Ad hoc workshop on

NN collisions with HADES

(Friday, 12 August 2011, 1:00 pm)



Attempt to isolate and disucuss differences in the dilepton yield originating from a different procedure followed to extract dileptons, and/or eventual differences in the theoretical expression for the decay width (e.g. Delta Dalitz decay)


Compare the models used to describe dilepton production by GiBUU, eVMD, UrQMD, iQMD, HSD. Compare the models to experimental e+e- spectra from NN collisions at various energies. Fix in the comparison particle multiplicities and mass distributions. Pin down an eventual differences due to the treatment of the dilepton emission.

Agenda: preliminary program

Participation in the meeting:

  • from GSI: Theory seminar room
  • from outside GSI: via EVO
    • Meeting Access information:
      • Title: Ad hoc workshop NN collisions with HADES
      • Community: HADES
      • Password: hade$4u

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Tetyana Galatyuk