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f_ut_compress.c File Reference
#include "typedefs.h"
#include "f_ut_compress.h"
#include <stdio.h>

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#define PACK(bit)   if(*pc_in != 0){*pl_mask += bit ; *pc_out++ = *pc_in; } pc_in++;


INTS4 f_ut_compr_size (INTU1 *pc_input, INTS4 l_inlen)
INTS4 f_ut_compr_zeros (INTU1 *pc_input, INTS4 l_inlen)
INTS4 f_ut_compr_pack (INTU1 *pc_input, INTS4 l_inlen, INTU1 *pc_output, INTS4 l_outlen)
INTS4 f_ut_compr_unpack (INTU1 *pc_input, INTU1 *pc_output, INTS4 l_outlen)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define PACK (   bit)    if(*pc_in != 0){*pl_mask += bit ; *pc_out++ = *pc_in; } pc_in++;

Definition at line 19 of file f_ut_compress.c.

Referenced by f_ut_compr_pack().

Function Documentation

INTS4 f_ut_compr_pack ( INTU1 pc_input,
INTS4  l_inlen,
INTU1 pc_output,
INTS4  l_outlen 
INTS4 f_ut_compr_size ( INTU1 pc_input,
INTS4  l_inlen 

Definition at line 79 of file f_ut_compress.c.

INTS4 f_ut_compr_unpack ( INTU1 pc_input,
INTU1 pc_output,
INTS4  l_outlen 

Definition at line 344 of file f_ut_compress.c.

References s_compress::l_full_bytes, and s_compress::l_masks.

Referenced by f_his_getbas().

INTS4 f_ut_compr_zeros ( INTU1 pc_input,
INTS4  l_inlen 

Definition at line 133 of file f_ut_compress.c.