DABC (Data Acquisition Backbone Core)  2.9.9

Use of HTTP plugin


HTTP server implementation in DABC based on civetweb project. Following classes are implemented:


Compiled automatically during DABC compilation.

Starting from xml file

First of all, libDabcHttp.so should be loaded. Minimal configuration for server looks like:

<HttpServer name="http" port="8090"/>

Following parameters can be specified:

Name Description
port HTTP port number (default 8090)
auth_file name of authentification file, where passwords in htdigest format saved
auth_domain domain name used for authentification
auth_default is authentication per default required or not
ports HTTPS port numbver (default none)
ssl_certif file name with SLL certificate


For authentification htdigest file format is used. To create such file, following shell command should be executed:

[shell] htdigest -c .htdigest dabc@server user

Where "dabc@server" is authentification domain, which should be later specified as auth_domain parameter in xml file. ".htdigest" file can contain many defined users.

If authentification is configured, user will be requested to input account name and password when first time accessing http server.

When using command line tools (like wget or curl), following arguments should be specified:

[shell] curl --user "user:passwd" http://server:8090/MBS/X86L-9/CmdMbs/execute?cmd=show --digest -o some.txt

[shell] wget --http-user=user --http-passwd=passwd http://server:8090/MBS/X86L-9/CmdMbs/execute?cmd=show -O some.txt

When creating hierarchies, for each element or folder '_auth' property can be specified, which decides if authentication is required or not for that element.