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A long standing puzzle is the generation of hadron masses from an order of magnitude lighter quarks. We aim at addressing this and further fundamental questions concerning the strong interaction by studying antiproton-proton annihilations in the charmonium region with the future PANDA detector (see PANDA) at the Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research (FAIR). PANDA will provide decisive answers on the debated existence of exotic states and detailed information on the charmonium spectrum. In addition, it will provide a tool to study the partonic structure of the nucleon in a complementary approach to what is found by using electron or positron scattering (e.g. HERMES or JLab).

As the system manager for the magnets (see also TB page at PANDA) I supervised and coordinated the magnet design for the 2 large magnets of PANDA: the superconducting solenoid with 2m inner free diameter for detectors, and the 1m gap dipole spectrometer magnet. As the chair of the editorial board I led the successful writing of the "Technical Design Report for the PANDA Solenoid and Dipole Spectrometer Magnets" (arXiv:0907.0169). For the current status and meetings please visit the pages of PANDA Magnet Group.

During my time at the Uppsala University I developed the pellet target further in order to make it useful for PANDA. See my Uppsala activities for the details.

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