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TGo4TaskManager Class Reference

#include <TGo4TaskManager.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TGo4TaskManager (const char *name, TGo4ServerTask *server, UInt_t negotiationport=0, Bool_t createconnector=kTRUE)
virtual ~TGo4TaskManager ()
Int_t ServeClient ()
Go4CommandMode_t ClientLogin ()
Int_t ConnectClient (const char *client, const char *host, Go4CommandMode_t role=kGo4ComModeController)
Int_t DisConnectClient (const char *name, Bool_t clientwait=kTRUE)
Int_t DisConnectClient (TGo4TaskHandler *taskhandler, Bool_t clientwait=kTRUE)
Bool_t AddClient (const char *client, const char *host, Go4CommandMode_t role)
Bool_t AddTaskHandler (TGo4TaskHandler *han)
TGo4TaskHandlerNewTaskHandler (const char *name)
Bool_t RemoveTaskHandler (const char *name)
TGo4TaskHandlerGetTaskHandler (const char *name)
TGo4TaskHandlerGetLastTaskHandler ()
TGo4TaskHandlerNextTaskHandler (Bool_t reset=kFALSE)
TMutex * GetMutex ()
UInt_t GetTaskCount () const
UInt_t GetNegotiationPort ()
Int_t WaitForClientRemoved ()
Bool_t HasControllerTask ()

Static Public Attributes

static const Int_t fgiDISCONCYCLES =360
static const UInt_t fguDISCONTIME =500

Private Member Functions

 TGo4TaskManager ()
 TGo4TaskManager (const TGo4TaskManager &right)

Private Attributes

TObjArray * fxTaskList
TMutex * fxListMutex
TIterator * fxTaskIter
UInt_t fuTaskCount
UInt_t fuNegotiationPort
Bool_t fbClientIsRemoved
Bool_t fbHasControllerConnection

Detailed Description

Definition at line 27 of file TGo4TaskManager.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TGo4TaskManager::TGo4TaskManager ( const char *  name,
TGo4ServerTask server,
UInt_t  negotiationport = 0,
Bool_t  createconnector = kTRUE 
TGo4TaskManager::~TGo4TaskManager ( )

Definition at line 69 of file TGo4TaskManager.cxx.

References TGo4Socket::Close(), fxListMutex, fxTaskIter, fxTaskList, and fxTransport.

TGo4TaskManager::TGo4TaskManager ( )
TGo4TaskManager::TGo4TaskManager ( const TGo4TaskManager right)

Member Function Documentation

Bool_t TGo4TaskManager::AddClient ( const char *  client,
const char *  host,
Go4CommandMode_t  role 
Bool_t TGo4TaskManager::AddTaskHandler ( TGo4TaskHandler han)

adds external task handler to array

Definition at line 399 of file TGo4TaskManager.cxx.

References fxListMutex, and fxTaskList.

Referenced by NewTaskHandler().

Go4CommandMode_t TGo4TaskManager::ClientLogin ( )
Int_t TGo4TaskManager::ConnectClient ( const char *  client,
const char *  host,
Go4CommandMode_t  role = kGo4ComModeController 

used by connector runnable to wait for a client request to connect to this server task. May specify mode of allowed commands in case of client is master.

Definition at line 300 of file TGo4TaskManager.cxx.

References AddClient().

Referenced by ServeClient().

Int_t TGo4TaskManager::DisConnectClient ( const char *  name,
Bool_t  clientwait = kTRUE 

disonnect an existing client by name, wait for negotiation OK if clientwait is true

Definition at line 310 of file TGo4TaskManager.cxx.

References GetTaskHandler(), and TGo4Log::Info().

Referenced by TGo4ServerTask::RemoveClient(), and ServeClient().

Int_t TGo4TaskManager::DisConnectClient ( TGo4TaskHandler taskhandler,
Bool_t  clientwait = kTRUE 
TGo4TaskHandler * TGo4TaskManager::GetLastTaskHandler ( )

returns last task handler in list

Definition at line 479 of file TGo4TaskManager.cxx.

References fxListMutex, and fxTaskList.

Referenced by TGo4ServerTask::SetCurrentTask().

TMutex* TGo4TaskManager::GetMutex ( )
UInt_t TGo4TaskManager::GetNegotiationPort ( )

returns the portnumber for client server negotiation port which is actually used by the running taskmanager

Definition at line 523 of file TGo4TaskManager.cxx.

References fuNegotiationPort, fxTransport, and TGo4Socket::GetPort().

