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TGo4MbsFile Class Reference

#include <TGo4MbsFile.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for TGo4MbsFile:

Public Member Functions

 TGo4MbsFile (const char *name)
 TGo4MbsFile ()
 TGo4MbsFile (TGo4MbsFileParameter *par)
 ~TGo4MbsFile ()
virtual Int_t Close ()
virtual Int_t Open ()
virtual Int_t NextEvent ()
const char * GetTagName () const
const char * GetCurrentTagName () const
const char * GetCurrentFileName () const
virtual const char * GetActiveName ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from TGo4MbsSource
 TGo4MbsSource ()
 TGo4MbsSource (const char *name, Int_t mode)
 TGo4MbsSource (TGo4MbsSourceParameter *par, Int_t mode)
virtual ~TGo4MbsSource ()
virtual Bool_t CheckEventClass (TClass *cl)
virtual Bool_t BuildEvent (TGo4EventElement *dest)
void BuildMbsEvent (TGo4MbsEvent *target)
TGo4MbsSubEventBuildMbsSubEvent (TGo4MbsEvent *target, Int_t fullID, Short_t *source, Int_t datalength)
void SetStartEvent (UInt_t firstindex)
void SetStopEvent (UInt_t lastindex)
void SetEventInterval (UInt_t skipinterval)
void SetTimeout (Int_t time)
void SetPort (Int_t port)
s_filheGetInfoHeader ()
virtual s_bufheGetBufferHeader ()
void SetPrintEvent (Int_t num=1, Int_t sid=-1, Int_t longw=1, Int_t hexw=1, Int_t dataw=0)
void SetDataCopyMode (Bool_t on)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TGo4EventSource
 TGo4EventSource (const char *name)
virtual ~TGo4EventSource ()
 TGo4EventSource ()
virtual void Clear (Option_t *opt="")
Int_t GetCreateStatus () const
Int_t GetEventStatus () const
const char * GetErrMess () const

Static Public Attributes

static const char * fgcNOTAGFILE ="GO4-NOLMDTAG"
static const char * fgcLMDSUF =".lmd"
static const char * fgcFILELISTSUF =".lml"
- Static Public Attributes inherited from TGo4MbsSource
static const UInt_t fguLONGBYCHAR = sizeof(Int_t) / sizeof(Char_t)
static const UInt_t fguSHORTBYCHAR = sizeof(Short_t) / sizeof(Char_t)
static const UInt_t fguLONGBYSHORT = sizeof(Int_t) / sizeof(Short_t)
static const UInt_t fguEVHEBYCHAR = sizeof(s_evhe) / sizeof(Char_t)
- Static Public Attributes inherited from TGo4EventSource
static const Int_t fgiTIMEOUTDEFAULT =1

Private Member Functions

void AddFileName (const char *name, const char *tagname=0, bool isonly=kFALSE)
Int_t NextFile ()
Int_t OpenFile ()
Int_t CloseFile ()
Int_t NewFileAction (Bool_t dosave=kTRUE)

Private Attributes

TString fxTagFile
TString fxCurrentFile
TString fxCurrentTag
TList * fxMultiFile
Bool_t fbFileOpen
Bool_t fbShowInfo

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from TGo4MbsSource
static void SetPollingMode (Bool_t on=kTRUE)
- Protected Types inherited from TGo4EventSource
enum  { fguTXTLEN = 256 }
- Protected Member Functions inherited from TGo4EventSource
void SetErrMess (const char *txt)
void SetEventStatus (Int_t status)
void SetCreateStatus (Int_t status)
void ThrowError (Int_t creastat, Int_t errstat, const char *message,...)
void ThrowEOF (Int_t creastat, Int_t errstat, const char *message,...)
- Protected Attributes inherited from TGo4MbsSource
Bool_t fbIsOpen
Bool_t fbDataCopyMode
ULong_t fuEventCounter
Bool_t fbFirstEvent
ULong_t fuStartEvent
ULong_t fuStopEvent
ULong_t fuEventInterval
Int_t fiTimeout
Bool_t fbPollingMode
Int_t fiPort
 if true, use short timeout to keep gSystem->ProcessEvents() running More...
TGo4MbsSourcePrintPar fxPrEventPar
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from TGo4MbsSource
static Bool_t gbPollingMode = kFALSE

Detailed Description

Implements the gsi mbs stream server into the go4 classes. This is an alias for the MbsSource Class with parameter GETEVT__FILE

J. Adamczewski

Definition at line 31 of file TGo4MbsFile.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TGo4MbsFile::TGo4MbsFile ( const char *  name)

Definition at line 52 of file TGo4MbsFile.cxx.

References AddFileName(), TGo4Log::Debug(), fgcNOTAGFILE, fxTagFile, GO4TRACE, and Open().

TGo4MbsFile::TGo4MbsFile ( )

Definition at line 40 of file TGo4MbsFile.cxx.

References GO4TRACE.

TGo4MbsFile::TGo4MbsFile ( TGo4MbsFileParameter par)
TGo4MbsFile::~TGo4MbsFile ( )

Definition at line 95 of file TGo4MbsFile.cxx.

References Close(), fxMultiFile, and GO4TRACE.

