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rawCliProcn.c File Reference
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <errno.h>
#include <sys/socket.h>
#include <sys/time.h>
#include "rawapitd.h"
#include "rawapitd-gsin.h"
#include "rawcommn.h"
#include "rawdefn.h"
#include "rawclin.h"
#include "rawentn.h"
#include "rawapplcli.h"

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int rawCheckFilelist (char **pcFileList, char **pcObjList, char *pcArchive, char *pcNodeMaster)
int rawCheckObjlist (int iFileComp, int iSort, char **pcObjList, char **pcFileList, char **pcObjComp)
int rawDelFile (int iSocket, srawComm *psComm)
int rawDelList (int iSocketMaster, int iDataMover, srawDataMoverAttr *pDataMover0, srawComm *psComm, char **pcFileList, char **pcObjList)
int rawGetFilelistEntries (char *pcFileName, int *piDataFS, char *pcDataFS, int *piEntries, int *piGlobalDir)
int rawGetWSInfo (srawCliActionComm *pCliActionComm, srawPoolStatus *pPoolInfo, srawWorkSpace **ppWorkSpace)
char * rawGetFullFile (char *pcFile, char *pcNamell)
void rawQueryPrint (srawObjAttr *pQAttr, int ipMode)
int rawQueryString (srawObjAttr *pQAttr, int ipMode, int iOut, char *pcOut)
int rawScanObjbuf (char *pcPath, char *pcFile, int iObjnoAll, int *piObjBuf0)
int rawSortValues (int *iaValue, int iAll, int iFirst, int iLast, int *iaIndex, int *iaIndNew)


FILE * fLogFile
int * piEntryList
static unsigned int iint = sizeof(int)
static unsigned int iRetrList = sizeof(srawRetrList)
static unsigned int iFileList = sizeof(srawFileList)
static char cPath [MAX_FULL_FILE] = ""

Function Documentation

int rawCheckFilelist ( char **  pcFileList,
char **  pcObjList,
char *  pcArchive,
char *  pcNodeMaster 
int rawCheckObjlist ( int  iFileComp,
int  iSort,
char **  pcObjList,
char **  pcFileList,
char **  pcObjComp 
int rawDelFile ( int  iSocket,
srawComm psComm 
int rawDelList ( int  iSocketMaster,
int  iDataMover,
srawDataMoverAttr pDataMover0,
srawComm psComm,
char **  pcFileList,
char **  pcObjList 
int rawGetFilelistEntries ( char *  pcFileName,
int *  piDataFS,
char *  pcDataFS,
int *  piEntries,
int *  piGlobalDir 
char* rawGetFullFile ( char *  pcFile,
char *  pcNamell 

Definition at line 3168 of file rawCliProcn.c.

References cPath, fLogFile, and MAX_FULL_FILE.

int rawGetWSInfo ( srawCliActionComm pCliActionComm,
srawPoolStatus pPoolInfo,
srawWorkSpace **  ppWorkSpace 
void rawQueryPrint ( srawObjAttr pQAttr,
int  ipMode 
int rawQueryString ( srawObjAttr pQAttr,
int  ipMode,
int  iOut,
char *  pcOut 
int rawScanObjbuf ( char *  pcPath,
char *  pcFile,
int  iObjnoAll,
int *  piObjBuf0 

Definition at line 3687 of file rawCliProcn.c.

References srawRetrList::cNamehl, and srawRetrList::cNamell.

int rawSortValues ( int *  iaValue,
int  iAll,
int  iFirst,
int  iLast,
int *  iaIndex,
int *  iaIndNew 

Definition at line 3790 of file rawCliProcn.c.

References fLogFile, iint, and MAX_FILE_NO.

Referenced by rawCheckObjlist().

Variable Documentation

char cPath[MAX_FULL_FILE] = ""
FILE* fLogFile
unsigned int iFileList = sizeof(srawFileList)

Definition at line 151 of file rawCliProcn.c.

Referenced by rawCheckObjlist().

unsigned int iint = sizeof(int)

Definition at line 149 of file rawCliProcn.c.

Referenced by rawCheckObjlist(), and rawSortValues().

unsigned int iRetrList = sizeof(srawRetrList)

Definition at line 150 of file rawCliProcn.c.

Referenced by rawCheckObjlist().

int* piEntryList

Definition at line 183 of file rawapin.c.

Referenced by rawGetFilelistEntries().