DABC (Data Acquisition Backbone Core)  2.9.9

Short description of SAFT plugin


Saftlib installation can be done as described at https://www-acc.gsi.de/wiki/Timing/TimingSystemHowConfigureEnvironment

If Saftlib is already installed on the system, dabc will try to detect it automatically and build the saftdabc plugin from the top Makefile. If detection fails, corresponding locations of saftlib and libgiomm can be specified at build/Makefile.config

To disable compilation of SAFT plugin, call

[shell] make nosaft=1


1)Please adjust the configuration file SaftRead.xml to match the White Rabbit events to monitor. This can be either latched pulses on the named Timing Receiver Inputs (e.g. "IO2" on EXPLODER5a), or White Rabbit events received over the timing network. The first case is defined by entries in tag <SaftHardwareInputNames>. The second case can be specified by tags <SaftSnoop*> with corresponding ordered entries for event id, mask, offset and flags.

2) Start DABC data capturing from timing receiver by

dabc_run SaftRead.xml

Data will be exported via mbs event structures at stream server in first example. Can be inspected/printed with

go4analysis -print -stream localhost:6111.

3) optional Go4 analysis for SAFT data Subdirectory plugins/saft/go4 contains simple analysis, which can monitor the dataas provided by saftplugin. Just configure Go4 environment (via '. go4login') and call make in the directory start go4 monitoring in subfolder by:

go4analysis -stream hostname:6111

This analysis is specialized for latched input timing events, e.g. delivered by a pulser at EXPLODER5 IO1. Several histograms check for lost timing events by histogramming the overflow counts ("OverflowScaler"), and by missing alternation of rising and falling edges ("LostEdges"). Additionally, the delta timestamps of subsequent timing events are histogrammed in "DeltaT" (execution time), "DeltaT_deadline" and "DeltaT_deadline_fine" (deadline time). Note that for input latch the deadline time denotes the arrival time of the input, not the execution time!