Vc  1.1.0
SIMD Vector Classes for C++

Detailed Description

Mask classes are abstractions for the results of vector comparisons. The actual implementation differs depending on the SIMD instruction set. On SSE they contain a full 128-bit datatype while on a different architecture they might be bit-fields.


class  Mask< T, Abi >
 The main SIMD mask class. More...


template<typename T , typename Abi >
std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &out, const Vc::Mask< T, Abi > &m)
 Prints the contents of a mask into a stream object. More...

Mask Type Aliases

using double_m = Mask< double >
 mask type for double_v vectors
using float_m = Mask< float >
 mask type for float_v vectors
using llong_m = Mask< llong >
using ullong_m = Mask< ullong >
using long_m = Mask< long >
using ulong_m = Mask< ulong >
using int_m = Mask< int >
 mask type for int_v vectors
using uint_m = Mask< uint >
 mask type for uint_v vectors
using short_m = Mask< short >
 mask type for short_v vectors
using ushort_m = Mask< ushort >
 mask type for ushort_v vectors
using schar_m = Mask< schar >
using uchar_m = Mask< uchar >

Function Documentation

std::ostream& Vc::operator<< ( std::ostream &  out,
const Vc::Mask< T, Abi > &  m 

Prints the contents of a mask into a stream object.

std::cout << m << std::endl;

will output (with SSE):

m[1110 0000]
outAny standard C++ ostream object. For example std::cout or a std::stringstream object.
mAny Vc::Mask object.
The ostream object: to chain multiple stream operations.
With the GNU standard library this function will check whether the output stream is a tty in which case it colorizes the output.

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