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TGo4Slot Class Reference

#include <TGo4Slot.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for TGo4Slot:

Public Types

enum  {
  evDelete = 0, evCreate = 1, evObjAssigned = 2, evContAssigned = 3,
  evObjUpdated = 4, evSubslotUpdated = 5, evObjDeleted = 6
 counts number of object assignment More...

Public Member Functions

 TGo4Slot ()
 TGo4Slot (TGo4Slot *parent)
 TGo4Slot (TGo4Slot *parent, const char *name, const char *title)
virtual ~TGo4Slot ()
TGo4SlotGetParent () const
void SetParent (TGo4Slot *parent)
Bool_t IsParent (const TGo4Slot *slot) const
virtual void ProduceFullName (TString &name, TGo4Slot *toparent=0)
TString GetFullName (TGo4Slot *toparent=0)
virtual TGo4ObjectManagerGetOM () const
const char * GetInfo ()
Int_t GetSizeInfo ()
void SetPar (const char *name, const char *value)
const char * GetPar (const char *name) const
void RemovePar (const char *name)
void SetIntPar (const char *name, Int_t value)
Bool_t GetIntPar (const char *name, Int_t &value)
void PrintPars (Int_t level=3)
Int_t NumChilds () const
TGo4SlotGetChild (Int_t n) const
TGo4SlotFindChild (const char *name)
Int_t GetIndexOf (TGo4Slot *child)
TGo4SlotGetNextChild (TGo4Slot *child)
TGo4SlotGetNext ()
void DeleteChild (const char *name)
void DeleteChilds (const char *startedwith=0)
virtual void Delete (Option_t *opt="")
TGo4SlotDefineSubSlot (const char *name, const char *&subname) const
TGo4SlotGetSlot (const char *name, Bool_t force=kFALSE)
TGo4SlotFindSlot (const char *fullpath, const char **subname=0)
Bool_t ShiftSlotBefore (TGo4Slot *slot, TGo4Slot *before)
Bool_t ShiftSlotAfter (TGo4Slot *slot, TGo4Slot *after)
void SetProxy (TGo4Proxy *cont)
TGo4ProxyGetProxy () const
Int_t GetSlotKind () const
const char * GetSlotClassName () const
Bool_t IsAcceptObject (TClass *cl)
Bool_t AssignObject (TObject *obj, Bool_t owner)
TObject * GetAssignedObject ()
virtual void Update (Bool_t strong=kFALSE)
Int_t GetAssignFlag () const
void ResetAssignFlag ()
Int_t GetAssignCnt () const
Bool_t HasSubLevels () const
Bool_t HasSlotsSubLevels () const
TGo4LevelIterMakeLevelIter () const
TGo4AccessProvideSlotAccess (const char *name)
void SaveData (TDirectory *dir, Bool_t onlyobjs=kFALSE)
void ReadData (TDirectory *dir)
virtual void Event (TGo4Slot *source, Int_t id, void *param=0)
void ForwardEvent (TGo4Slot *source, Int_t id, void *param=0)
virtual void RecursiveRemove (TObject *obj)
virtual void Print (Option_t *option) const
Bool_t DoingDelete () const
 ClassDef (TGo4Slot, 1)

Static Public Member Functions

static const char * FindFolderSeparator (const char *name)
static void ProduceFolderAndName (const char *fullname, TString &foldername, TString &objectname)

Protected Types

enum  ESlotBits { kStartDelete = BIT(23) }

Protected Member Functions

void CleanProxy ()
void AddChild (TGo4Slot *child)
void RemoveChild (TGo4Slot *child)

Protected Attributes

TObjArray * fChilds
TObjArray fPars
Int_t fAssignFlag
Int_t fAssignCnt
 use in object manager to poll until object is assigned More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 25 of file TGo4Slot.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

anonymous enum

counts number of object assignment


Definition at line 45 of file TGo4Slot.h.

enum TGo4Slot::ESlotBits

Definition at line 28 of file TGo4Slot.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TGo4Slot::TGo4Slot ( )

Definition at line 61 of file TGo4Slot.cxx.

References kStartDelete.

Referenced by GetSlot(), and TGo4ObjectManager::MakeObjSlot().

TGo4Slot::TGo4Slot ( TGo4Slot parent)

Definition at line 73 of file TGo4Slot.cxx.

References AddChild(), evCreate, Event(), and kStartDelete.

TGo4Slot::TGo4Slot ( TGo4Slot parent,
const char *  name,
const char *  title 

Definition at line 90 of file TGo4Slot.cxx.

References AddChild(), evCreate, Event(), and kStartDelete.

TGo4Slot::~TGo4Slot ( )

Member Function Documentation

void TGo4Slot::AddChild ( TGo4Slot child)

Definition at line 553 of file TGo4Slot.cxx.

