced by CompareAxis().

Bool_t TGo4BrowserProxy::ConnectDabc ( const char *  nodename)

Definition at line 514 of file TGo4BrowserProxy.cxx.

References AddServerProxy(), and TGo4DabcProxy::Connect().

Referenced by TGo4AbstractInterface::ConnectDabc(), and main().

Bool_t TGo4BrowserProxy::ConnectHServer ( const char *  servername,
Int_t  portnumber,
const char *  basename,
const char *  userpass,
const char *  filter 
void TGo4BrowserProxy::CopyClipboard ( const char *  tgtpath,
Bool_t  forcerequest = kFALSE 

Definition at line 490 of file TGo4BrowserProxy.cxx.

References fxClipboard, and ProduceExplicitCopy().

Referenced by TGo4Browser::ContextMenuActivated().

void TGo4BrowserProxy::CreateMemoryFolder ( const char *  foldername = 0)
void TGo4BrowserProxy::CreateMemorySubfolder ( const char *  itemname,
const char *  newfoldername 
TGo4Slot * TGo4BrowserProxy::DataSlot ( const char *  item)
void TGo4BrowserProxy::DataSlotName ( const char *  item,
TString &  res 
TGo4ServerProxy * TGo4BrowserProxy::DefineAnalysisObject ( const char *  itemname,
TString &  analysisname 
Bool_t TGo4BrowserProxy::DefineFileObject ( const char *  itemname,
TString &  filedataslot,
const char **  filepath 
Int_t TGo4BrowserProxy::DefineItemProperties ( Int_t  kind,
TClass *  cl,
TString &  pixmap 
Bool_t TGo4BrowserProxy::DefineLeafName ( const char *  itemname,
const char *  treename,
TString &  leafname 
Bool_t TGo4BrowserProxy::DefineRelatedObject ( const char *  itemname,
const char *  objectname,
TString &  objectitem,
Int_t  mask = 3 
TGo4ServerProxy * TGo4BrowserProxy::DefineServerObject ( const char *  itemname,
TString *  objname = 0,
Bool_t  onlyanalysis = kTRUE 
TGo4ServerProxy * TGo4BrowserProxy::DefineServerProxy ( const char *  itemname)
Bool_t TGo4BrowserProxy::DefineTreeName ( const char *  itemname,
TString &  treename 
Bool_t TGo4BrowserProxy::DeleteDataSource ( TGo4Slot itemslot)
void TGo4BrowserProxy::DoItemMonitor ( TGo4Slot slot)

Definition at line 995 of file TGo4BrowserProxy.cxx.

References fxBrowserSlot, TGo4Slot::IsParent(), and TGo4Slot::Update().

void TGo4BrowserProxy::ExportItemsTo ( TObjArray *  items,
Bool_t  fetchitems,
const char *  filename,
const char *  filedir,
const char *  format,
const char *  description 
void TGo4BrowserProxy::FetchItem ( const char *  itemname,
Int_t  wait_time = 0 
void TGo4BrowserProxy::Finalize ( TGo4Slot slot)

Reimplemented from TGo4Proxy.

Definition at line 253 of file TGo4BrowserProxy.cxx.

References fxBrowserPath, fxBrowserSlot, fxOM, and TGo4ObjectManager::UnregisterLink().

TGo4AnalysisProxy * TGo4BrowserProxy::FindAnalysis ( const char *  itemname = 0)
TString TGo4BrowserProxy::FindItem ( const char *  objname)
TString TGo4BrowserProxy::FindItemInAnalysis ( const char *  objname)
TGo4ServerProxy * TGo4BrowserProxy::FindServer ( const char *  itemname = 0,
Bool_t  asanalysis = kTRUE 
TGo4Slot * TGo4BrowserProxy::FindServerSlot ( Bool_t  databranch,
Int_t  kind = 0 
virtual TObject* TGo4BrowserProxy::GetAssignedObject ( )

Reimplemented from TGo4Proxy.

Definition at line 48 of file TGo4BrowserProxy.h.

TObject * TGo4BrowserProxy::GetBrowserObject ( const char *  name,
Int_t  update = 0 
Int_t TGo4BrowserProxy::GetCalcSize ( TGo4Slot slot)

Definition at line 1430 of file TGo4BrowserProxy.cxx.

References TGo4Slot::GetIntPar().

Referenced by TGo4Browser::SetViewItemProperties().

virtual const char* TGo4BrowserProxy::GetContainedClassName ( )

Reimplemented from TGo4Proxy.

