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go4py.internals.expmem.ExpMem Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def Objects
def MatchingObjects
def tree

Public Attributes


Detailed Description

Wraps exported Go4 memory .root-files

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def go4py.internals.expmem.ExpMem.__init__ (   self,
  rootfolder = "Analysis" 
Open the TFile filename as file and
get the TDirectory rootfolder as root
For rootfolder, "Workspace" might be desired besides the default
An unset rootfolder, "*", and "/" all mean the actual root of the file

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Member Function Documentation

def go4py.internals.expmem.ExpMem.MatchingObjects (   self,
  expr = "*",
  folder = None 
Iterate over Objects() that match expr

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References go4py.internals.expmem.ExpMem.Objects().

def go4py.internals.expmem.ExpMem.Objects (   self,
  folder = None 
Iterate over all objects in the opened .root-file
folder can be a string (relative to rootfolder) or a TDirectory

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References go4py.internals.expmem.ExpMem.Objects(), and go4py.internals.expmem.ExpMem.root.

Referenced by go4py.internals.expmem.ExpMem.MatchingObjects(), and go4py.internals.expmem.ExpMem.Objects().

def go4py.internals.expmem.ExpMem.tree (   self,
  folder = None,
  indent = 1 
Recursively print the object/folder tree of the opened .root-file

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References go4py.internals.expmem.ExpMem.root, and go4py.internals.expmem.ExpMem.tree().

Referenced by go4py.internals.expmem.ExpMem.tree().

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