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HERMES Experiment

The rich physics outcome of HERMES experiment (see also HERMES site) is being exploited analysing the data after the shutdown of HERA in summer 2007. I am particularly interested in the Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering (DVCS) data, as these provide access to the structure of the nucleon. (For a discussion of the physics case see e.g. the NPE Research site.)

When I became involved into HERMES in spring 2006, the HERMES spectrometer had been augmented by the Recoil Detector (see Fig.). I started with the commissioning of the detector and, in particular, the design, construction, testing and installation of a new cooling system for the target cell (see Internal Report 06-080 pdf 1 MB) and contributed to the track reconstruction of slow protons and deuterons passing this detector.

Active components of the HERMES Recoil Detector. The e-beam comes in from the back.

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