Vc  1.1.0
SIMD Vector Classes for C++
Vc Documentation

The Vc library implements portable, zero-overhead C++ types for explicitly data-parallel programming.

The 1.0 release ships implementations for x86 SIMD instruction sets: SSE, AVX, AVX2, and the Xeon Phi (MIC). A scalar implementation ensures full portability to any C++11 capable compiler and target system.

This documentation is structured in three main areas:

  1. Several manually written documentation pages in the Overview Documents. They cover an introduction to SIMD and data-parallelism, portability issues, macros, how to set up the build system, and examples / tutorials.
  2. The API Reference section contains a manually structured access to the API documentation generated from the Vc sources.
  3. The Indexes section contains automatically generated indexes to the same API documentation.