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Project: "Development of a GOOSY-PAW Successor System"

Minutes of the 1st Meeting on July 31, 1998

Participants: R. Barth, H. Essel, S. Hofmann, R. Holzmann, M. Kaspar, P. Koczon, W. Koenig, C. Kozhuharov, W.F.J. Müller, M. Richter, C. Scheidenberger, K. Schmidt, E. Stiel, K. Sümmerer, H. Winter

Distribution: P. Braun-Munzinger, S. Glückert, H. Göringer, N. Herrmann, H. J. Kluge, U. Krause, U. Lynen, V. Metag, G. Münzenberg, V. Schaa, C. Schlegel, K.H. Schmidt, H. J. Specht, R. Steiner

1. Discussion about the project topics, the project participants, and the time scale

The scientific directorate (WD) of GSI has set up this project. M. Richter has been appointed as chairman. H. Essel, N. Kurz, K. Schmidt, and M. Kaspar have been appointed as members. In addition, all interested individuals are invited to join the project. M. Richter asked all persons of the meeting to think about their personal involvement as well as that of colleagues.

Project goals:

  • fulfilling requests and needs of most experimental groups at GSI by a flexible, platform independent, modern data acquisition and analysis system
  • extending and improving the current data acquisition system (MBS)
  • integrating experiment controls (slow controls and accelerator control system)
  • involving external, collaborating institutes in the design and development of the new system. Possible contact addresses are requested by M. Richter.
  • integration or even complete usage of existing software packages, like root or LHC++

The realization of the project should be divided up into three phases:

  1. Gathering user requests and presentations of user’s analysis work routine. Short presentations given by experts of various experiments will start this phase. First speakers and selected topics: C. Kozhuharov: ESR, K. Schmidt: FRS, M. Kaspar: Euroball, Scheidenberger: ESR, INDRA collaboration: Specific Analysis, W. Koenig: HADES-Oracle, V. Ninov: SHIP, E. Stiel: Nuclear Chemistry, H. Essel: Therapy + MBS-Java GUI, N. Kurz: State of MBS. This phase should be finished by September 1998.
  2. Defining details of the system. It will include the evaluation of existing software systems and the development of prototype software. This phase should be finished by beginning of 1999.
  3. Realization of the software system. This phase will be finished depending on the extend of the requests.

The three phases may overlap each other in time. The short presentations shall be given twice a week.

A paper with user requests gathered by H. Essel during the last months has been handed out during the meeting.

Proposals for a name of the future system are welcome (e.g. O4 – Object Oriented On-line and Off-line system). This is necessary to create documents, directories, web sides etc. properly.

2. Various topics

    This point of the agenda has been dropped

3. Next meeting

The project members agreed in first regular meetings twice a week on

Monday 14.00 and Thursday 14:00, always in the meeting room of the DV&EE department

The next meetings and their agenda:

Monday, August 3, 1998, 14:00
H. Essel: Analysis of the therapy project

Thursday, August 6, 1998, 14:00
C. Kozhuharov: Experiments at the ESR

M. Richter, July 31, 1998


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