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TGo4ThreadManager Class Reference

#include <TGo4ThreadManager.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for TGo4ThreadManager:

Public Types

enum  { fguTEXTLENGTH = 256 }

Public Member Functions

 TGo4ThreadManager (const TGo4ThreadManager &right)
 TGo4ThreadManager (const char *name, Bool_t blockingmode=kTRUE, Bool_t autostart=kTRUE, Bool_t autocreate=kTRUE)
virtual ~TGo4ThreadManager ()
void SetTimer (TGo4AppControlTimer *ctrltimer)
TGo4ThreadHandlerGetWorkHandler () const
Bool_t BlockApp ()
Bool_t UnBlockApp (Int_t mode=0)
virtual Int_t Initialization ()
Bool_t IsInitDone () const
Bool_t IsTerminating () const
Bool_t IsTerminateApp () const
Bool_t IsAppBlocking () const
Bool_t IsBeingQuit () const
void SetBeingQuit (Bool_t on)
void Launch ()
virtual void Terminate (Bool_t termapp=kTRUE)
virtual void TerminateFast ()

Static Public Attributes

static const Long_t fglTIMERPERIOD = 200

Protected Attributes

Bool_t fbInitDone
Bool_t fbTerminating
Bool_t fbTerminateApplication
Bool_t fbAppBlocking
Bool_t fbAutoCreate
Bool_t fbAutoStart
Int_t fbBeingQuit

Private Member Functions

 TGo4ThreadManager ()

Detailed Description

Base class for classes that shall be accessed from a thread /runnable instance

J. Adamczewski(at)
Go4 project-DVEE-GSI Darmstadt
jul 2000-oct 2001

Definition at line 30 of file TGo4ThreadManager.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

anonymous enum

Default textlength for char arrays


Definition at line 99 of file TGo4ThreadManager.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TGo4ThreadManager::TGo4ThreadManager ( const TGo4ThreadManager right)

Definition at line 25 of file TGo4ThreadManager.cxx.

References fxBlocker, fxWorkHandler, and GO4TRACE.

TGo4ThreadManager::TGo4ThreadManager ( const char *  name,
Bool_t  blockingmode = kTRUE,
Bool_t  autostart = kTRUE,
Bool_t  autocreate = kTRUE 

ctor parameters: blockingmode=true: gApplication is blocked by timer autostart=true: all thread runnables start their work on Initialization() autocreate=true: all threads added to handler in threadmanager ctor are created on Launch()

Definition at line 36 of file TGo4ThreadManager.cxx.

References TGo4Log::Debug(), fbAppBlocking, fbAutoCreate, fbAutoStart, fglTIMERPERIOD, fxBlocker, fxWorkHandler, and GO4TRACE.

TGo4ThreadManager::~TGo4ThreadManager ( )

Definition at line 72 of file TGo4ThreadManager.cxx.

References fxWorkHandler, and GO4TRACE.

TGo4ThreadManager::TGo4ThreadManager ( )

Member Function Documentation

Bool_t TGo4ThreadManager::BlockApp ( )
TGo4ThreadHandler* TGo4ThreadManager::GetWorkHandler ( ) const
Int_t TGo4ThreadManager::Initialization ( )
Bool_t TGo4ThreadManager::IsAppBlocking ( ) const

Returns true if threadmanager works in root system blocking mode

Definition at line 71 of file TGo4ThreadManager.h.

References fbAppBlocking.

Bool_t TGo4ThreadManager::IsBeingQuit ( ) const

Returns true if threadmanager works in root system blocking mode

Definition at line 75 of file TGo4ThreadManager.h.

References fbBeingQuit.

Referenced by TGo4TaskOwner::IsBeingQuit().

Bool_t TGo4ThreadManager::IsInitDone ( ) const

Definition at line 63 of file TGo4ThreadManager.h.

References fbInitDone.

Bool_t TGo4ThreadManager::IsTerminateApp ( ) const

Definition at line 68 of file TGo4ThreadManager.h.

References fbTerminateApplication.

Referenced by TGo4AppControlTimer::Notify().

Bool_t TGo4ThreadManager::IsTerminating ( ) const
void TGo4ThreadManager::Launch ( )

This Method has to be called to create the startup threads and to turn on the application control timer. Usually this is done at the end of the user's threadmanager constructor. The idea is that no thread should be started unless the user initializations are done; therefore, its up to the user to define when to Launch.

Definition at line 214 of file TGo4ThreadManager.cxx.

References TGo4ThreadHandler::CreateAll(), fbAutoCreate, fxBlocker, fxWorkHandler, and GO4TRACE.

Referenced by TGo4AnalysisClient::Constructor(), TGo4ClientTask::TGo4ClientTask(), TGo4Display::TGo4Display(), TGo4ExampleClient::TGo4ExampleClient(), TGo4ExampleServer::TGo4ExampleServer(), TGo4ServerTask::TGo4ServerTask(), and TGo4TestThreadManager::TGo4TestThreadManager().

void TGo4ThreadManager::SetBeingQuit ( Bool_t  on)

Definition at line 77 of file TGo4ThreadManager.h.

