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1 // $Id: random-coll.h 2627 2019-10-01 08:02:45Z linev $
2 //-----------------------------------------------------------------------
3 // The GSI Online Offline Object Oriented (Go4) Project
4 // Experiment Data Processing at EE department, GSI
5 //-----------------------------------------------------------------------
6 // Copyright (C) 2000- GSI Helmholtzzentrum fuer Schwerionenforschung GmbH
7 // Planckstr. 1, 64291 Darmstadt, Germany
8 // Contact:
9 //-----------------------------------------------------------------------
10 // This software can be used under the license agreements as stated
11 // in Go4License.txt file which is part of the distribution.
12 //-----------------------------------------------------------------------
14 #ifndef random_coll_h
15 #define random_coll_h
17  double p_dBeta (double a,double b, unsigned int *seed);
18  int p_iBinomial (double p,int n,unsigned int *seed);
19  double p_dExponential (double lambda,unsigned int *seed);
20  double p_dGammaInt (int a,unsigned int *seed);
21  double p_dGammaGen (double A,unsigned *seed);
22  int p_iGeometric (double p,unsigned int *seed);
23  double p_dNormal (double mean,double sigma, unsigned int *seed);
24  int p_iPoisson(double mu,unsigned *seed);
25  unsigned p_iUniform (unsigned *seed);
26  double p_dUniform(unsigned *seed);
28 #endif
double p_dBeta(double a, double b, unsigned int *seed)
Definition: random-coll.c:141
double p_dGammaGen(double A, unsigned *seed)
Definition: random-coll.c:311
tuple a
double p_dGammaInt(int a, unsigned int *seed)
Definition: random-coll.c:271
int p_iPoisson(double mu, unsigned *seed)
Definition: random-coll.c:453
double p_dExponential(double lambda, unsigned int *seed)
Definition: random-coll.c:229
int p_iGeometric(double p, unsigned int *seed)
Definition: random-coll.c:392
double p_dNormal(double mean, double sigma, unsigned int *seed)
Definition: random-coll.c:422
int p_iBinomial(double p, int n, unsigned int *seed)
Definition: random-coll.c:194
double p_dUniform(unsigned *seed)
Definition: random-coll.c:126
unsigned p_iUniform(unsigned *seed)
Definition: random-coll.c:113