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f_mbs_status.h File Reference
#include "typedefs.h"
#include "s_daqst.h"
#include "s_setup.h"
#include "s_set_ml.h"
#include "s_set_mo.h"

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INTS4 f_mbs_status (CHARS *c_node, s_daqst *ps_daqst)
INTS4 f_mbs_setup (CHARS *c_node, s_setup *ps_setup)
INTS4 f_mbs_ml_setup (CHARS *c_node, s_set_ml *ps_set_ml)
INTS4 f_mbs_mo_setup (CHARS *c_node, s_set_mo *ps_set_mo)

Function Documentation

INTS4 f_mbs_ml_setup ( CHARS c_node,
s_set_ml ps_set_ml 
INTS4 f_mbs_mo_setup ( CHARS c_node,
s_set_mo ps_set_mo 
INTS4 f_mbs_setup ( CHARS c_node,
s_setup ps_setup 
INTS4 f_mbs_status ( CHARS c_node,
s_daqst ps_daqst