Vc  0.7.5-dev
SIMD Vector Classes for C++
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The Vc library is a collection of SIMD vector classes with existing implementations for SSE, AVX, and a scalar fallback. An implementation for the Intel Xeon Phi is expected to be ready for Vc 0.8.

Background information and learning material

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Per default, code compiled against the Vc headers will use the instruction set that the compiler says is available. For example compiling with "g++ -mssse3" will enable compilation against the SSE implementation using SSE the instruction sets SSE, SSE2, SSE3 and SSSE3. If you want to force compilation against a specific implementation of the vector classes you can set the macro VC_IMPL to either "Scalar", "SSE", "SSE2", "SSE3", "SSSE3", "SSE4_1", "SSE4_2", or "AVX". You may additionally append "+XOP", "+FMA4", "+SSE4a", "+F16C", and "+POPCNT", e.g. "-D VC_IMPL=SSE+XOP+FMA4" Setting VC_IMPL to "SSE" will force the SSE instruction set, but lets the headers figure out the version to use or, if that fails, uses SSE4.1. After you include a Vc header, you will have the following macros available, which you can (but normally should not) use to determine the implementation Vc uses:

  • VC_IMPL_Scalar
  • VC_IMPL_SSE (shorthand for SSE2 || SSE3 || SSSE3 || SSE4_1. SSE1 alone is not supported.)
  • VC_IMPL_SSE4_1
  • VC_IMPL_SSE4_2

Another set of macros you may use for target specific implementations are the VC_*_V_SIZE macros: Utilities