References fChilds.

Referenced by TGo4Slot().

Bool_t TGo4Slot::AssignObject ( TObject *  obj,
Bool_t  owner 
TGo4Slot::ClassDef ( TGo4Slot  ,
void TGo4Slot::CleanProxy ( )

Definition at line 300 of file TGo4Slot.cxx.

References TGo4Proxy::Finalize(), and fProxy.

Referenced by ReadData(), SetProxy(), and ~TGo4Slot().

TGo4Slot * TGo4Slot::DefineSubSlot ( const char *  name,
const char *&  subname 
) const

Definition at line 447 of file TGo4Slot.cxx.

References GetChild(), and NumChilds().

Referenced by FindSlot(), GetSlot(), and ProvideSlotAccess().

void TGo4Slot::Delete ( Option_t *  opt = "")
void TGo4Slot::DeleteChild ( const char *  name)

Definition at line 204 of file TGo4Slot.cxx.

References DoingDelete(), fChilds, FindChild(), and NumChilds().

void TGo4Slot::DeleteChilds ( const char *  startedwith = 0)
Bool_t TGo4Slot::DoingDelete ( ) const

Definition at line 125 of file TGo4Slot.h.

References kStartDelete.

Referenced by Delete(), DeleteChild(), DeleteChilds(), and TGo4LinkProxy::Finalize().

void TGo4Slot::Event ( TGo4Slot source,
Int_t  id,
void *  param = 0 
TGo4Slot * TGo4Slot::FindChild ( const char *  name)
const char * TGo4Slot::FindFolderSeparator ( const char *  name)

Definition at line 659 of file TGo4Slot.cxx.

Referenced by ProduceFolderAndName().

TGo4Slot * TGo4Slot::FindSlot ( const char *  fullpath,
const char **  subname = 0 
void TGo4Slot::ForwardEvent ( TGo4Slot source,
Int_t  id,
void *  param = 0 
Int_t TGo4Slot::GetAssignCnt ( ) const

Definition at line 104 of file TGo4Slot.h.

References fAssignCnt.

Referenced by TGo4HttpProxy::ProcessUpdateTimer().

TObject * TGo4Slot::GetAssignedObject ( )

Definition at line 370 of file TGo4Slot.cxx.

References fProxy, and TGo4Proxy::GetAssignedObject().

Referenced by TGo4ViewPanel::CheckForSpecialObjects(), TGo4ViewPanel::CheckObjectsAssigments(), TGo4BrowserProxy::CheckPictureMonitor(), TGo4BrowserProxy::ClearMemoryItem(), TGo4ViewPanel::CollectMainDrawObjects(), TGo4ViewPanel::CollectSpecialObjects(), TGo4Browser::ContextMenuActivated(), TGo4BrowserProxy::DefineFileObject(), TGo4ViewPanel::DeleteDrawObject(), TGo4MainWindow::editorServiceSlot(), TGo4ViewPanel::GetActiveObj(), TGo4Interface::GetAnalStatus(), TGo4LinkProxy::GetAssignedObject(), TGo4BrowserProxy::GetBrowserObject(), TGo4ViewPanel::GetDrawObject(), TGo4ViewPanel::GetDrawObjectLinkName(), TGo4ViewPanel::GetPadHistogram(), TGo4ViewPanel::GetPadMainObject(), TGo4ViewPanel::GetPadMainObjectSlot(), TGo4ViewPanel::GetPadOptions(), TGo4ViewPanel::GetSelectedObject(), TGo4ViewPanel::GetSelectedSlot(), TGo4ViewPanel::GetSlotPad(), TGo4DrawCloneProxy::Initialize(), TGo4Browser::ListView_customContextMenuRequested(), TGo4ViewPanel::LogMarkerValues(), TGo4ViewPanel::MakePictureForPad(), TGo4ViewPanel::MenuCommandExecutedSlot(), TGo4ViewPanel::PadClickedSlot(), TGo4RootBrowserProxy::ProcessEvent(), TGo4WidgetProxy::ProcessEvent(), TGo4DrawCloneProxy::ProcessEvent(), TGo4ViewPanel::ProcessPadRedraw(), TGo4HttpProxy::ProcessRegularMultiRequest(), TGo4HttpProxy::ProcessUpdateTimer(), TGo4BrowserProxy::ProduceExplicitCopy(), TGo4ViewPanel::ProduceSuperimposeObject(), TGo4ViewPanel::RedrawLegend(), TGo4ViewPanel::RedrawSpecialObjects(), TGo4ViewPanel::RefreshButtons(), TGo4BrowserProxy::RenameMemoryItem(), TGo4BrowserProxy::SaveItemToFile(), TGo4ViewPanel::SetConditionBtn_clicked(), TGo4ViewPanel::SetSelectedMarkerByMouseClick(), TGo4Browser::SetViewItemProperties(), TGo4AnalysisProxy::SubmitAnalysisSettings(), TGo4HttpProxy::SubmitAnalysisSettings(), TGo4BrowserProxy::SyncBrowserSlots(), TGo4MBSViewer::TrendHisto(), TGo4BrowserProxy::UpdateObjectInFile(), and TGo4FitPanel::UpdateObjectReferenceInSlot().

