Dear colleagues,

As discussed at the recent RISING (Rare ISotope INvestigations at Gsi) collaboration meeting last week at GSI, there will be a series of workshops aimed at formalising the physics cases and objectives for the various stages of the RISING project, namely experiments with (a) Stopped, ( b) Slowed-down and (c) Fast Moving beams.

The first of these, on `RISING Physics with Stopped Beams' will take place in Goettingen following the meeting for Prof. von Brentano's retirement. The date for the main meeting will be Friday 9th March.

The suggested make -up of the meeting will be split into three parts
(A) isomer and beta-decay physics aims;
(B) Technical opportunities and problems (eg. digital electronics, active stoppers) and
(C) formation of working groups to estimate counting rates for final proposed experiments.

The following people have already been approached to give short (~15 minute) presentations.

Robert Page (Liverpool) GREAT and electron spectroscopy
Dimiter Balabanksi (Leuven/Sofia) G-factor measurements
Maggie Hellstrom (GSI) Spectroscopy of fission-fragments
Frank Becker (GANIL) Electron conversion measurements following fragmentation
Marek Pfutzner/Robert Grzywacz (Warsaw) Spins distributions and digital electronics
Zsolt Podolyak (Surrey) BaF2 fast timing measurements
Andrea Jungclaus (Munich) Measurement of EM moments
Jose Benlliure (Santiago) Production rates from fragmentation
Phil Walker (Surrey) K-isomer physics around A~180
Eddie Paul (Liverpool) Drip-line physics around A~130
Hubert Grawe (GSI) N~Z~50 physics
Karen Van De Del (Leuven) Neutron deficient nuclei around Z~82
Steve Yates (Kentucky) E3 isomers around 208Pb
Jan Jolie (Koln) Physics questions of the neutron rich Pt nuclei
Ani Aprahamian (Notre Dame) Astrophysics Questions from Isomers

Since the RISING collaboration is an open one, if you would like to make a short contribution on a different aspect to those listed above, please state so on the reply sheet at the bottom of this e-mail.

------------------------------------------------------------------------- VENUE

Goettingen is a picturesque university city of 130,000 inhabitants, among them 27,000 students. It is situated in the heart of Germany, some 250 km north of Frankfurt/M and 100 km south of Hanover (EXPO 2000) and it is connected with these two (airport) cities via the autobahn and ICE (Intercity Express) trains. See web-site:
The workshop will take place at the II Phys. Institut, of the University Bunsenstrasse 7-9 Goettingen.(web-site: For those who attend the Symposium NP2001 (website
One can still extend the room reservation in the Freizeit In Hotel, but this should be done before 4.2.2001. We will also try to organise some common transportation to the University.

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