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Below is a coarse visual compilation of my fields of interest which I pursue in my role as Honarary Research Fellow at the Nuclear Physics Group, University of Glasgow.


My research activities focus on understanding the structure of the nucleon. In my view, the experimental study of generalised distribution functions and form factors in both time-like and space-like regions provide the most promising way to further our current understanding decisively. Another key ingredient is to resolve the open question on the existence of exotic hadrons. The interactive sketch below tries to illustrate the links between those (ovals) and past and future experiments (boxes).
generalised distributions form factors exotic hadrons PANDA OLYMPUS HERMES

Open Questions in Hadron Physics

To my mind, the follwing three questions are the current key questions in hadron physics.

Can we understand the 2+1D structure of a hadron?

Access Generalised Parton Distributions (GPDs) and space-like equivalents!

Why do form factors still reveal surprises?

Can 2-photon exchange explain the recent discrepancy in exp. form factor data ?

Which quark configurations exist?

If mesons exist, why not hybrids or glueballs ?

Experimental Access

The following experiments provide, to my mind, unique access to those questions and many more.

Further Information

Please also confer to my publications, see links via interactive sketch below.
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