MOCADI is a Monte Carlo simulation program to calculate transport of primary beams as well as projectile fragment beams through optical systems (with third order aberrations) and layers of matter. The program were developed by T. Schwab, H. Geissel, and A. Magel at Giessen University in Germany on IBM computers with PL/I language. MOCADI 1.34 was transfered by N.Iwasa to the language-C on DEC VMS operating system and developed further. CERN-standard histograms (HBOOK) and list-mode output (Ntuple) are available at any positions in optical systems. The energy loss code ATIME-1.0 [1] and the fragmentation cross section code EPAX-2 include. External user functions can be called from MOCADI in version 3.0. MOCADI version 3 can be used only in Linux. If you have any problems with the the MOCADI, please send Emails N. Iwasa, H. Weick, or H.Geissel.

How to use MOCADI on your workstations

The code MOCADI is copyrighted by H. Geissel. The subroutines for calculating the atomic interaction are copyrighted by C. Scheidenberger and P. Malzacher.
Please contact to H. Geissel.

On-line manual of MOCADI.


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