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hadaq::TdcProcessor::ChannelRec Struct Reference

TDC channel record. More...

#include <hadaq/TdcProcessor.h>

Public Member Functions

 ChannelRec ()
void CreateCalibr (unsigned numfine, double coarse_unit=-1.)
 create calibration structures
void FillCalibr (unsigned numfine, double coarse_unit=-1.)
 Initialize claibration with default values.
void SetLinearCalibr (unsigned finemin, unsigned finemax, double coarse_unit=-1)
 Assign linear calibration.
void ReleaseCalibr ()
 Release memory used by calibration structures.
void CreateToTHist ()
 Create ToT histogram

void ReleaseToTHist ()
 Release memory for ToT histogram


Data Fields

unsigned refch
 ! reference channel for specified
unsigned reftdc
 ! tdc of reference channel
bool refabs
 ! if true, absolute difference (without channel 0) will be used
unsigned doublerefch
 ! double reference channel
unsigned doublereftdc
 ! tdc of double reference channel
unsigned refch_tmds
 ! reference channel for TMDS messages
bool docalibr
 ! if false, simple calibration will be used
bool hascalibr
 ! indicate if channel has valid calibration (not simple linear)
bool check_calibr
 ! flag used to indicate that calibration was checked
base::H1handle fRisingFine
 ! histogram of all fine counters
base::H1handle fRisingMult
 ! number of hits per event
base::H1handle fRisingRef
 ! histogram of time diff to ref channel
base::C1handle fRisingRefCond
 ! condition to print raw events
base::H1handle fRisingCalibr
 ! histogram of channel calibration function
base::H2handle fRisingRef2D
 ! histogram
base::H1handle fRisingRefRef
 ! difference of two ref times, connected with double ref
base::H2handle fRisingDoubleRef
 ! correlation with diff time from other channel
base::H1handle fRisingTmdsRef
 ! histogram of time diff to ref channel for TMDS message
base::H1handle fFallingFine
 ! histogram of all fine counters
base::H1handle fFallingMult
 ! number of hits per event
base::H1handle fTot
 ! histogram of time-over-threshold measurement
base::H1handle fTot0D
 ! TOT from 0xD trigger (used for shift calibration)
base::H1handle fFallingCalibr
 ! histogram of channel calibration function
int rising_cnt
 ! number of rising hits in last event
int falling_cnt
 ! number of falling hits in last event
double rising_hit_tm
 ! leading edge time, used in correlation analysis. can be first or last time
double rising_last_tm
 ! last leading edge time
bool rising_new_value
 ! used to calculate TOT and avoid errors after single leading and double trailing edge
double rising_ref_tm
 ! rising ref time
double rising_tmds
 ! first detected rising time from TMDS
unsigned rising_coarse
 ! rising coarse
unsigned rising_fine
 ! rising fine
unsigned last_rising_fine
 ! last rising fine
unsigned last_falling_fine
 ! last falling fine
long all_rising_stat
 ! all rising stat
long all_falling_stat
 ! all falling stat
std::vector< uint32_t > rising_stat
 ! rising stat
std::vector< float > rising_calibr
 ! rising calibr
std::vector< uint32_t > falling_stat
 ! falling stat
std::vector< float > falling_calibr
 ! falling calibr
float last_tot
 ! last tot
long tot0d_cnt
 ! counter of tot0d statistic for calibration
std::vector< uint32_t > tot0d_hist
 ! histogram used for TOT calibration, allocated only when required
float tot_shift
 ! calibrated tot shift
float tot_dev
 ! tot shift deviation after calibration
float time_shift_per_grad
 ! delay in channel (ns/C), caused by temperature change
float trig0d_coef
 ! scaling coefficient, applied when build calibration from 0xD trigger (reserved)
int rising_cond_prnt
 ! rising condition print
float calibr_quality_rising
 ! quality of last calibration 0. is nothing
float calibr_quality_falling
 ! quality of last calibration 0. is nothing
long calibr_stat_rising
 ! accumulated statistic during last calibration
long calibr_stat_falling
 ! accumulated statistic during last calibration

Detailed Description

TDC channel record.

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