References fbBeingQuit.

Referenced by TGo4TaskHandlerAbortException::Handle(), and TGo4CommandRunnable::Run().

void TGo4ThreadManager::SetTimer ( TGo4AppControlTimer ctrltimer)

user can exchange the standard control timer by an own derived one by this method

Definition at line 45 of file TGo4ThreadManager.h.

References fxBlocker.

void TGo4ThreadManager::Terminate ( Bool_t  termapp = kTRUE)

deletes the Manager instance via Control timer. If termap is true, also terminates the root Application

Reimplemented in TGo4Task.

Definition at line 231 of file TGo4ThreadManager.cxx.

References TGo4Log::Debug(), fbTerminateApplication, fbTerminating, fxWorkHandler, GO4TRACE, TGo4ThreadHandler::StopAll(), and UnBlockApp().

Referenced by TGo4TerminateException::Handle(), TGo4Task::Terminate(), TerminateFast(), and TGo4Runnable::UnexpectedCatch().

void TGo4ThreadManager::TerminateFast ( )

Alternative termination in case of error

Reimplemented in TGo4Task.

Definition at line 245 of file TGo4ThreadManager.cxx.

References Terminate().

Referenced by TGo4Task::TerminateFast().

Bool_t TGo4ThreadManager::UnBlockApp ( Int_t  mode = 0)

Wakes up the control timer waiting for his condition; parameter mode specifies whether timer will block again at next turn (mode=0), timer will block when all threads are up (mode=1), or timer will not block again unless the next Block call, i.e. applicationrun flag is reset (mode=2)

Definition at line 108 of file TGo4ThreadManager.cxx.

References fxBlocker, TGo4AppControlTimer::GetApplicationRun(), TGo4AppControlTimer::GetCondition(), GO4TRACE, and TGo4AppControlTimer::SetApplicationRun().

Referenced by TGo4ThreadHandler::Cancel(), TGo4ThreadHandler::Create(), TGo4ThreadHandler::CreateAll(), TGo4ThreadHandler::ReCreate(), TGo4ThreadHandler::RemoveThread(), TGo4TestRunnable::Run(), TGo4ThreadHandler::Start(), TGo4ThreadHandler::StartAll(), and Terminate().

Member Data Documentation

Bool_t TGo4ThreadManager::fbAppBlocking

true if threadmanager shall block root gSystem using the AppControlTimer; false if gSystem shall never be blocked (necessary for gui)

Definition at line 116 of file TGo4ThreadManager.h.

Referenced by BlockApp(), IsAppBlocking(), TGo4ThreadManager(), and TGo4Task::UpdateStatus().

Bool_t TGo4ThreadManager::fbAutoCreate

If true, TThreads of all go4threads in list shall be created automatically on calling Launch().

Definition at line 120 of file TGo4ThreadManager.h.

Referenced by Initialization(), Launch(), TGo4ThreadManager(), and TGo4Task::UpdateStatus().

Bool_t TGo4ThreadManager::fbAutoStart

If true, workfunctions (runnable Run()) of all go4threads in list shall be started automatically on Initialization. If false, TThreads may be running, but workfunctions suspend in condition wait.

Definition at line 125 of file TGo4ThreadManager.h.

Referenced by Initialization(), TGo4ThreadManager(), and TGo4Task::UpdateStatus().

Int_t TGo4ThreadManager::fbBeingQuit

Definition at line 130 of file TGo4ThreadManager.h.

Referenced by IsBeingQuit(), and SetBeingQuit().

Bool_t TGo4ThreadManager::fbInitDone

is set kTRUE after first Initialize is done

Definition at line 104 of file TGo4ThreadManager.h.

Referenced by TGo4ClientTask::Initialization(), Initialization(), TGo4Task::Initialization(), IsInitDone(), and TGo4Task::UpdateStatus().

Bool_t TGo4ThreadManager::fbTerminateApplication

If true, terminate complete application. If false, only terminate threadmanager instance.

Definition at line 111 of file TGo4ThreadManager.h.

Referenced by IsTerminateApp(), and Terminate().

Bool_t TGo4ThreadManager::fbTerminating

flag showing termination status

Definition at line 107 of file TGo4ThreadManager.h.

Referenced by BlockApp(), IsTerminating(), Terminate(), and TGo4Task::UpdateStatus().

const Long_t TGo4ThreadManager::fglTIMERPERIOD = 200

Period in ms for the application control timer

Definition at line 96 of file TGo4ThreadManager.h.

Referenced by TGo4ThreadManager().

TGo4AppControlTimer* TGo4ThreadManager::fxBlocker

Composition of Application control timer. 1 1

Definition at line 136 of file TGo4ThreadManager.h.

Referenced by BlockApp(), Launch(), SetTimer(), TGo4ThreadManager(), and UnBlockApp().

TGo4ThreadHandler* TGo4ThreadManager::fxWorkHandler

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