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pareditor.js File Reference

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function if (typeof JSROOT!="object")


let BasePainter = JSROOT.BasePainter || JSROOT.TBasePainter
GO4 ParameterEditor
GO4 ParameterEditor prototype CheckResize
GO4 ParameterEditor prototype drawEditor

Function Documentation

function if (   typeof JSROOT! = "object")

Definition at line 5 of file pareditor.js.

Variable Documentation

let BasePainter = JSROOT.BasePainter || JSROOT.TBasePainter

Definition at line 19 of file pareditor.js.

GO4 ParameterEditor prototype CheckResize

Definition at line 30 of file pareditor.js.

GO4 ParameterEditor prototype drawEditor

Definition at line 375 of file pareditor.js.

GO4 ParameterEditor
Initial value:
= function(divid, par) {, divid);
if (this.SetDivId) this.SetDivId(divid);
this.par = par;
this.changes = ["dummy", "init"];
GO4.ParameterEditor.prototype = Object.create(BasePainter.prototype)
let BasePainter
Definition: pareditor.js:19
function GO4
Definition: go4canvas.js:17

Definition at line 21 of file pareditor.js.