Int_t TGo4Slot::GetAssignFlag ( ) const

Definition at line 102 of file TGo4Slot.h.

References fAssignFlag.

Referenced by TGo4ObjectManager::RequestObject().

TGo4Slot* TGo4Slot::GetChild ( Int_t  n) const
TString TGo4Slot::GetFullName ( TGo4Slot toparent = 0)
Int_t TGo4Slot::GetIndexOf ( TGo4Slot child)
const char * TGo4Slot::GetInfo ( )

Definition at line 326 of file TGo4Slot.cxx.

References fProxy, and TGo4Proxy::GetContainedObjectInfo().

Referenced by TGo4SlotIter::info().

Bool_t TGo4Slot::GetIntPar ( const char *  name,
Int_t &  value 
TGo4Slot * TGo4Slot::GetNext ( )

Definition at line 271 of file TGo4Slot.cxx.

References GetNextChild(), and GetParent().

Referenced by TGo4BrowserProxy::SyncBrowserSlots().

TGo4Slot * TGo4Slot::GetNextChild ( TGo4Slot child)

Definition at line 251 of file TGo4Slot.cxx.

References GetChild(), and NumChilds().

Referenced by GetNext().

TGo4ObjectManager * TGo4Slot::GetOM ( ) const
const char * TGo4Slot::GetPar ( const char *  name) const
TGo4Slot* TGo4Slot::GetParent ( ) const
TGo4Proxy* TGo4Slot::GetProxy ( ) const
Int_t TGo4Slot::GetSizeInfo ( )

Definition at line 335 of file TGo4Slot.cxx.

References fProxy, and TGo4Proxy::GetObjectSizeInfo().

Referenced by TGo4SlotIter::sizeinfo().

TGo4Slot * TGo4Slot::GetSlot ( const char *  name,
Bool_t  force = kFALSE 

Definition at line 467 of file TGo4Slot.cxx.

References DefineSubSlot(), GetSlot(), and TGo4Slot().

Referenced by TGo4ObjectManager::AddLink(), TGo4ObjectManager::AddROOTFolders(), TGo4ObjectManager::AssignObject(), TGo4BrowserProxy::BrowserSlot(), TGo4MainWindow::checkPanelRepaintSlot(), TGo4ObjectManager::CloseFiles(), TGo4BrowserProxy::CreateMemorySubfolder(), TGo4BrowserProxy::DataSlot(), TGo4BrowserProxy::DefineLeafName(), TGo4BrowserProxy::DefineRelatedObject(), TGo4BrowserProxy::DefineTreeName(), TGo4ObjectManager::DeleteSlot(), TGo4MainWindow::editorServiceSlot(), TGo4MainWindow::FindGo4Widget(), TGo4BrowserProxy::FindServerSlot(), FindSlot(), TGo4MainWindow::FindViewPanel(), TGo4BrowserProxy::GetBrowserObject(), TGo4ObjectManager::GetProxy(), GetSlot(), TGo4MainWindow::GetWidgetTopSlot(), TGo4BrowserProxy::Initialize(), TGo4BrowserProxy::ItemSlot(), TGo4BrowserProxy::MakeDabcList(), TGo4BrowserProxy::MakeFilesList(), TGo4ObjectManager::MakeFolder(), TGo4BrowserProxy::MakeHServerList(), TGo4BrowserProxy::MakeHttpList(), TGo4MainWindow::MakeNewPanel(), TGo4ObjectManager::MakeObjSlot(), TGo4BrowserProxy::PerformTreeDraw(), TGo4DabcAccess::ProcessCommandReply(), TGo4BrowserProxy::ProduceExplicitCopy(), TGo4HServProxy::ProvideAccess(), TGo4LinkProxy::ReadData(), TGo4HServProxy::RefreshNamesList(), TGo4ObjectManager::RequestObject(), TGo4BrowserProxy::SaveToMemory(), TGo4BrowserProxy::SyncBrowserSlots(), TGo4BrowserProxy::UpdateBrowserContent(), and TGo4BrowserProxy::UpdateVisibleAnalysisObjects().

const char * TGo4Slot::GetSlotClassName ( ) const
Int_t TGo4Slot::GetSlotKind ( ) const
Bool_t TGo4Slot::HasSlotsSubLevels ( ) const

Definition at line 392 of file TGo4Slot.cxx.

