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base::Event Class Reference

Event - collection of several subevents. More...

#include <base/Event.h>

Inheritance diagram for base::Event:

Public Member Functions

 Event ()
virtual ~Event ()
void SetTriggerTime (GlobalTime_t tm)
 set trigger time
GlobalTime_t GetTriggerTime () const
 get trigger time
void DestroyEvents ()
 destroy all events
void ResetEvents ()
 reset events
void AddSubEvent (const std::string &name, base::SubEvent *ev)
 add subevent
unsigned NumSubEvents () const
 Return number of subevents.
base::SubEventGetSubEvent (const std::string &name) const
 Return subevent by name.
base::SubEventGetSubEvent (const std::string &name, unsigned subindx) const
 Return subevent by name with index GetSubEvent("ROC",2) is same as GetSubEvent("ROC2")
EventsMap & GetEventsMap ()
 Return events map.

Protected Attributes

EventsMap fMap
 subevents map
GlobalTime_t fTriggerTm
 trigger time

Detailed Description

Event - collection of several subevents.

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