Definition at line 47 of file TGo4BrowserProxy.h.

Int_t TGo4BrowserProxy::GetItemFilter ( ) const
const char * TGo4BrowserProxy::GetLinkedName ( TGo4Slot slot)
virtual Int_t TGo4BrowserProxy::GetObjectKind ( )

Reimplemented from TGo4Proxy.

Definition at line 46 of file TGo4BrowserProxy.h.

References TGo4Access::kndFolder.

void TGo4BrowserProxy::GetProtectionBits ( TGo4Slot slot,
Int_t &  delprot,
Int_t &  clearprot 
Bool_t TGo4BrowserProxy::HandleTimer ( TTimer *  timer)
void TGo4BrowserProxy::InformBrowserUpdate ( )
void TGo4BrowserProxy::Initialize ( TGo4Slot slot)
Bool_t TGo4BrowserProxy::IsAnalysisItem ( const char *  name)

Definition at line 1340 of file TGo4BrowserProxy.cxx.

References DefineAnalysisObject().

Referenced by TGo4HistogramInfo::WorkWithHistogram().

Bool_t TGo4BrowserProxy::IsCanDelete ( TGo4Slot slot)
Bool_t TGo4BrowserProxy::IsClipboard ( )

Definition at line 485 of file TGo4BrowserProxy.cxx.

References fxClipboard.

Referenced by TGo4Browser::ListView_customContextMenuRequested().

Bool_t TGo4BrowserProxy::IsItemMonitored ( TGo4Slot slot)
Bool_t TGo4BrowserProxy::IsItemRemote ( const char *  name)
Bool_t TGo4BrowserProxy::IsItemRemote ( TGo4Slot slot)

Definition at line 1332 of file TGo4BrowserProxy.cxx.

References TGo4Slot::GetIntPar().

Int_t TGo4BrowserProxy::ItemCanDo ( const char *  name)
Int_t TGo4BrowserProxy::ItemCanDo ( TGo4Slot slot)

Definition at line 1463 of file TGo4BrowserProxy.cxx.

References TGo4Slot::GetIntPar().

TClass * TGo4BrowserProxy::ItemClass ( const char *  name)
TClass * TGo4BrowserProxy::ItemClass ( TGo4Slot slot)

Definition at line 1438 of file TGo4BrowserProxy.cxx.

References TGo4Proxy::GetClass(), and ItemClassName().

const char * TGo4BrowserProxy::ItemClassName ( const char *  name)
const char * TGo4BrowserProxy::ItemClassName ( TGo4Slot slot)

Definition at line 1448 of file TGo4BrowserProxy.cxx.

References TGo4Slot::GetPar().

const char * TGo4BrowserProxy::ItemDate ( TGo4Slot slot)
const char * TGo4BrowserProxy::ItemInfo ( TGo4Slot slot)
Int_t TGo4BrowserProxy::ItemKind ( const char *  name)
Int_t TGo4BrowserProxy::ItemKind ( TGo4Slot slot)

Definition at line 1393 of file TGo4BrowserProxy.cxx.

References TGo4Slot::GetIntPar(), and TGo4Access::kndNone.

Int_t TGo4BrowserProxy::ItemSizeInfo ( TGo4Slot slot)
TGo4Slot * TGo4BrowserProxy::ItemSlot ( const char *  itemname)
const char * TGo4BrowserProxy::ItemTime ( TGo4Slot slot)
void TGo4BrowserProxy::MakeDabcList ( TObjArray *  arr)
void TGo4BrowserProxy::MakeFilesList ( TObjArray *  arr)
void TGo4BrowserProxy::MakeHServerList ( TObjArray *  arr)
void TGo4BrowserProxy::MakeHttpList ( TObjArray *  arr)
Int_t TGo4BrowserProxy::MonitoringPeriod ( ) const

Definition at line 187 of file TGo4BrowserProxy.h.

References fiMonitoringPeriod.

