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Project: "Development of a GOOSY-PAW Successor System"

Minutes of the 2nd Meeting on August 3, 1998

Participants:    R. Barth, H. Essel, R. Holzmann, M. Kaspar, C. Kozhuharov, W.F.J. Müller, M. Richter, C. Scheidenberger, K. Schmidt, K. Sümmerer, H. Winter

Distribution: P. Braun-Munzinger, S. Glückert, H. Göringer, N. Herrmann, S. Hofmann, H. J. Kluge, P. Koczon, W. Koenig, U. Krause, U. Lynen, V. Metag, G. Münzenberg, V. Schaa, C. Schlegel, K.H. Schmidt, H. J. Specht, R. Steiner, E. Stiel

1. Various Topics

Proposals for a name of the future system are welcome (e.g. GO4 - pronounced "Go for" - GSI Object Oriented On-line and Off-line system). This is necessary to create documents, directories, web sides etc. properly.

A temporary project web page can be found under http://depc35/o4. All project papers, documents, and minutes will be done in English.

2. Lean Analysis System for Therapy Project by H. Essel

To analyze beam parameters during the therapy project a Lean Analysis system LEA (http://www-gsi-vms.gsi.de/anal/lea.html) has been developed. It is built from the MBS user interface, MBS histogram manager and the commercial software package Interactive Data Language IDL of Research Systems, Inc.. IDL is used for visualization and for building a GUI. Some of IDL’s benefits are:

  • Powerful graphics and array handling tools,
  • Easy implementation of graphical user interfaces (GUI),
  • Callable from programs (e.g. histograms and scatter plots),
  • Tools for mathematical data analysis (e.g. fit, FFT),
  • It is available on most platforms.

Unfortunately, it has some disadvantages:

  • IDL is an expensive tool (about DM 15,000 for a floating developer license),
  • Multi thread GUI applications are not easy to implement.

LEA runs online connected to MBS systems, or offline. Data is analyzed event by event in a user analysis routine. New events can be written to standard data files. User commands can easily be implemented.

The functionality of LEA includes among other features most histogram manipulations, fitting procedures, scatter plots with conditions, correlation scatters between parameters.

H. Essel will prepare a paper about the status of LEA and a proposal to finish the project.

In the meantime a new graphical user interface for the MBS system is under development written in Java. Java is well suited to write GUIs, but currently no replacement for the IDL graphics presentation and mathematical functionality.

3. Next meeting

The project members agreed in first regular meetings twice a week on

Monday 14:00 and Thursday 14:00, always in the meeting room of the DV&EE department

The next meetings and their agenda:

Thursday, August 6, 1998, 14:00
C. Kozhuharov: Experiments at the ESR

Monday, August 10, 1998, 14:00
M. Kaspar: Analysis in the Euroball Experiment

M. Richter, August 3, 1998


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