--important: Workshop on fast beams moved to GSI, Darmstadt -------------

Dear speakers and participants,

during the last days our workshop secretary faced unexpected and severe difficulties to make reservations for sufficient hotel rooms in Munich due to a fair. To avoid problems related to accomodation the workshop on 'RISING physics with relativistic ion-beams at GSI' will take place at GSI, Darmstadt in April 6, 2001.

I apologize for any inconvenience in changing your itinerary.
For accomodation at Darmstadt please contact:
Regina Fischer
e-mail: Regina.Fischer@physik.uni-muenchen.de
phone: xx49-89-289 14078
fax: xx49-89-289 14072

Or contact the GSI guest house:
Fr. Seubert
e-mail: guest-office@gsi.de
phone: xx49-6159-712625

For most of the participants Darmstadt is a convenient place
to reach and I suppose you will join the meeting. However, in case
you will not come to Darmstadt please let me know.

With best regards

Peter Reiter

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