Referenced by TGo4AnalysisProxy::ConnectorPort(), TGo4AnalysisProxy::LaunchAsClient(), ServeClient(), and TGo4ServerTask::StopConnectorThread().

UInt_t TGo4TaskManager::GetTaskCount ( ) const

Number of entries in taskhandler list, i.e. number of connected clients

Definition at line 106 of file TGo4TaskManager.h.

References fuTaskCount.

TGo4TaskHandler * TGo4TaskManager::GetTaskHandler ( const char *  name)

returns certain task handler by name

Definition at line 469 of file TGo4TaskManager.cxx.

References fxListMutex, and fxTaskList.

Referenced by DisConnectClient(), TGo4ServerTask::GetTaskHandler(), and TGo4ServerTask::SetCurrentTask().

Bool_t TGo4TaskManager::HasControllerTask ( )

Definition at line 118 of file TGo4TaskManager.h.

References fbHasControllerConnection.

TGo4TaskHandler * TGo4TaskManager::NewTaskHandler ( const char *  name)

creates new task handler with given name and adds it into array

Definition at line 421 of file TGo4TaskManager.cxx.

References AddTaskHandler(), fxServer, TGo4Task::IsMaster(), and TGo4TaskHandler::TGo4TaskHandler().

Referenced by AddClient().

TGo4TaskHandler * TGo4TaskManager::NextTaskHandler ( Bool_t  reset = kFALSE)

For iteration over all connected task handlers. If reset is true, internal iterator will be reset. Otherwies, continue iterating list until last entry. Returns 0 when iteration finishes.

Definition at line 489 of file TGo4TaskManager.cxx.

References fxListMutex, and fxTaskIter.

Referenced by TGo4ServerTask::NextCommand(), TGo4ServerTask::RemoveAllClients(), TGo4ServerTask::SendStatus(), and TGo4ServerTask::SendStatusBuffer().

Bool_t TGo4TaskManager::RemoveTaskHandler ( const char *  name)

removes task handler from array by name

Definition at line 432 of file TGo4TaskManager.cxx.

References fxListMutex, fxServer, fxTaskList, TGo4ServerTask::GetCurrentTaskHandler(), TGo4ServerTask::SetCurrentTask(), and TGo4Task::StartWorkThreads().

Referenced by AddClient(), and DisConnectClient().

Int_t TGo4TaskManager::ServeClient ( )
Int_t TGo4TaskManager::WaitForClientRemoved ( )

Member Data Documentation

Bool_t TGo4TaskManager::fbClientIsRemoved

True if the last specified client is removed from server. flag is set by connector thread who performs the DisconnectClient of TaskManager; is reset by WaitForClientRemoved method.

Definition at line 169 of file TGo4TaskManager.h.

Referenced by DisConnectClient(), and WaitForClientRemoved().

Bool_t TGo4TaskManager::fbHasControllerConnection

true if this server already has one connection to a master client that has the controller role. Only one controller or administrator taskhandler is allowed per server.

Definition at line 174 of file TGo4TaskManager.h.

Referenced by AddClient(), ClientLogin(), DisConnectClient(), and HasControllerTask().

const Int_t TGo4TaskManager::fgiDISCONCYCLES =360

cycles to wait for client disconnection

Definition at line 123 of file TGo4TaskManager.h.

Referenced by WaitForClientRemoved().

const UInt_t TGo4TaskManager::fguDISCONTIME =500

time for each disonnection wait cycle

Definition at line 128 of file TGo4TaskManager.h.

Referenced by WaitForClientRemoved().

UInt_t TGo4TaskManager::fuNegotiationPort

port number for the server client negotiation connections

Definition at line 162 of file TGo4TaskManager.h.

Referenced by GetNegotiationPort(), ServeClient(), and TGo4TaskManager().

UInt_t TGo4TaskManager::fuTaskCount

1..* 1 TObjArray

Definition at line 157 of file TGo4TaskManager.h.

Referenced by AddClient(), DisConnectClient(), and GetTaskCount().

TMutex* TGo4TaskManager::fxListMutex
TGo4ServerTask* TGo4TaskManager::fxServer
TIterator* TGo4TaskManager::fxTaskIter

Iterator over list of tasks.

Definition at line 149 of file TGo4TaskManager.h.

Referenced by NextTaskHandler(), TGo4TaskManager(), and ~TGo4TaskManager().

TObjArray* TGo4TaskManager::fxTaskList
TGo4Socket* TGo4TaskManager::fxTransport

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