Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
TGo4AppControlTimerTimer with main purpose to block the root TApplication loop during thread execution
TGo4CancelExceptionCancel thread associated with runnable or with threadname
TGo4ControlExceptionException Class responsible for runtime control actions: Exception mechanism is used as command pattern here; concrete exceptions act on single threads or the thread manager
TGo4CreateExceptionCreate a thread associated with the runnable
TGo4RemoveExceptionException with default handler which removes TGo4Thread of given name from the threadhandlerlist of given TGo4Runnable (usually the exception throwing runnable) and deletes it; if no threadname is specified, the respective thread of the runnable is removed
TGo4ReplaceExceptionException with the effect of removing old TGo4Thread from TGo4ThreadHandler and creating and starting new TGo4Thread with new runnable fxNewRunnable
TGo4RestartExceptionException which cancels and recreates a thread associated with runnable, or associated with a given name
TGo4RunnableBase class for all go4 runnables
TGo4StartExceptionStart thread associated with runnable
TGo4TerminateExceptionException which terminates the threadmanager and the application
TGo4TestRunnableExample of a user defined runnable subclass
TGo4TestThreadManagerExample of a user subclass of the threadmanager
TGo4ThreadClass that encapsulates a root TThread which calls a user runnable Method (TGo4Runnable::Run()) in a loop
TGo4ThreadExceptionException base class for all exceptions acting on a thread
TGo4ThreadHandlerThread Handler holds array of Go4Thread Objects; each Go4Thread handles one TThread and Mutex, Condition
TGo4ThreadManagerBase class for classes that shall be accessed from a thread /runnable instance

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