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TGo4Style Class Reference

#include <TGo4Style.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for TGo4Style:

Public Slots

virtual void SetPadColor ()
virtual void SetPalette (int t)
virtual void SetNamedPalette (int i)
virtual void SetContourLevels (int nlvl)
virtual void panelSlot (TGo4ViewPanel *panel, TPad *pad, int signalid)

Public Member Functions

 TGo4Style (QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0, Qt::WindowFlags fl=Qt::Widget)
virtual void SetPaletteRange (int min, int def, int max)

Protected Member Functions

Go4_Palette_t CodePalette (int i)
int DecodePalette (Go4_Palette_t key)
void RefreshPaletteText (int min, int max)

Protected Attributes

bool fbMenuLock
bool fbSettingPanelData

Detailed Description

Definition at line 116 of file TGo4Style.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TGo4Style::TGo4Style ( QWidget *  parent = 0,
const char *  name = 0,
Qt::WindowFlags  fl = Qt::Widget 

Member Function Documentation

Go4_Palette_t TGo4Style::CodePalette ( int  i)

Transform ROOT palette index in named palette combobox index

Definition at line 198 of file TGo4Style.cpp.

References Go4_Default, Go4_None, GO4NAMEDPAL_MAX, and GO4NAMEDPAL_MIN.

Referenced by SetNamedPalette(), and SetPalette().

int TGo4Style::DecodePalette ( Go4_Palette_t  key)

Transform combobox index to ROOT palette index

Definition at line 210 of file TGo4Style.cpp.

References Go4_Default, Go4_None, and GO4NAMEDPAL_MIN.

Referenced by RefreshPaletteText(), and SetNamedPalette().

void TGo4Style::panelSlot ( TGo4ViewPanel panel,
TPad *  pad,
int  signalid 
void TGo4Style::RefreshPaletteText ( int  min,
int  max 

Change selection menu entries according to index range

Definition at line 131 of file TGo4Style.cpp.

References DecodePalette(), GO4NAMEDPAL_MAX, and GO4NAMEDPAL_MIN.

Referenced by SetPaletteRange().

void TGo4Style::SetContourLevels ( int  nlvl)
void TGo4Style::SetNamedPalette ( int  i)

Definition at line 174 of file TGo4Style.cpp.

References CodePalette(), DecodePalette(), and fbMenuLock.

Referenced by TGo4Style().

void TGo4Style::SetPadColor ( )
void TGo4Style::SetPalette ( int  t)
void TGo4Style::SetPaletteRange ( int  min,
int  def,
int  max 

Set default palette and minimum maximum indices

Definition at line 119 of file TGo4Style.cpp.

References RefreshPaletteText(), and SetPalette().

Referenced by TGo4Style().

Member Data Documentation

bool TGo4Style::fbMenuLock

Definition at line 150 of file TGo4Style.h.

Referenced by SetNamedPalette(), and SetPalette().

bool TGo4Style::fbSettingPanelData

Definition at line 152 of file TGo4Style.h.

Referenced by panelSlot(), and SetContourLevels().

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