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TGo4ReplaceException Class Reference

#include <TGo4ReplaceException.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for TGo4ReplaceException:

Public Member Functions

 TGo4ReplaceException (const TGo4ReplaceException &right)
 TGo4ReplaceException (TGo4Runnable *runnable, TGo4Runnable *newrunnable=0, const char *oldthreadname=0)
virtual ~TGo4ReplaceException ()
TGo4ReplaceExceptionoperator= (const TGo4ReplaceException &right)
virtual Int_t Handle ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from TGo4ThreadException
 TGo4ThreadException (const TGo4ThreadException &right)
 TGo4ThreadException (TGo4Runnable *runnable, const char *threadname=0)
virtual ~TGo4ThreadException ()
TGo4ThreadExceptionoperator= (const TGo4ThreadException &right)
const char * GetThreadName ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from TGo4ControlException
 TGo4ControlException ()
 TGo4ControlException (const TGo4ControlException &right)
virtual ~TGo4ControlException ()
TGo4ControlExceptionoperator= (const TGo4ControlException &right)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TGo4RuntimeException
 TGo4RuntimeException ()
 TGo4RuntimeException (const TGo4RuntimeException &right)
virtual ~TGo4RuntimeException ()
TGo4RuntimeExceptionoperator= (const TGo4RuntimeException &right)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TGo4Exception
 TGo4Exception ()
 TGo4Exception (const TGo4Exception &right)
virtual ~TGo4Exception ()
TGo4Exceptionoperator= (const TGo4Exception &right)
virtual const char * What ()

Protected Attributes

- Protected Attributes inherited from TGo4ThreadException
TString fxThreadName
- Protected Attributes inherited from TGo4Exception
TString fxDescription

Private Member Functions

 TGo4ReplaceException ()

Detailed Description

Exception with the effect of removing old TGo4Thread from TGo4ThreadHandler and creating and starting new TGo4Thread with new runnable fxNewRunnable. If threadname is not specified in ctor, the thread of the first runnable given (usually the calling runnable) is replaced; if new runnable is not given, the thread of the calling runnable will be removed and a new thread with the calling runnable will be created, added to the handler list and started

J. Adamczewski
Go4 project-DVEE-GSI Darmstadt
jul 2000-oct 2001

Definition at line 38 of file TGo4ReplaceException.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TGo4ReplaceException::TGo4ReplaceException ( const TGo4ReplaceException right)

Definition at line 23 of file TGo4ReplaceException.cxx.

References fxNewRunnable, and GO4TRACE.

TGo4ReplaceException::TGo4ReplaceException ( TGo4Runnable runnable,
TGo4Runnable newrunnable = 0,
const char *  oldthreadname = 0 

Definition at line 30 of file TGo4ReplaceException.cxx.

References TGo4Exception::fxDescription, fxNewRunnable, and GO4TRACE.

TGo4ReplaceException::~TGo4ReplaceException ( )

Definition at line 50 of file TGo4ReplaceException.cxx.

References GO4TRACE.

TGo4ReplaceException::TGo4ReplaceException ( )

Member Function Documentation

Int_t TGo4ReplaceException::Handle ( )
TGo4ReplaceException & TGo4ReplaceException::operator= ( const TGo4ReplaceException right)

Member Data Documentation

TGo4Runnable* TGo4ReplaceException::fxNewRunnable

Definition at line 51 of file TGo4ReplaceException.h.

Referenced by Handle(), operator=(), and TGo4ReplaceException().

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