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hadaq::TdcMessage Struct Reference

TDC message. More...

#include <hadaq/TdcMessage.h>

Public Member Functions

 TdcMessage ()
 TdcMessage (uint32_t d)
void assign (uint32_t d)
 assign raw data to message
uint32_t getData () const
 get message raw data
TdcMessageoperator= (const TdcMessage &src)
 assign operator for the message
uint32_t getKind () const
 Returns kind of the message If used for the hit message, four different values can be returned.
bool isHit0Msg () const
 is original hit message
bool isHit1Msg () const
 is repaired 0x3fff message
bool isHit2Msg () const
 is hit message with replaced (calibrated) fine counter
bool isHitMsg () const
 is any of hit message
bool isEpochMsg () const
 is epoch message
bool isDebugMsg () const
 is debug message
bool isHeaderMsg () const
 is header message
bool isTrailerMsg () const
 is trailer message
bool isCalibrMsg () const
 is calibration message
uint32_t getEpochValue () const
 Return Epoch for epoch marker, 28 bit.
uint32_t getEpochRes () const
 Get reserved bit for epoch, 1 bit.
uint32_t getHitChannel () const
 Returns hit channel ID.
uint32_t getHitTmCoarse () const
 Returns hit coarse time counter, 11 bit.
void setHitTmCoarse (uint32_t coarse)
 Set hit coarse time counter, 11 bit.
uint32_t getHitTmFine () const
 Returns hit fine time counter, 10 bit.
uint32_t getHitTmStamp () const
 Returns time stamp, which is simple combination coarse and fine counter.
uint32_t getHitEdge () const
 Returns hit edge 1 - rising, 0 - falling.
bool isHitRisingEdge () const
 Is rising edge.
bool isHitFallingEdge () const
 Is falling edge.
void setAsHit2 (uint32_t finebin)
 set as hit2
uint32_t getHitReserved () const
 Returns hit reserved value, 2 bits.
uint32_t getCalibrFine (unsigned n=0) const
 get calibration for fine counter
void setCalibrFine (unsigned n=0, uint32_t v=0)
 set calibration for fine counter
uint32_t getHeaderErr () const
 Return error bits of header message.
uint32_t getHeaderHwType () const
 Return hardware type coded in header message.
uint32_t getHeaderRes () const
 Return reserved bits of header message.
uint32_t getHeaderFmt () const
 Return data format: 0 - normal, 1 - double edges for each hit.
bool IsVer4Header () const
 is V4 header
uint32_t getDebugKind () const
 Return error bits of header message.
uint32_t getDebugValue () const
 Return reserved bits of header message.
bool isHDR () const
 is v4 HDR message
bool isEPOC () const
 is v4 EPOC message
bool isTMDR () const
 is v4 TMDR message
bool isTMDT () const
 is v4 TMDT message
bool isTMDS () const
 is v4 TMDS message
bool isTRL () const
 is v4 TRL message
uint32_t getHDRMajor () const
 HDR major.
uint32_t getHDRMinor () const
 HDR minor.
uint32_t getHDRTType () const
 HDR type.
uint32_t getHDRTrigger () const
 HDR trigger.
uint32_t getEPOC () const
 Return Epoch for EPOC marker, 28 bit.
bool getEPOCError () const
 Is EPOC marker error.
uint32_t getTMDTMode () const
 TMDT mode.
uint32_t getTMDTChannel () const
 TMDT channel.
uint32_t getTMDTCoarse () const
 TMDT coarse.
uint32_t getTMDTFine () const
 TMDT fine.
uint32_t getTMDRMode () const
 TMDR mode.
uint32_t getTMDRCoarse () const
 TMDR coarse.
uint32_t getTMDRFine () const
 TMDR fine.
uint32_t getTMDSChannel () const
 TMDS channel.
uint32_t getTMDSCoarse () const
 TMDS coarse.
uint32_t getTMDSPattern () const
 TMDS pattern.
uint32_t getTRLAPlatformId () const
 TRLA platform id

uint32_t getTRLAMajor () const
 TRLA major.
uint32_t getTRLAMinor () const
 TRLA minor.
uint32_t getTRLASub () const
 TRLA sub.
uint32_t getTRLANumCh () const
 TRLA numch.
uint32_t getTRLBEflags () const
 TRLB eflags.
uint32_t getTRLBMaxdc () const
 TRLB maxdc.
uint32_t getTRLBTptime () const
 TRLB tptime.
uint32_t getTRLBFreq () const
 TRLB freq.
uint32_t getTRLCCpc () const
 TRLC cpc.
uint32_t getTRLCCcs () const
 TRLC ccs.
uint32_t getTRLCCcdiv () const
 TRLC ccdiv.
uint32_t getTRLCFreq () const
 TRLC freq.
void print (double tm=-1.)
 print message
void print4 (uint32_t &ttype)
 print v4 message

Static Public Member Functions

static double CoarseUnit ()
 default coarse unit for 200 MHz
static double CoarseUnit280 ()
 default coarse unit for 280 MHz
static double SimpleFineCalibr (unsigned fine)
 get simple linear calibration for fine counter
static void SetFineLimits (unsigned min, unsigned max)
 Method set static limits, which are used for simple interpolation of time for fine counter.
static unsigned GetFineMinValue ()
 get pre-configured min fine counter
static unsigned GetFineMaxValue ()
 get pre-configured max fine counter

Protected Attributes

uint32_t fData
 message raw data

Static Protected Attributes

static unsigned gFineMinValue = 20
 default fine min
static unsigned gFineMaxValue = 500
 default fine max

Detailed Description

TDC message.

TdcMessage is wrapper for data, produced by FPGA-TDC struct is used to avoid any potential overhead

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