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TGo4CommandRunnable Class Reference

#include <TGo4CommandRunnable.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for TGo4CommandRunnable:

Public Member Functions

 TGo4CommandRunnable (const char *name, TGo4ThreadManager *man, TGo4TaskHandler *hand, Bool_t receivermode=kTRUE)
virtual ~TGo4CommandRunnable ()
virtual Int_t Run (void *ptr)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TGo4TaskHandlerRunnable
 TGo4TaskHandlerRunnable (const char *name, TGo4ThreadManager *man, TGo4TaskHandler *hand, Bool_t receivermode=kTRUE)
virtual ~TGo4TaskHandlerRunnable ()
TGo4TaskHandlerGetTaskHandler ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from TGo4Runnable
 TGo4Runnable (const TGo4Runnable &right)
 TGo4Runnable (const char *name, TGo4ThreadManager *man)
virtual ~TGo4Runnable ()
void SetThread (TGo4Thread *gthread)
TGo4ThreadGetThread () const
TGo4ThreadManagerGetThreadManager () const

Private Member Functions

 TGo4CommandRunnable ()
void RedirectIO ()

Private Attributes


Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from TGo4TaskHandlerRunnable
Bool_t CheckStopBuffer (TBuffer *buf, Int_t *result=0)
Bool_t CheckTransportOpen ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from TGo4Runnable
 TGo4Runnable ()
virtual Int_t PreRun (void *ptr)
virtual Int_t PostRun (void *ptr)
virtual void ThreadCatch (TGo4Exception &ex)
virtual void UnexpectedCatch ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from TGo4TaskHandlerRunnable
Bool_t fbReceiverMode
- Protected Attributes inherited from TGo4Runnable

Detailed Description

Runnable responsible for command exchange between transport (socket) and buffer (queue) In receiver mode, commands are received from transport, checked if sync or not, the command receiver of system (client) commands is set to the clienttask, sync commands are executed directly, async commands are passed to the queue in not receiver mode, runnables waits for the queue and sends all commands from the queue over the transport thread

Definition at line 33 of file TGo4CommandRunnable.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TGo4CommandRunnable::TGo4CommandRunnable ( const char *  name,
TGo4ThreadManager man,
TGo4TaskHandler hand,
Bool_t  receivermode = kTRUE 
TGo4CommandRunnable::~TGo4CommandRunnable ( )

Definition at line 41 of file TGo4CommandRunnable.cxx.

TGo4CommandRunnable::TGo4CommandRunnable ( )

Member Function Documentation

void TGo4CommandRunnable::RedirectIO ( )

for error in socket: redirect std::cout/std::cerr to dummy buffer to avoid trouble if client is running in dying QProcess

Definition at line 202 of file TGo4CommandRunnable.cxx.

Referenced by Run().

Int_t TGo4CommandRunnable::Run ( void *  ptr)

Member Data Documentation

TGo4CommandInvoker* TGo4CommandRunnable::fxInvoker

client mode: link to external (static) invoker singleton, that is used to execute the async commands before the command queue server mode: not used

Definition at line 54 of file TGo4CommandRunnable.h.

Referenced by TGo4CommandRunnable().

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