References NumChilds().

Referenced by HasSubLevels(), TGo4HServIter::isfolder(), and TGo4SlotIter::isslotsfolder().

Bool_t TGo4Slot::HasSubLevels ( ) const

Definition at line 385 of file TGo4Slot.cxx.

References fProxy, HasSlotsSubLevels(), TGo4Proxy::HasSublevels(), and TGo4Proxy::Use().

Referenced by TGo4SlotIter::isfolder().

Bool_t TGo4Slot::IsAcceptObject ( TClass *  cl)

Definition at line 353 of file TGo4Slot.cxx.

References fProxy, and TGo4Proxy::IsAcceptObject().

Referenced by TGo4LinkProxy::IsAcceptObject().

Bool_t TGo4Slot::IsParent ( const TGo4Slot slot) const
TGo4LevelIter * TGo4Slot::MakeLevelIter ( ) const
Int_t TGo4Slot::NumChilds ( ) const
void TGo4Slot::Print ( Option_t *  option) const
void TGo4Slot::PrintPars ( Int_t  level = 3)

Definition at line 650 of file TGo4Slot.cxx.

References fPars.

void TGo4Slot::ProduceFolderAndName ( const char *  fullname,
TString &  foldername,
TString &  objectname 
void TGo4Slot::ProduceFullName ( TString &  name,
TGo4Slot toparent = 0 
TGo4Access * TGo4Slot::ProvideSlotAccess ( const char *  name)
void TGo4Slot::ReadData ( TDirectory *  dir)

Definition at line 432 of file TGo4Slot.cxx.

References CleanProxy(), GetPar(), TGo4Proxy::ReadData(), and SetProxy().

Referenced by TGo4ObjectManager::ReadDataFromFile().

void TGo4Slot::RecursiveRemove ( TObject *  obj)

Reimplemented in TGo4ObjectManager.

Definition at line 590 of file TGo4Slot.cxx.

References fProxy, and TGo4Proxy::RemoveRegisteredObject().

Referenced by TGo4ObjectManager::RecursiveRemove().

void TGo4Slot::RemoveChild ( TGo4Slot child)

Definition at line 560 of file TGo4Slot.cxx.

References fChilds.

Referenced by ~TGo4Slot().

void TGo4Slot::RemovePar ( const char *  name)
void TGo4Slot::ResetAssignFlag ( )

Definition at line 103 of file TGo4Slot.h.

Referenced by TGo4ObjectManager::RequestObject().

void TGo4Slot::SaveData ( TDirectory *  dir,
Bool_t  onlyobjs = kFALSE 

Definition at line 426 of file TGo4Slot.cxx.

References fProxy, and TGo4Proxy::WriteData().

Referenced by TGo4ObjectManager::SaveDataToFile().

void TGo4Slot::SetIntPar ( const char *  name,
Int_t  value 
void TGo4Slot::SetPar ( const char *  name,
const char *  value 
void TGo4Slot::SetParent ( TGo4Slot parent)

Definition at line 59 of file TGo4Slot.h.

void TGo4Slot::SetProxy ( TGo4Proxy cont)
Bool_t TGo4Slot::ShiftSlotAfter ( TGo4Slot slot,
TGo4Slot after 

Definition at line 537 of file TGo4Slot.cxx.

References fChilds.

Referenced by TGo4ViewPanel::ShiftSelectedObjectToEnd().

Bool_t TGo4Slot::ShiftSlotBefore ( TGo4Slot slot,
TGo4Slot before 

Definition at line 521 of file TGo4Slot.cxx.

References fChilds.

Referenced by TGo4BrowserProxy::SyncBrowserSlots().

void TGo4Slot::Update ( Bool_t  strong = kFALSE)

Member Data Documentation

Int_t TGo4Slot::fAssignCnt

use in object manager to poll until object is assigned

Definition at line 42 of file TGo4Slot.h.

Referenced by AssignObject(), and GetAssignCnt().

Int_t TGo4Slot::fAssignFlag

Definition at line 41 of file TGo4Slot.h.

Referenced by AssignObject(), and GetAssignFlag().

TObjArray* TGo4Slot::fChilds
TGo4Slot* TGo4Slot::fParent

Definition at line 37 of file TGo4Slot.h.

Referenced by GetParent(), and ~TGo4Slot().

TObjArray TGo4Slot::fPars

Definition at line 39 of file TGo4Slot.h.

Referenced by GetPar(), PrintPars(), RemovePar(), SetPar(), and ~TGo4Slot().

TGo4Proxy* TGo4Slot::fProxy

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