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TGo4CounterCond Class Reference

#include <TGo4CounterCond.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for TGo4CounterCond:

Public Member Functions

 TGo4CounterCond ()
 TGo4CounterCond (const char *name, const char *title="TGo4CounterCond")
virtual ~TGo4CounterCond ()
virtual void SetValues ()
virtual Bool_t Test (Bool_t result)
void PrintCondition (Bool_t full)
Bool_t UpdateFrom (TGo4Condition *cond, Bool_t counts)
 ClassDef (TGo4CounterCond, 1)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TGo4Condition
 TGo4Condition ()
 TGo4Condition (const char *name, const char *title="Go4 Condition")
virtual ~TGo4Condition ()
virtual void Paint (Option_t *opt="")
virtual void Draw (Option_t *opt="")
virtual void UnDraw (Option_t *opt="")
virtual void Pop ()
virtual TGo4ConditionPainterCreatePainter ()
virtual Int_t Counts ()
virtual Int_t TrueCounts ()
virtual void ResetCounts ()
virtual void SetCounts (Int_t truecounts, Int_t counts)
virtual void Disable (Bool_t result)
virtual void Enable ()
Bool_t IsEnabled () const
virtual Bool_t Test ()
virtual Bool_t Test (Double_t x, Double_t y)
virtual Bool_t Test (Double_t x)
virtual void SetValues (Double_t low1, Double_t up1)
virtual void SetValues (Double_t low1, Double_t up1, Double_t low2, Double_t up2)
virtual void SetValues (TCutG *newcut)
virtual void SetValues (Double_t *x, Double_t *y, Int_t len)
virtual void AddCondition (TGo4Condition *next)
void IncCounts ()
void IncTrueCounts ()
Bool_t IsTrue () const
Bool_t IsFalse () const
Bool_t FixedResult () const
virtual void Invert (Bool_t on)
virtual void PrintBar ()
virtual void Print (Option_t *opt="") const
void SetLast (Bool_t value)
Bool_t GetLast ()
virtual Bool_t UpdateFromUrl (const char *rest_url_opt)
virtual void GetValues (Int_t &dim, Double_t &x1, Double_t &y1, Double_t &x2, Double_t &y2)
virtual Double_t GetXLow ()
virtual Double_t GetXUp ()
virtual Double_t GetYLow ()
virtual Double_t GetYUp ()
virtual TCutG * GetCut (Bool_t owner)
virtual Double_t GetIntegral (TH1 *, Option_t *="")
virtual Double_t GetMean (TH1 *, Int_t=1)
virtual Double_t GetRMS (TH1 *, Int_t=1)
virtual Double_t GetSkewness (TH1 *, Int_t=1)
virtual Double_t GetCurtosis (TH1 *, Int_t=1)
virtual Double_t GetXMax (TH1 *)
virtual Double_t GetYMax (TH1 *)
virtual Double_t GetCMax (TH1 *)
virtual TGo4ConditionGetActiveCondition ()
virtual void MarkReset (Bool_t on)
virtual void Clear (Option_t *opt="")
virtual void SetFlags (Bool_t enabled, Bool_t lastresult, Bool_t markreset, Bool_t result, Bool_t truevalue, Bool_t falsevalue)
virtual void GetFlags (Bool_t *enabled, Bool_t *lastresult, Bool_t *markreset, Bool_t *result, Bool_t *truevalue, Bool_t *falsevalue)
virtual void SetVisible (Bool_t on)
virtual Bool_t IsVisible ()
void SetHistogramLink (Bool_t on)
Bool_t IsHistogramLink ()
void SetHistogram (const char *name)
const char * GetLinkedHistogram ()
virtual void SetWorkHistogram (TH1 *histo)
TH1 * GetWorkHistogram ()
virtual void SetPainter (TGo4ConditionPainter *painter)
void SetUpdateEpsilon (Double_t val)
Double_t GetUpdateEpsilon ()
void SaveLabelStyle ()
void InitLabelStyle ()
void ResetLabel (Option_t *opt="reset")
virtual void SetLabelDraw (Bool_t on)
virtual Bool_t IsLabelDraw ()
virtual void SetLimitsDraw (Bool_t on)
virtual Bool_t IsLimitsDraw ()
virtual void SetIntDraw (Bool_t on)
virtual Bool_t IsIntDraw ()
virtual void SetXMeanDraw (Bool_t on)
virtual Bool_t IsXMeanDraw ()
virtual void SetXRMSDraw (Bool_t on)
virtual Bool_t IsXRMSDraw ()
virtual void SetYMeanDraw (Bool_t on)
virtual Bool_t IsYMeanDraw ()
virtual void SetYRMSDraw (Bool_t on)
virtual Bool_t IsYRMSDraw ()
virtual void SetXMaxDraw (Bool_t on)
virtual Bool_t IsXMaxDraw ()
virtual void SetYMaxDraw (Bool_t on)
virtual Bool_t IsYMaxDraw ()
virtual void SetCMaxDraw (Bool_t on)
virtual Bool_t IsCMaxDraw ()
virtual void SetLabelNumFormat (const char *fmt)
virtual const char * GetLabelNumFormat ()
virtual void SetChanged (Bool_t on=kTRUE)
virtual Int_t IsChanged ()
void SetMultiEdit (Bool_t on)
virtual Bool_t IsMultiEdit ()
void SetDimension (Int_t d)
Int_t GetDimension ()
void SetOwnedByEditor (Bool_t on)
Bool_t IsOwnedByEditor ()
virtual void SetCurrentIndex (Int_t)
virtual Int_t GetCurrentIndex ()
virtual Int_t GetNumberOfConditions ()
virtual Int_t GetMemorySize ()
virtual Bool_t IsPolygonType ()
virtual Bool_t IsArrayType ()
void DeletePainter ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from TGo4Condition
static void SetGlobalStyle (Bool_t LABELDRAW, Bool_t LIMITSDRAW, Bool_t INTDRAW, Bool_t XMEANDRAW, Bool_t YMEANDRAW, Bool_t XRMSDRAW, Bool_t YRMSDRAW, Bool_t XMAXDRAW, Bool_t YMAXDRAW, Bool_t CMAXDRAW, const char *NUMFORMAT)
static void GetGlobalStyle (Bool_t &LABELDRAW, Bool_t &LIMITSDRAW, Bool_t &INTDRAW, Bool_t &XMEANDRAW, Bool_t &YMEANDRAW, Bool_t &XRMSDRAW, Bool_t &YRMSDRAW, Bool_t &XMAXDRAW, Bool_t &YMAXDRAW, Bool_t &CMAXDRAW, TString &NUMFORMAT)
- Static Public Attributes inherited from TGo4Condition
static const Double_t fgdUPDATEEPSILON =0.01
static Bool_t fgbLABELDRAW =kTRUE
static Bool_t fgbLIMITSDRAW =kTRUE
static Bool_t fgbINTDRAW =kTRUE
static Bool_t fgbXMEANDRAW =kTRUE
static Bool_t fgbXRMSDRAW =kTRUE
static Bool_t fgbYMEANDRAW =kFALSE
static Bool_t fgbYRMSDRAW =kFALSE
static Bool_t fgbXMAXDRAW =kTRUE
static Bool_t fgbYMAXDRAW =kFALSE
static Bool_t fgbCMAXDRAW =kTRUE
static TString fgxNUMFORMAT ="%.4E"
static TString fgxURL_RESET ="resetcounters"
static TString fgxURL_RESULT ="resultmode"
static TString fgxURL_INVERT ="invertmode"
static TString fgxURL_VISIBLE ="visible"
static TString fgxURL_LABEL ="labeldraw"
static TString fgxURL_LIMITS ="limitsdraw"
static TString fgxURL_INTEGRAL ="intdraw"
static TString fgxURL_XMEAN ="xmeandraw"
static TString fgxURL_XRMS ="xrmsdraw"
static TString fgxURL_YMEAN ="ymeandraw"
static TString fgxURL_YRMS ="yrmsdraw"
static TString fgxURL_XMAX ="xmaxdraw"
static TString fgxURL_YMAX ="ymaxdraw"
static TString fgxURL_CMAX ="cmaxdraw"
- Protected Member Functions inherited from TGo4Condition
void BuildUrlOptionArray (const char *rest_url_opt)
Bool_t UrlOptionHasKey (const char *key)
TString GetUrlOptionAsString (const char *key, TString def_value)
Int_t GetUrlOptionAsInt (const char *key, Int_t def_value)
Double_t GetUrlOptionAsDouble (const char *key, Double_t def_value)
void SetPainted (Bool_t on)
Bool_t IsPainted () const
const char * MakeScript (std::ostream &out, const char *varname, Option_t *opt="", const char *arrextraargs=0)
- Protected Attributes inherited from TGo4Condition
TObjArray * fxUrlOptionArray