Referenced by TGo4Script::ProduceScript(), and TGo4BrowserOptions::UpdateView().

void TGo4BrowserProxy::OpenFile ( const char *  fname)
void TGo4BrowserProxy::PerformTreeDraw ( const char *  treename,
const char *  Xexp,
const char *  Yexp,
const char *  Zexp,
const char *  cutcond,
const char *  hname,
TString &  createdhistoname 
Bool_t TGo4BrowserProxy::ProcessEvent ( TGo4Slot slot,
TGo4Slot source,
Int_t  id,
void *  param 
Bool_t TGo4BrowserProxy::ProduceExplicitCopy ( const char *  itemname,
const char *  tgtpath = 0,
Bool_t  forcerequest = kFALSE 
Bool_t TGo4BrowserProxy::ProduceExplicitCopy ( TGo4Slot itemslot,
const char *  tgtpath = 0,
Bool_t  forcerequest = kFALSE 
void TGo4BrowserProxy::RedrawItem ( const char *  itemname)
void TGo4BrowserProxy::RenameMemoryItem ( const char *  itemname,
const char *  newname 
Int_t TGo4BrowserProxy::RequestBrowserObject ( const char *  name,
Int_t  wait_time = 0 
Int_t TGo4BrowserProxy::RequestBrowserObject ( TGo4Slot slot,
Int_t  wait_time = 0 
void TGo4BrowserProxy::RequestObjectStatus ( const char *  name,
TGo4Slot tgtslot 
void TGo4BrowserProxy::RestoreAxisTimeProperties ( TGraph *  gr,
Bool_t &  timedisplay,
TString &  format 

Definition at line 2376 of file TGo4BrowserProxy.cxx.

Referenced by UpdateObjectContent().

void TGo4BrowserProxy::SaveAxisTimeProperties ( TGraph *  gr,
Bool_t &  timedisplay,
TString &  format 

Definition at line 2367 of file TGo4BrowserProxy.cxx.

Referenced by UpdateObjectContent().

Bool_t TGo4BrowserProxy::SaveBrowserToFile ( const char *  filename,
Bool_t  prefetch = kFALSE,
const char *  selectedpath = 0,
const char *  description = 0 
Bool_t TGo4BrowserProxy::SaveItemToFile ( const char *  itemname,
const char *  filename,
const char *  subfolder = 0 
TString TGo4BrowserProxy::SaveToMemory ( const char *  pathname,
TObject *  obj,
Bool_t  ownership,
Bool_t  overwrite = kFALSE 
void TGo4BrowserProxy::Scan_gROOT ( )

Definition at line 1722 of file TGo4BrowserProxy.cxx.

References SaveToMemory().

Referenced by TGo4ViewPanel::MenuCommandExecutedSlot().

void TGo4BrowserProxy::SetCalcSize ( TGo4Slot slot,
Int_t  size 

Definition at line 1424 of file TGo4BrowserProxy.cxx.

References TGo4Slot::SetIntPar().

Referenced by CalculateFolderSizes().

void TGo4BrowserProxy::SetCanDelete ( TGo4Slot slot,
Bool_t  on = kTRUE 

Definition at line 1733 of file TGo4BrowserProxy.cxx.

References TGo4Slot::RemovePar(), and TGo4Slot::SetPar().

Referenced by SyncBrowserSlots().

void TGo4BrowserProxy::SetItemCanDo ( TGo4Slot slot,
Int_t  cando 
void TGo4BrowserProxy::SetItemKind ( TGo4Slot slot,
Int_t  kind,
const char *  classname,
const char *  info,
Int_t  sizeinfo 

Definition at line 1401 of file TGo4BrowserProxy.cxx.

References TGo4Slot::RemovePar(), TGo4Slot::SetIntPar(), and TGo4Slot::SetPar().

Referenced by SyncBrowserSlots().

void TGo4BrowserProxy::SetItemMonitored ( TGo4Slot slot,
Bool_t  on = kTRUE 
void TGo4BrowserProxy::SetItemsFilter ( Int_t  filter)

Definition at line 961 of file TGo4BrowserProxy.cxx.

References fiFilterIndex, and InformBrowserUpdate().

Referenced by TGo4BrowserOptions::FilterBox_activated().

void TGo4BrowserProxy::SetItemTimeDate ( TGo4Slot slot,
const char *  stime = 0,
const char *  sdate = 0 
void TGo4BrowserProxy::SetLinkedName ( TGo4Slot slot,
const char *  itemname 

Definition at line 1377 of file TGo4BrowserProxy.cxx.

References TGo4Slot::SetPar().

Referenced by TGo4MainWindow::editorServiceSlot().

void TGo4BrowserProxy::SetMonitorBlockingFlag ( Bool_t  blocked = kFALSE)

Definition at line 186 of file TGo4BrowserProxy.h.

References fbBlockMonitoring.

Referenced by TGo4MainWindow::checkPanelRepaintSlot().

void TGo4BrowserProxy::SetProtectionBits ( TGo4Slot slot,
Int_t  delprot,
Int_t  clearprot 

Definition at line 1855 of file TGo4BrowserProxy.cxx.

