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f_evt.c File Reference
#include "typedefs.h"
#include "f_stccomm.h"
#include "f_ut_time.h"
#include "s_filhe.h"
#include "fLmd.h"
#include "gps_sc_def.h"
#include "f_evt.h"
#include "f_evcli.h"
#include "portnum_def.h"

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#define RFIO_open   open
#define RFIO_close   close
#define RFIO_read   read
#define RFIO_lseek   lseek
#define own_getpid   getpid


INTS4 f_evt_get_newbuf (s_evt_channel *)
INTS4 f_evt_check_buf (CHARS *, INTS4 *, INTS4 *, INTS4 *, INTS4 *)
INTS4 f_evt_ini_bufhe (s_evt_channel *ps_chan)
INTS4 f_evt_swap_filhe (s_bufhe *)
INTS4 f_ut_utime (INTS4, INTS4, CHARS *)
INTS4 f_evt_get_subevent (s_ve10_1 *ps_ve10_1, INTS4 l_subevent, INTS4 **pl_se, INTS4 **pl_d, INTS4 *pl_lwords)
INTS4 f_evt_type (s_bufhe *ps_bufhe, s_evhe *ps_evhe, INTS4 l_subid, INTS4 l_long, INTS4 l_hex, INTS4 l_data)
INTS4 f_evt_source_port (INTS4 l_port)
INTS4 f_evt_rev_port (INTS4 l_port)
INTS4 f_evt_get_open (INTS4 l_mode, CHARS *pc_server, s_evt_channel *ps_chan, CHARS **ps_info, INTS4 l_sample, INTS4 l_param)
INTS4 f_evt_get_event (s_evt_channel *ps_chan, INTS4 **ppl_buffer, INTS4 **ppl_goobuf)
INTS4 f_evt_get_close (s_evt_channel *ps_chan)
INTS4 f_evt_put_open (CHARS *pc_file, INTS4 l_size, INTS4 l_stream, INTS4 l_type, INTS4 l_subtype, s_evt_channel *ps_chan, CHARS *ps_filhe)
INTS4 f_evt_put_event (s_evt_channel *ps_chan, INTS4 *pl_evt_buf)
INTS4 f_evt_put_buffer (s_evt_channel *ps_chan, s_bufhe *ps_bufhe)
INTS4 f_evt_put_close (s_evt_channel *ps_chan)
INTS4 f_evt_error (INTS4 l_error, CHARS *pc_dest, INTS4 l_out)
INTS4 f_evt_get_buffer (s_evt_channel *ps_chan, INTS4 *ps_buffer)
INTS4 f_evt_skip_buffer (s_evt_channel *ps_chan, INTS4 l_buffer)
INTS4 f_evt_timeout (s_evt_channel *ps_chan, INTS4 l_sec)
INTS4 f_evt_swap (CHARS *pc_source, INTS4 l_length)
CHARSf_evt_get_buffer_ptr (s_evt_channel *ps_chan)
INTS4 f_evt_tag_filter (s_ve10_1 *ps_ve10_1)
INTS4 f_evt_cre_tagfile (CHARS *pc_lmd, CHARS *pc_tag, INTS4(*e_filter)(s_ve10_1 *))
INTS4 f_evt_get_tagopen (s_evt_channel *ps_chan, CHARS *pc_tag, CHARS *pc_lmd, CHARS **ps_head, INTS4 l_prihe)
INTS4 f_evt_get_tagnext (s_evt_channel *ps_chan, INTS4 l_skip, INTS4 **pl_event)
INTS4 f_evt_get_tagevent (s_evt_channel *ps_chan, INTS4 l_value, INTS4 l_type, INTS4 **pl_event)
INTS4 f_evt_get_tagclose (s_evt_channel *ps_chan)
s_evt_channelf_evt_control (void)


static struct s_tcpcomm s_tcpcomm_st_evt
static CHARS c_temp [MAX_BUF_LGTH]
static int l_gl_source_port = 0

Macro Definition Documentation

#define own_getpid   getpid

Definition at line 156 of file f_evt.c.

Referenced by f_evt_put_open().

#define RFIO_close   close

Definition at line 148 of file f_evt.c.

Referenced by f_evt_get_close(), and f_evt_get_open().

#define RFIO_lseek   lseek

Definition at line 150 of file f_evt.c.

Referenced by f_evt_get_open(), and f_evt_skip_buffer().

#define RFIO_open   open

Definition at line 147 of file f_evt.c.

Referenced by f_evt_get_open().

#define RFIO_read   read

Definition at line 149 of file f_evt.c.

Referenced by f_evt_get_buffer(), f_evt_get_newbuf(), and f_evt_get_open().

Function Documentation

INTS4 f_evt_check_buf ( CHARS pc_head,
INTS4 pl_size,
INTS4 pl_is_goosybuf,
INTS4 pl_swap,
INTS4 pl_filehead 

Definition at line 2041 of file f_evt.c.

