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go4.js File Reference

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 if (!BasePainter.prototype.get_main_id) = BasePainter.prototype.GetItemName
 if (typeof JSROOT.httpRequest== 'function') GO4.httpRequest
jsrp addDrawFunc ({name:"TGo4WinCond", script:canvsrc+GO4.source_dir+ 'html/condition.js', func: 'GO4.drawGo4Cond', opt:";editor"})


function GO4 version = "6.1.x"
GO4 source_dir
let BasePainter = JSROOT.BasePainter || JSROOT.TBasePainter
else GO4 httpRequest
GO4 MsgListPainter prototype redrawObject
GO4 MsgListPainter prototype Draw
var jsrp = JSROOT._ ? JSROOT.Painter : JSROOT

Function Documentation

jsrp addDrawFunc ( {name:"TGo4WinCond", script:canvsrc+GO4.source_dir+ 'html/condition.js', func: 'GO4.drawGo4Cond', opt:";editor"}  )
if ( !BasePainter.prototype.  get_main_id) = BasePainter.prototype.GetItemName

Definition at line 40 of file go4.js.

References GO4.

if ( typeof JSROOT.  httpRequest = = 'function')

Variable Documentation

let BasePainter = JSROOT.BasePainter || JSROOT.TBasePainter

Definition at line 38 of file go4.js.

GO4 MsgListPainter prototype Draw

Definition at line 213 of file go4.js.

Referenced by main().

else GO4 httpRequest

Definition at line 61 of file go4.js.

var jsrp = JSROOT._ ? JSROOT.Painter : JSROOT

Definition at line 419 of file go4.js.

GO4 MsgListPainter prototype redrawObject
Initial value:
= function(obj) {
this.lst = obj;
return true;
if (!JSROOT._)
GO4.MsgListPainter.prototype.RedrawObject = GO4.MsgListPainter.prototype.redrawObject
function JSROOT
Definition: go4canvas.js:17
GO4 MsgListPainter prototype Draw
Definition: go4.js:213
function GO4
Definition: go4canvas.js:17

Definition at line 203 of file go4.js.

GO4 source_dir
Initial value:
= function() {
var scripts = document.getElementsByTagName('script');
for (var n in scripts) {
if (scripts[n]['type'] != 'text/javascript') continue;
var src = scripts[n]['src'];
if ((src == null) || (src.length == 0)) continue;
var pos = src.indexOf("html/go4.js");
if (pos<0) continue;
if ((src.indexOf("JSRootCore") >= 0) || (src.indexOf("JSRoot.core") >= 0)) continue;
console.log('Set GO4.source_dir to ' + src.substr(0, pos));
return src.substr(0, pos);
return "";

Definition at line 20 of file go4.js.

function GO4 version = "6.1.x"

Definition at line 17 of file go4.js.