Legnaro (PD), 14 February 2001 - Our ref. no. 444/01/GDA/lp/bt

Dear Participant,

here below You can find some useful logistic information about the
meeting quoted in the subject. Should you need further information,
do not hesitate to e-mail to lnldir@lnl.infn.it (Luisa Pegoraro,
Barbara Tonello - Local support and secretariat).

 Deadline for Hotel Reservation:  March 16, 2001

A number of rooms have been blocked at Hotel Monaco in Padova
at a  rate of  120.000 Italian Liras (EURO 62) per night  including
breakfast for a single room, and 160.000 (EURO 82.64) Italian Liras
for a double.
For Your information, Hotel Monaco is located at Piazzale Stazione
n. 3, 35131 Padova, tel. +39-049-664344 - fax.+39-049-664669.
Credit cards are accepted.
Requests of hotel reservations received by e-mail (lnldir@lnl.infn.it)
by March 16, 2001 will be booked by  LNL Secretariat.
Please note that, after this date You will be asked to notify directly with
the hotel your reservation or any further changes in your stay.

If you prefer You can book by your own your accommodation.
For Your convenience here below You can find a list of hotels located
in Padova.

 **** Donatello -Via del Santo 102, Tel 049-8750634 - fax  049-8750829
         Indicative Price in ITL  S. 165.000-180.000 -D. 220.000-260.000
 ****  Majestic Toscanelli - Via dell'Arco, 2 - Tel. 049-663244
          Fax 049-8760025 - http://www.toscanelli.com/
           Indicative Price in ITL  S. 150.000-195.000  -D. 195.000-295.000
**** Grand' Italia - Corso del Popolo,81 - Tel. 049-8761111
          Fax 049-8750850 - http://www.hotelgranditalia.it/
          Indicative Price in ITL  S. 170.000-240.000 -D. 245.000-320.000
**** Plaza - Corso Milano, 40 - Tel. 049-656822 Fax 049-661117
         Indicative Price in ITL   S. 180.000-210.000 -D. 320.000
***   Europa - L. Europa 9 - Tel. 049-661200 Fax 049-661508
       Indicative Price in ITL  S. 170.000-234.000- D. 234.000-279.000
***  Leon Bianco - P. Pedrocchi 12 - Tel. 049-8750814,
        Fax 049-8756184 - http://www.toscanelli.com/leonbianco/index.html
        Indicative Price in ITL    S. 112.000-138.000, D. 169.000-175.000
** Buenos Aires -V. Belludi 37 - Tel. 049-665633 Fax049-658685
     Indicative Price in ITL  S. 80.000-120.000- D. 160.000-180.000
 ** Casa del Pellegrino - Via Cesarotti, 21 - Tel 049-8239711
      Fax 049-8239780
      Indicative Price in ITL   S. 50.000-83.000 -  D. 71.000-104.000
 **  Igea - V. Ospedale 87 -  Tel. 049-8750577 Fax 049-660865
        Indicative Price in ITL  S. 95.000-110.000 - D. 125.000-150.000
**  Al Fagiano - V. Locatelli 45 - Tel. 049-8753396 Fax 049-8753396
      Indicative Price in ITL S. 90.000-95.000 -D. 120.000-130.000

  Deadline for taxi reservation:  March 16, 2001:
  A taxi service is available from and to Venice Airport.
  It is the most convenient way. The shuttle service takes you directly
  from the Airport to Your Hotel or to  LNL. The service must be booked
  in advance by e-mailing to lnldir@lnl.infn.it by March 16, 2001.
  Please specify the number of your flight. The cost of a single transfert
  is approximately 40.000-50.000 ITL per person (Euro 20-25).
  You have to pay cash when boarding.

  Here below You can find some taxi services details:
- GNP Car Service - tel. +39-049-8011581 -fax +39-049-8011581
- LANDOMAS SERVICE - Tel. +39-049 8601426 -+39- 049 8600819
- TAXI AIR SERVICE - Tel. +39-049 651333


Here below You can find some useful information on how to reach our

Legnaro is only 10 Km (6 miles) from Padova (Padua).
You can easily reach Padova and from there Legnaro.

The nearest airport is VENICE AIRPORT "Marco Polo" at Tessera
(Venezia), 20 Km east of Padova (Padua). From the airport there are
requent bus connections to Padova.
The ticket costs about 6000 ITL (8000 ITL if purchased on board).
You can check the timetable at this link:


Padova is at the crossroad of the Venezia-Milano and Venezia-Roma
railways: many trains are available. The ride lasts 30 minutes from
Venice, 2 to 3 hours from Milano, and 4 to 6 hours from Rome according
to the kind of train selected (IC, EC, P or IR). First and second class can
be chosen. Before boarding remember to validate the tickets by means
of the specific machines. The cost of ticket from Venice to Padova is
approximately Lit. 10.000 (Italian Liras-about 5.2 Euro).

 You can check timetables at the following links:

Italian Railway (FF.SS.): http://www.fs-on-line.com

by BUS

There is a regular bus service from Padova to Legnaro
(SITA, phone +39 049-820 68 44 - fax +39 049 820 68 28).
The bus stop is just outside the railway station or at Piazzale Boschetti.
The buses leave every 30 minutes and arrive just in front of the

 by CAR

Padova can be reached from the A4 Milano-Venezia and A13 Bologna-Padova
You can get some useful information at the following link:


Looking forward to hearing from You soon,
Giacomo de Angelis

Meeting  on Physics with RISING at GSI using "Slow Beams"
April 2-3, 2001 - LNL Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro

First name:
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- Dead line for contributions: March 16, 2001
- Dead line for the registration: March 16, 2001

   Please send via e-mail as soon as possible this Registration Form to:

If yes:

ARRIVAL DATE:___________________________________________

DEPARTURE DATE:________________________________________


- from the airport  (Marco polo V.ce) to the hotel:    YES        NOT

(ARRIVAL DATE ___________   flight no.________ arriving at h.______)

- from LNL to the airport (Marco polo V.ce)              YES        NOT

(DEPARTURE DATE_________  flight no.________leaving at h._______)