References f_evt_swap(), and PUTEVT__SUCCESS.

Referenced by f_evt_cre_tagfile(), and f_evt_get_open().

s_evt_channel* f_evt_control ( void  )

Definition at line 2819 of file f_evt.c.

Referenced by TGo4MbsSource::TGo4MbsSource().

INTS4 f_evt_cre_tagfile ( CHARS pc_lmd,
CHARS pc_tag,
INTS4(*)(s_ve10_1 *)  e_filter 
INTS4 f_evt_error ( INTS4  l_error,
CHARS pc_dest,
INTS4  l_out 
INTS4 f_evt_get_buffer ( s_evt_channel ps_chan,
INTS4 ps_buffer 
CHARS* f_evt_get_buffer_ptr ( s_evt_channel ps_chan)

Definition at line 1928 of file f_evt.c.

References s_evt_channel::pc_io_buf.

Referenced by TGo4MbsSource::GetBufferHeader().

INTS4 f_evt_get_close ( s_evt_channel ps_chan)
INTS4 f_evt_get_event ( s_evt_channel ps_chan,
INTS4 **  ppl_buffer,
INTS4 **  ppl_goobuf 
INTS4 f_evt_get_newbuf ( s_evt_channel ps_chan)
INTS4 f_evt_get_open ( INTS4  l_mode,
CHARS pc_server,
s_evt_channel ps_chan,
CHARS **  ps_info,
INTS4  l_sample,
INTS4  l_param 
INTS4 f_evt_get_subevent ( s_ve10_1 ps_ve10_1,
INTS4  l_subevent,
INTS4 **  pl_se,
INTS4 **  pl_d,
INTS4 pl_lwords 

Definition at line 235 of file f_evt.c.

References GETEVT__FAILURE, GETEVT__NOMORE, GETEVT__SUCCESS, s_ves10_1::l_dlen, and s_ve10_1::l_dlen.

Referenced by f_evt_type().

INTS4 f_evt_get_tagclose ( s_evt_channel ps_chan)
INTS4 f_evt_get_tagevent ( s_evt_channel ps_chan,
INTS4  l_value,
INTS4  l_type,
INTS4 **  pl_event 
INTS4 f_evt_get_tagnext ( s_evt_channel ps_chan,
INTS4  l_skip,
INTS4 **  pl_event 
INTS4 f_evt_get_tagopen ( s_evt_channel ps_chan,
CHARS pc_tag,
CHARS pc_lmd,
CHARS **  ps_head,
INTS4  l_prihe 
INTS4 f_evt_ini_bufhe ( s_evt_channel ps_chan)
INTS4 f_evt_put_buffer ( s_evt_channel ps_chan,
s_bufhe ps_bufhe 
INTS4 f_evt_put_close ( s_evt_channel ps_chan)
INTS4 f_evt_put_event ( s_evt_channel ps_chan,
INTS4 pl_evt_buf 
INTS4 f_evt_put_open ( CHARS pc_file,
INTS4  l_size,
INTS4  l_stream,
INTS4  l_type,
INTS4  l_subtype,
s_evt_channel ps_chan,
CHARS ps_filhe 
INTS4 f_evt_rev_port ( INTS4  l_port)

Definition at line 509 of file f_evt.c.

References l_gl_source_port.

INTS4 f_evt_skip_buffer ( s_evt_channel ps_chan,
INTS4  l_buffer 
INTS4 f_evt_source_port ( INTS4  l_port)

Definition at line 486 of file f_evt.c.

References l_gl_source_port.

Referenced by TGo4MbsSource::Open().

INTS4 f_evt_swap ( CHARS pc_source,
INTS4  l_length 
INTS4 f_evt_swap_filhe ( s_bufhe ps_bufhe)
INTS4 f_evt_tag_filter ( s_ve10_1 ps_ve10_1)

Definition at line 2188 of file f_evt.c.

INTS4 f_evt_timeout ( s_evt_channel ps_chan,
INTS4  l_sec 

Definition at line 1833 of file f_evt.c.

References GETEVT__SUCCESS, and s_evt_channel::l_timeout.

Referenced by TGo4MbsSource::Open().

INTS4 f_evt_type ( s_bufhe ps_bufhe,
s_evhe ps_evhe,
INTS4  l_subid,
INTS4  l_long,
INTS4  l_hex,
INTS4  l_data 
INTS4 f_ut_utime ( INTS4  ,
INTS4  ,

Variable Documentation


Definition at line 176 of file f_evt.c.

Referenced by f_evt_cre_tagfile(), f_evt_get_open(), f_evt_get_tagevent(), and f_evt_get_tagopen().

int l_gl_source_port = 0

Definition at line 177 of file f_evt.c.

Referenced by f_evt_get_open(), f_evt_rev_port(), and f_evt_source_port().

struct s_tcpcomm s_tcpcomm_st_evt

Definition at line 175 of file f_evt.c.

Referenced by f_evt_get_close(), and f_evt_get_open().