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Project: "Development of a GOOSY-PAW Successor System" Minutes of the 3rd Meeting on August 6, 1998

Participants: R. Barth, H. Essel, S. Hofmann, J. Hoffmann, R. Holzmann, M. Kaspar, W. Koenig, C. Kozhuharov, N. Kurz, M. Richter, K. Schmidt, K. Sümmerer, H. Winter
Distribution: P. Braun-Munzinger, S. Glückert, H. Göringer, N. Herrmann, H. J. Kluge, P. Koczon, U. Krause, U. Lynen, V. Metag, W.F.J. Müller, G. Münzenberg, V. Schaa, C. Scheidenberger, C. Schlegel, K.H. Schmidt, H. J. Specht, R. Steiner, E. Stiel

1. Various Topics

  • K. Sümmerer made the note that root on Windows NT has been written multi threaded. This must be clarified (H. Essel).
  • The name go4 will be used for the new system until better names are proposed.
  • The project web page can be found under http://www-wnt.gsi.de/go4 or under http://www.gsi.de/computing/dvee.html.

2. Experiments at the ESR by C. Kozhuharov

The data acquisition and analysis of ESR experiments have been described and discussed with examples like the dielectronic resonance recombination.
The major things to be implemented in the new system should be:

  • setting and control of the experimental set-up and accelerator parameters by the data acquisition and/or the real-time data analysis.
  • time dependent acquisition of single and multiple data (counters, spectra, ...). The time scale is normally not equidistant, the acquired data have time dependent normalizations.
  • The addition of values, spectra etc. from different repetitions of the similar measurement is not simple, because of in-equidistant time steps and different normalizations.
  • The propagation of errors must be handled correctly.
  • Such spectra require extended specialized statistical treatment presently not available in the standard packages.
  • set-up parameters should be logged by the data acquisition
  • constant fractions, amplifiers (CAEN), high-voltage supplies etc. should be set and controlled by the data acquisition
  • input channels should be sampled by fast flash-ADCs (12.5 ns) for further details analysis (e.g. pile up) or for storing these data in ring buffers (equidistant in time) to be stopped and then read out by separate trigger signals. Absolute time can be acquired by sampling sine generator signals of well defined frequencies. This method can be used for Gamma spectroscopy as well.

3. Next meeting

The project members agreed in first regular meetings twice a week on

Monday 14:00 and Thursday 14:00,
always in the meeting room of the DV&EE department

The next meetings and their agenda:

Monday, August 10, 1998, 14:00
M. Kaspar: Analysis in the Euroball Experiment

Thursday, August 13, 1998, 14:00
S. Hofmann: Experiments at SHIP

M. Richter, August 6, 1998


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