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TGo4CommandInvoker Class Reference

#include <TGo4CommandInvoker.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for TGo4CommandInvoker:

Public Member Functions

virtual void Invoke (TGo4Command *com)
virtual void Invoke ()
virtual ~TGo4CommandInvoker ()
Int_t ExecuteFromRemote (TGo4RemoteCommand *remcom)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TGo4CommandReceiver
 TGo4CommandReceiver ()
virtual ~TGo4CommandReceiver ()

Static Public Member Functions

static TGo4CommandInvokerInstance ()
static void Register (const char *name, TGo4CommandReceiver *p)
static void UnRegister (TGo4CommandReceiver *p)
static void SetCommandList (TGo4CommandProtoList *list)

Protected Member Functions

 TGo4CommandInvoker ()

Static Protected Member Functions

static TGo4CommandReceiverLookup (const char *name)

Private Attributes


Static Private Attributes

static TGo4CommandProtoListfxCommandList = 0
static TGo4CommandInvokerfxInstance = 0
static TObjArray * fxArray = 0
static TMutex * fxMutex = 0

Detailed Description

Class that knows Command Object; When Client gets the Command it is passed to the Invoker who sets the CommandClient as receiver and calls its Execute method. Decouples CommandClient and Command object circular dependencies

Definition at line 37 of file TGo4CommandInvoker.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TGo4CommandInvoker::~TGo4CommandInvoker ( )

Definition at line 61 of file TGo4CommandInvoker.cxx.

References fxArray, fxCommand, fxCommandList, fxMutex, and GO4TRACE.

TGo4CommandInvoker::TGo4CommandInvoker ( )

Definition at line 49 of file TGo4CommandInvoker.cxx.

References fxArray, fxCommand, fxCommandList, fxMutex, GO4TRACE, and Register().

Referenced by Instance().

Member Function Documentation

Int_t TGo4CommandInvoker::ExecuteFromRemote ( TGo4RemoteCommand remcom)

Create real command from remote command and invoke it. Used when remote command acts on this invoker as receiver

Definition at line 159 of file TGo4CommandInvoker.cxx.

References fxCommandList, TGo4Command::GetMode(), TGo4Command::GetTaskName(), Invoke(), TGo4CommandProtoList::MakeCommand(), TGo4Command::SetMode(), and TGo4Command::SetTaskName().

Referenced by TGo4RemoteCommand::ExeCom().

TGo4CommandInvoker * TGo4CommandInvoker::Instance ( )
void TGo4CommandInvoker::Invoke ( TGo4Command com)
void TGo4CommandInvoker::Invoke ( )
TGo4CommandReceiver * TGo4CommandInvoker::Lookup ( const char *  name)

Definition at line 111 of file TGo4CommandInvoker.cxx.

References fxArray, TGo4Pair::GetReceiver(), and GO4TRACE.

Referenced by Invoke().

void TGo4CommandInvoker::Register ( const char *  name,
TGo4CommandReceiver p 
void TGo4CommandInvoker::SetCommandList ( TGo4CommandProtoList list)

Application may exchange standard command list by own subclass with specialized commands, e.g. for analysis control

Definition at line 153 of file TGo4CommandInvoker.cxx.

References fxCommandList.

Referenced by TGo4AnalysisClient::Constructor(), TGo4Analysis::Constructor(), TGo4Slave::TGo4Slave(), and TGo4Task::TGo4Task().

void TGo4CommandInvoker::UnRegister ( TGo4CommandReceiver p)

Member Data Documentation

TObjArray * TGo4CommandInvoker::fxArray = 0
TGo4Command* TGo4CommandInvoker::fxCommand


Definition at line 70 of file TGo4CommandInvoker.h.

Referenced by Invoke(), TGo4CommandInvoker(), and ~TGo4CommandInvoker().

TGo4CommandProtoList * TGo4CommandInvoker::fxCommandList = 0

For remote commands, invoker will create the requested slave commands from own command list

Definition at line 74 of file TGo4CommandInvoker.h.

Referenced by ExecuteFromRemote(), SetCommandList(), TGo4CommandInvoker(), and ~TGo4CommandInvoker().

TGo4CommandInvoker * TGo4CommandInvoker::fxInstance = 0

Definition at line 76 of file TGo4CommandInvoker.h.

Referenced by Instance().

TMutex * TGo4CommandInvoker::fxMutex = 0

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