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f_stccomm.c File Reference
#include "f_stccomm.h"

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INTS4 f_stc_read (void *p_buffer, INTS4 i_buflen, INTS4 i_channel, INTS4 i_timeout)
INTS4 f_stc_write (void *p_buffer, INTS4 i_buflen, INTS4 i_channel)
INTS4 f_stc_connectserver (CHARS *c_node, INTS4 l_port, INTS4 *pi_channel, struct s_tcpcomm *ps_client)
INTS4 f_stc_acceptclient (struct s_tcpcomm *ps_server, INTS4 *pi_channel)
INTS4 f_stc_createserver (INTS4 *pl_port, struct s_tcpcomm *ps_server)
INTS4 f_stc_close (struct s_tcpcomm *ps_tcp)
INTS4 f_stc_discclient (INTS4 i_channel)
INTS4 f_stc_listenserver (struct s_tcpcomm *ps_server)
INTS4 f_stc_disperror (INTS4 i_error, CHARS *c_dest, INTS4 i_out)


CHARS c_msg [80]

Function Documentation

INTS4 f_stc_acceptclient ( struct s_tcpcomm ps_server,
INTS4 pi_channel 
INTS4 f_stc_close ( struct s_tcpcomm ps_tcp)
INTS4 f_stc_connectserver ( CHARS c_node,
INTS4  l_port,
INTS4 pi_channel,
struct s_tcpcomm ps_client 
INTS4 f_stc_createserver ( INTS4 pl_port,
struct s_tcpcomm ps_server 
INTS4 f_stc_discclient ( INTS4  i_channel)
INTS4 f_stc_disperror ( INTS4  i_error,
CHARS c_dest,
INTS4  i_out 
INTS4 f_stc_listenserver ( struct s_tcpcomm ps_server)
INTS4 f_stc_read ( void *  p_buffer,
INTS4  i_buflen,
INTS4  i_channel,
INTS4  i_timeout 
INTS4 f_stc_write ( void *  p_buffer,
INTS4  i_buflen,
INTS4  i_channel 

Variable Documentation

CHARS c_msg[80]

Definition at line 21 of file f_stccomm.c.

Referenced by f_stc_read(), and f_stc_write().