GSI - Gesellschaft für Schwerionenforschung

GOOSY: GSI Online Offline System

Good old GOOSY history

1983Project definition and design
1986First delivery and production
1987VME frontend design and implentation
1990VME frontend delivery and production
1993Port to Alpha
2004Final shutdown of VMS and GOOSY

The authors

H.G. Essel1983-2004GOOSY and Data Acquisition
M. Richter1983-1986GOOSY Data Management
H. Grein1984-1989Miscellanea
T. Kroll1984-1988Miscellanea, Printers
W.F.J. Müller1984-1985GOONET networking, Command interface
W. Spreng1984-1989Display, Graphics
K. Winkelmann1984-1986GOOSY Data Elements, IBM
H. Sohlbach1986-1989J11, VME
R. Thomitzek1988-1989Miscellanea, Printers, Terminals
W. Kynast1988GIPSY preprocessor
R. Fritzsche1989-1995Miscellanea
R. S. Mayer1992-1995Data Acquisition
B. Dechant1993-1095GOOSY software
R. Barth1995-1997GOOSY and PAW software

Good old GOOSY documentation

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