stream  0.10.0
stream analysis framework
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hadaq::MessageDouble Struct Reference

Output double message. More...

#include <hadaq/TdcSubEvent.h>

Public Member Functions

double getStamp () const
uint8_t getCh () const
uint8_t getEdge () const
 edge 0 - rising, 1 - falling
bool isRising () const
 is rising
bool isFalling () const
 is falling
 MessageDouble ()
 MessageDouble (const MessageDouble &src)
 MessageDouble (unsigned _ch, bool _rising, double _stamp)
bool operator< (const MessageDouble &rhs) const
 compare operator - used for time sorting

Data Fields

uint8_t ch
 channel and edge
double stamp
 full time stamp, s

Detailed Description

Output double message.

Stores channel, edge and full time stamp as double Configured when calling base::ProcMgr::instance()->SetStoreKind(3);

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