Member Function Documentation

void TGo4MbsFile::AddFileName ( const char *  name,
const char *  tagname = 0,
bool  isonly = kFALSE 
Int_t TGo4MbsFile::Close ( )

Close the file or connection.

Reimplemented from TGo4MbsSource.

Definition at line 253 of file TGo4MbsFile.cxx.

References CloseFile(), TGo4MbsSource::fbIsOpen, fxMultiFile, TGo4EventSource::GetCreateStatus(), GETEVT__SUCCESS, and GO4TRACE.

Referenced by ~TGo4MbsFile().

Int_t TGo4MbsFile::CloseFile ( )

Close current file/tagfile.

Definition at line 414 of file TGo4MbsFile.cxx.

References f_evt_get_tagclose(), fbFileOpen, TGo4MbsSource::fxInputChannel, and GETEVT__SUCCESS.

Referenced by Close(), and NextFile().

const char * TGo4MbsFile::GetActiveName ( )

interface from eventsource base class to give active file

Reimplemented from TGo4EventSource.

Definition at line 442 of file TGo4MbsFile.cxx.

References GetCurrentFileName().

const char* TGo4MbsFile::GetCurrentFileName ( ) const

Definition at line 56 of file TGo4MbsFile.h.

References fxCurrentFile.

Referenced by GetActiveName(), NewFileAction(), NextEvent(), Open(), and OpenFile().

const char* TGo4MbsFile::GetCurrentTagName ( ) const

Definition at line 54 of file TGo4MbsFile.h.

References fxCurrentTag.

Referenced by NextEvent(), and OpenFile().

const char* TGo4MbsFile::GetTagName ( ) const

Name of the Tagfile

Definition at line 52 of file TGo4MbsFile.h.

References fxTagFile.

Referenced by NextFile().

Int_t TGo4MbsFile::NewFileAction ( Bool_t  dosave = kTRUE)

Called whenever new file is opened in multiple mode. For ctor, argument dosave should be false (no autosave possible inside InitEventClasses())

Definition at line 422 of file TGo4MbsFile.cxx.

References TGo4Analysis::AutoSave(), TGo4Analysis::ClearObjects(), GetCurrentFileName(), TGo4Analysis::Instance(), TGo4Analysis::IsAutoSaveFileChange(), TGo4Analysis::Message(), TGo4Analysis::SetAutoSaveFile(), TGo4Analysis::SetInputFileName(), and TGo4Analysis::SetNewInputFile().

Referenced by NextEvent(), and Open().

Int_t TGo4MbsFile::NextEvent ( )
Int_t TGo4MbsFile::NextFile ( )
Int_t TGo4MbsFile::Open ( )

Open the file or connection.

Reimplemented from TGo4MbsSource.

Definition at line 267 of file TGo4MbsFile.cxx.

References TGo4MbsSource::fbIsOpen, fxMultiFile, GetCurrentFileName(), GO4TRACE, TGo4Log::Info(), NewFileAction(), and NextFile().

Referenced by TGo4MbsFile().

Int_t TGo4MbsFile::OpenFile ( )

Member Data Documentation

Bool_t TGo4MbsFile::fbFileOpen

This indicates if the current file is open or not

Definition at line 102 of file TGo4MbsFile.h.

Referenced by CloseFile(), and OpenFile().

Bool_t TGo4MbsFile::fbShowInfo

Indicates if mbs file should show information about new open file

Definition at line 105 of file TGo4MbsFile.h.

Referenced by NextEvent(), and NextFile().

const char * TGo4MbsFile::fgcFILELISTSUF =".lml"

standard suffix for list of listmode files

Definition at line 68 of file TGo4MbsFile.h.

Referenced by AddFileName().

const char * TGo4MbsFile::fgcLMDSUF =".lmd"

standard suffix for listmode data files

Definition at line 65 of file TGo4MbsFile.h.

const char * TGo4MbsFile::fgcNOTAGFILE ="GO4-NOLMDTAG"

string to indicate that no lmd tagfile is chosen

Definition at line 62 of file TGo4MbsFile.h.

Referenced by AddFileName(), NextFile(), OpenFile(), and TGo4MbsFile().

TString TGo4MbsFile::fxCurrentFile

Currently processed file (for multiple input mode)

Definition at line 92 of file TGo4MbsFile.h.

Referenced by GetCurrentFileName(), and NextFile().

TString TGo4MbsFile::fxCurrentTag

Currently processed tagfile (for multiple input mode)

Definition at line 95 of file TGo4MbsFile.h.

Referenced by GetCurrentTagName(), NextFile(), and OpenFile().

TList* TGo4MbsFile::fxMultiFile

file that contains the list of mbs filenames. format should be: "filename.lmd tagfilename" for each line.

Definition at line 99 of file TGo4MbsFile.h.

Referenced by AddFileName(), Close(), NextEvent(), NextFile(), Open(), and ~TGo4MbsFile().

TString TGo4MbsFile::fxTagFile

Name of the tagfile associated with the listmode event file.

Definition at line 89 of file TGo4MbsFile.h.

Referenced by GetTagName(), and TGo4MbsFile().

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