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f_rawcli.h File Reference

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INTS4 f_rawcli (CHARS *pcAction, CHARS *pcFile, CHARS *pcArchive, CHARS *pcPath, INTS4 lReclen, CHARS *pcOwner, CHARS *pcNode, INTS4 lPortNo, CHARS *pcDevice, INTS4 lAppend, INTS4 lDebugLevel)

Function Documentation

INTS4 f_rawcli ( CHARS pcAction,
CHARS pcFile,
CHARS pcArchive,
CHARS pcPath,
INTS4  lReclen,
CHARS pcOwner,
CHARS pcNode,
INTS4  lPortNo,
CHARS pcDevice,
INTS4  lAppend,
INTS4  lDebugLevel