The Research Program of the Working Group

At high-Z, both the atomic structure and the collision dynamics are strongly influenced by the extreme electromagnetic fields prevailing in such systems. For the case of atomic structure studies, particular emphasis is given to the experiments for bound state QED corrections for one- and two-electron ions at high-Z. Complementary to the structure, the dynamics of ion-matter interaction at high-Z fields gives access to basic electromagnetic interaction processes such as electron excitation and ionization which are strongly affected by the virtual photon fields of the rapidly moving projectile.

    Atomic Structure at High-Z

  • bound state quantum electrodynamics (QED)
  • effects of relativity on the atomic structure
  • nuclear effects on the atomic structure
  • electron correlation in the presence of strong fields
  • supercritical fields


        Atomic Dynamics at High-Z

  • time reversal of elementary atomic processes (REC)
  • photon matter interaction
  • dynamically induced strong fields effects
  • many-body dynamics