DABC (Data Acquisition Backbone Core)  2.9.9
Getting started with DABC

Downloading DABC

Most proper way to download DABC is to check out head version from repository.

[shell] svn co https://subversion.gsi.de/dabc/trunk dabc

Alternative, one could check out latest release tag:

[shell] svn co https://subversion.gsi.de/dabc/tags/206-00 dabc20600

Compile DABC


Create build directory and call cmake and then:

[shell] mkdir build
[shell] cd build
[shell] cmake <path/to/dabc>
[shell] make -j

When calling cmake, one can enable or disable following plugins:

Name Default Description
aqua ON AQUA plugin
bnet ON BNET plugin
dim OFF DIM plugin
ezca OFF EZCA (EPICS) plugin
fesa OFF FESA plugin
gosip OFF GOSIP plugin
hadaq ON HADAQ plugin
http ON HTTP plugin
ltsm OFF LTSM plugin
mbs ON LTSM plugin
rfio ON RFIO plugin
saft OFF SAFT plugin
stream ON Stream plugin
user ON USER plugin
verbs ON VERBS plugin
root ON ROOT plugin
mbsroot ON MBS-ROOT plugin


[shell] cmake -Dverbs=OFF -Ddim=ON <path/to/dabc>


To compile DABC, in most cases it is enough to call make in checkout directory.

[shell] make -j4

It is recommended to use -jN option to speedup compilation.

DABC includes OFED VERBS support, which is not always compiles smoothely on all platforms. To disable VERBS compilation, one could use:

[shell] make -j4 noverbs=1

Running DABC

When DABC successfully compiled, dabclogin script is created. Script must be called before DABC can be used:

[shell] . your_dabc_path/dabclogin

If necessary, dabclogin script could be copied to any other location, which is availible in PATH directory (for instance, ~/bin). In that case one could do:

[shell] . dabclogin

To run DABC, xml configuration file should be created. There are different files. Some of them could be found in $DABCSYS/applications directory. For instance:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<dabc version="2">
<Context name="core-test">
<lib value="libDabcCoreTest.so"/>
<runfunc value="RunCoreTest"/>
<logfile value="core-test.log"/>
<runtime value="100"/>

To run single-node application, one should call:

[shell] dabc_exe your_file.xml

Running application can be always normally stopped by Ctrl-C keys combination.

If XML files contains more than one application, one should use dabc_run script:

[shell] dabc_run your_file.xml run