Detailed Description

Definition at line 19 of file TGo4CounterCond.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TGo4CounterCond::TGo4CounterCond ( )

Definition at line 16 of file TGo4CounterCond.cxx.

TGo4CounterCond::TGo4CounterCond ( const char *  name,
const char *  title = "TGo4CounterCond" 

Definition at line 21 of file TGo4CounterCond.cxx.

TGo4CounterCond::~TGo4CounterCond ( )

Definition at line 26 of file TGo4CounterCond.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

TGo4CounterCond::ClassDef ( TGo4CounterCond  ,
void TGo4CounterCond::PrintCondition ( Bool_t  full)

Prints counters and boolean members.

Reimplemented from TGo4Condition.

Definition at line 37 of file TGo4CounterCond.cxx.

References TGo4Condition::PrintCondition().

virtual void TGo4CounterCond::SetValues ( )

Set values needed, i.e. limits for windows or cuts for polygons

Reimplemented from TGo4Condition.

Definition at line 27 of file TGo4CounterCond.h.

Bool_t TGo4CounterCond::Test ( Bool_t  result)
Bool_t TGo4CounterCond::UpdateFrom ( TGo4Condition cond,
Bool_t  counts 

Copy values from cond to this. When counts is true, copy also counters.

Reimplemented from TGo4Condition.

Definition at line 42 of file TGo4CounterCond.cxx.

References TGo4Condition::UpdateFrom().

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