General Ion Optical System

written at University of Giessen by E. Kasseckert, D.M. Rehfield, W. Wendel, J. Brezina , Ch. Geisse, J.D. Larson , K. Lindemann, S. Meuser, J. Troetscher, B. Hartmann, G. Jung, A. Przewloka, H. Weick, H. Wollnik, M. Wollnik
description of ion optical systems using matrices up to third order,
dipoles with inhomogenieties, quadrupoles and all kinds of multipoles both magnetic and electrostatic,
precise treatment of the fringing fields using fringing field integrals
use of variables, fitting, plots of the system, trajectories, envelopes, fields and of phasespace distributions considering apertures, space charge of a KV-beam

Manual:  postscript version, pdf version, example of input file

Contact:  Prof Dr. Hermann Wollnik for the MS-Windows program


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