References TGo4Slot::RemovePar(), and TGo4Slot::SetIntPar().

Referenced by SyncBrowserSlots().

void TGo4BrowserProxy::SyncBrowserSlots ( )
void TGo4BrowserProxy::ToggleMonitoring ( Int_t  period)
void TGo4BrowserProxy::UpdateAllCanvases ( )

Definition at line 2455 of file TGo4BrowserProxy.cxx.

Referenced by HandleTimer().

Int_t TGo4BrowserProxy::UpdateAllMonitoredObjects ( )
Bool_t TGo4BrowserProxy::UpdateAnalysisItem ( const char *  itemname,
TObject *  obj = 0 
void TGo4BrowserProxy::UpdateBrowserContent ( )
void TGo4BrowserProxy::UpdateListOfFunctions ( TGraph *  oldgr,
TGraph *  newgr 

preserve fit result functions contained in any graphlike objects

Definition at line 2386 of file TGo4BrowserProxy.cxx.

Referenced by UpdateObjectContent().

Bool_t TGo4BrowserProxy::UpdateObjectContent ( TObject *  obj,
TObject *  newobj,
Int_t *  hasrebinx = 0,
Int_t *  hasrebiny = 0 
Bool_t TGo4BrowserProxy::UpdateObjectInFile ( const char *  itemname,
const char *  fileslotname,
const char *  filepath 
Int_t TGo4BrowserProxy::UpdateVisibleAnalysisObjects ( bool  checkmonitor)
virtual Bool_t TGo4BrowserProxy::Use ( ) const

Reimplemented from TGo4Proxy.

Definition at line 43 of file TGo4BrowserProxy.h.

Member Data Documentation

Bool_t TGo4BrowserProxy::fbBlockMonitoring

Definition at line 243 of file TGo4BrowserProxy.h.

Referenced by HandleTimer(), SetMonitorBlockingFlag(), and ToggleMonitoring().

Bool_t TGo4BrowserProxy::fbBlockSync

Definition at line 248 of file TGo4BrowserProxy.h.

Referenced by ProcessEvent(), and SyncBrowserSlots().

Bool_t TGo4BrowserProxy::fbWithRootBrowser

Definition at line 237 of file TGo4BrowserProxy.h.

Referenced by HandleTimer().

TVirtualTreePlayer* TGo4BrowserProxy::fDummyTreePlayer

Definition at line 249 of file TGo4BrowserProxy.h.

Referenced by PerformTreeDraw(), and ~TGo4BrowserProxy().

Int_t TGo4BrowserProxy::fiFilterIndex

Definition at line 244 of file TGo4BrowserProxy.h.

Referenced by GetItemFilter(), and SetItemsFilter().

Int_t TGo4BrowserProxy::fiMonitoringPeriod

Definition at line 241 of file TGo4BrowserProxy.h.

Referenced by HandleTimer(), Initialize(), MonitoringPeriod(), and ToggleMonitoring().

TString TGo4BrowserProxy::fxBrowserPath

Definition at line 235 of file TGo4BrowserProxy.h.

Referenced by BrowserSlotName(), Finalize(), and Initialize().

TGo4Slot* TGo4BrowserProxy::fxBrowserSlot
TObjArray* TGo4BrowserProxy::fxClipboard

Definition at line 246 of file TGo4BrowserProxy.h.

Referenced by AddToClipboard(), ClearClipboard(), CopyClipboard(), and IsClipboard().

TString TGo4BrowserProxy::fxDataPath
TString TGo4BrowserProxy::fxMemoryPath
TTimer* TGo4BrowserProxy::fxMonitorTimer

Definition at line 242 of file TGo4BrowserProxy.h.

Referenced by HandleTimer(), ToggleMonitoring(), and ~TGo4BrowserProxy().

TGo4ObjectManager* TGo4BrowserProxy::fxOM
TTimer* TGo4BrowserProxy::fxSyncTimer

Definition at line 247 of file TGo4BrowserProxy.h.

Referenced by HandleTimer(), ProcessEvent(), SyncBrowserSlots(), and ~TGo4BrowserProxy().

TString TGo4BrowserProxy::fxViewPath

Definition at line 236 of file TGo4BrowserProxy.h.

Referenced by UpdateVisibleAnalysisObjects().

TList* TGo4BrowserProxy::fxWaitingList

Definition at line 245 of file TGo4BrowserProxy.h.

Referenced by AddWaitingList(), CheckWaitingList(), and ~TGo4BrowserProxy().

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